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All About the NBA

Ball and Court

We know you’re here at to find the best NBA betting sites as well as the best gambling guides to maximize your success at the sportsbooks. But we also want to provide resources and articles breaking down the ins and the outs of the NBA itself, including its rich history, the all-time best players, the most exceptional performances, and even the biggest controversies. This is because the more familiar you are with the NBA and the sport of basketball in general, the more easily you will be able to handicap matchups and utilize our gambling articles going forward.

The National Basketball Association is an interesting league. There have been several distinct eras which have seen different trends in styles of play and strategies used to achieve success and have typically been dominated by the same handful of teams. Also, the NBA has endured many scandals that may open your eyes to the possibilities when it comes to officiating, allowing you to plan ahead accordingly. Lastly, learning the history of the game and examining the common traits shared by the best teams is a great way to spot potential contenders before the rest of the public.

So, that’s why you won’t find a significant amount of gambling-specific info within this specific section of our NBA coverage. We do have links to the “NBA Betting Strategies” pages below, but this area is best used to build your basic league knowledge so that you have a sturdy foundation before diving into the deep end. Remember, one of the first tips given to all gamblers is to bet on the sports and teams that you’re most familiar with, as you’ll be able to predict those outcomes most accurately. This is where you come to get familiar!

Beginner’s Guide to Basketball

The National Basketball Association is the premier professional basketball league in the world; there is no higher level. The best players from around the globe come to North America to be drafted to one of the 30 NBA franchises. Each team’s roster consists of 15 players, only 12 of which are active, or available to play, in any given contest.

If you’re new to the game, you’ll first want to learn the basic rules, what the two teams are trying to accomplish, and how the NBA works in general.

The object of basketball is to shoot the ball into your opponent’s “basket,” or goal, and to prevent them from doing the same. Around that fundamental concept are a myriad of additional rules and terminologies with which you may not be familiar.

In this section, we have articles to get even the most novice basketball connoisseur caught up to speed. In one guide, we break down the essential parts of the NBA rulebook so that you know the parameters within which the athletes will be playing. In another, we give an overview of each team’s history and their current roster, including their strengths and weaknesses. Then there’s even a glossary to help clear up any issues with the basketball-specific vernacular that may be intimidating to a complete newbie.

Rules of Basketball

If you’re hoping to bet on basketball games eventually, it’s pretty crucial that you understand the rules.

For Example

If you didn’t know that players had to dribble the ball in order to advance up the court, you’d probably be tempted to pick exclusively the team with the tallest players. And while size is helpful in the NBA, if you understand all of the nuances and different aspects of the game, you’ll get why it’s not necessarily the number-one priority.

The NBA would be impossible to handicap without a firm grasp of the rules. Before getting started, you’ll want to understand how the scoring works, what a “foul” is, how many variations there are, and what tactics are allowed within the rules. Without knowing the boundaries, you can’t anticipate how the teams will approach trying to win.

So, the “Rules of Basketball” guide is an ideal place to start if you’re new to the sport. Then, once you’re up to speed on what the athletes are allowed to do, you’ll probably want to learn about the teams themselves. After all, they all have their own unique approach to getting the job done.

Teams in the NBA

As we mentioned previously, there are 30 franchises in the NBA. They are all located in North America, twenty-nine of which are in the continental United States, while one is further north, in Canada. It’s worth taking the time to read a brief overview of each team since even the most rudimentary information will come into play when betting.

For Example

Teams will routinely go on road trips, which are a series of games played in other team’s stadiums as the “away” or “road” team. The distance covered during these trips has a direct correlation to team performance. The longer a group is on the road, the worse they begin to play.

The players that comprise each team’s roster is vital information as well. There are only five men on the court at a time, meaning each player has a direct impact on the outcome. You’ll want to pay attention to who is on what team, how their basic statistics look, and how many solid players each squad has.

Lastly, we’ll even include some tidbits regarding historical success. In the NBA, the same franchises tend to rise to the top of the standings time and time again. You’ll want to keep that in mind when forecasting the future. Plus, it’s just better to have enough knowledge to not make a fool out of yourself when talking sports at the bar, at work, or with your friends.


You’ll find that there are a variety of terms that are unique to basketball. Over time, the language around the sport has adapted and evolved, and so you end up with a mix of slang and sport-specific terminologies that might not mean anything to the uninitiated. If you’re experiencing any confusion regarding the vernacular used when discussing basketball, we’ve gone ahead and written a glossary to clear up any confusion.

Here are a few fundamental terms that you will undoubtedly encounter that won’t make sense without any context:

  • And One – This is when a player is fouled in the act of shooting, but the shot still goes in. In this situation, the offensive player gets the points from their made shot but also gets one additional free throw.
  • Brick – A missed shot that bounces off of the backboard or rim rather than going in the hoop.
  • Flop – When a player embellishes contact and falls to the ground in an effort to get a foul called on the defense.
  • Walk – This is a slang term for traveling, which is when a player takes more than two steps without dribbling the ball.

For more frequently-used terms and definitions, check out our helpful glossary below!

History of the NBA

The National Basketball Association got its official start in 1947. However, the league was initially named the Basketball Association of America. But after a few short years and a merger with a smaller league called the NPL, the NBA was born.

Since those early days, the league has seen several distinct eras highlighted by dominant dynasties and standout players in each period. First, there was the Minneapolis Lakers dynasty that won five titles with George Mikan leading the way. Then there was the Boston Celtics dynasty that won eleven titles in thirteen years thanks to Red Auerbach and Bill Russell. Magic and Bird inspired fans in the ‘80s, and Michael Jordan left them in awe in the ‘90s.

Check out our comprehensive history of the NBA. We break down the league’s humble origins, follow a timeline with all of the meaningful events and accomplishments along the way, and share stories about the dominant forces during each era. When you see how frequently the same organizations reach the top, you’ll understand why this stuff is vital information for betting later on.

Legends and Iconic Moments

To fully appreciate the NBA’s rich history, you’ll want to learn about the greatest players to ever perform in an NBA arena.

We compiled a list of twenty of the top legends of the game, included their career accomplishments and statistical averages, and then wrote a breakdown of each, explaining what made them exceptional and what they brought to the game to earn their spot at the upper echelon of the record books. You’ll read about the obvious superstars like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird, but you may learn something new about inclusions like Moses Malone or Julius Erving.

Another interesting guide that we have to share is our rundown of the NBA’s greatest games. In this article, we take a look at some of the most competitive, entertaining contests the league has ever seen. We then lay out what was at stake when the game was played and a summary of the action. This resource could also be a cool companion to use while going back and watching some of the actual game footage online. While we’re sure you’ll enjoy the write-ups themselves, nothing can capture the thrill of biggest moments in NBA history quite like seeing them with your own eyes.

The Evolution of Basketball

Some sports, like baseball, for example, have existed for dozens of decades while remaining relatively the same the entire time. This is not the case with basketball. In fact, the version of the game played in the ‘40s and ‘50s barely resembles what modern-day players are doing out there on the court. In the beginning, players would work the ball around for long periods of time, passing until someone eventually took a set jump shot.

Sometime in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, the game started to more closely resemble what we know as NBA basketball today. Players have otherworldly dribbling ability, a shot clock limits the amount of time teams have to initiate their offense, and players regularly launch deep three-point shots or dunk the ball with authority. The game has evolved into a high scoring, uber-athletic, incredibly strategic showdown that’s considerably more exciting than at any other point in the game’s history.

To read about how we got here from where we started, check out our article exploring the evolution of basketball and the NBA in particular.

Controversies and Scandals

While the NBA has undeniably come a long way since its humble beginnings, it has not happened without a considerable number of controversies and scandals along the way. The league has survived a referee gambling conspiracy in which officials were betting on games while manipulating them to their liking. They’ve also weathered a cocaine epidemic that blindsided coaches and owners, cost many talented players their careers, and another his life.

They’ve dealt with everything from a shady franchise relocation to accusations of rigging several playoff series to the greatest player in league history suddenly retiring briefly under suspicious circumstances. Some of these controversies are proven fact, while others are closer to conspiracy theories. Regardless, they’re some of the best stories in the sport. Plus, some of this information is occasionally useful when gambling on NBA basketball.

Major Events and Honors

The major events an athlete participates in and the honors that they accumulate during their career play a crucial role in how we evaluate the impact a player had during their time and place in the league. In the following articles, we look at several of the hallmark events that the NBA hosts, starting at the draft lottery and continuing through the annual All-Star game and to the NBA Finals.

We also share and explain some of the game’s most cherished honors. These accomplishments allow us to gauge what a player meant to the sport, even when we don’t have sufficient video footage to go back and watch. Things like NBA titles, MVP awards, All-Star appearances, or inclusion on All-NBA teams or All-Defensive teams are heavily weighed when writing a player’s legacy and determining whether or not they’re Hall of Fame worthy.

NBA’s Biggest Events

The articles in this section will give you a deeper understanding of some of the NBA’s most significant annual events. We break down the draft lottery rules and how the draft order is determined using bingo balls and probability. Another article speaks to the All-Star game, how players are selected, and what All-Star Weekend traditionally includes. The section on free agency examines the player’s ability to find their value on an open market, a right for which the athletes had to fight vehemently. And of course, we’ll explain the NBA Finals, the highest-stakes series in the sport.

Awards and Honors

The honors a player earns during their career help us determine their legacy and importance to the game during their playing career. The following links will deliver you to pages dedicated to each of these unique achievements. Making an All-NBA team is an honor reserved for the very best players in a given season. But being included on the All-Rookie or All-Defensive team is a huge accomplishment as well. We’ll explain why further on the following specific awards pages.

We’ve also built a resource guide to include all of the NBA awards. This is the hardware that everyone in the league is playing for, such as the Larry O’Brien trophy that’s given to the winners of the NBA Finals and the Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP Award. We’ll also look at the Rookie of the Year award, regular-season MVP, Sixth Man of the Year, Most Improved Player, and Coach of the Year Awards. In addition to pictures of the prized trophies and explanations regarding what they’re for, we’ll also share some historical facts and insight into their significance so that you fully appreciate their meaning.

Betting on NBA Games

Once we’ve covered just about every detail related to the NBA, the only thing left to do is put this knowledge to use. With a firm understanding of the sport and a full appreciation of the NBA’s storied history, you’re ready to start adding some top-shelf gambling strategy into the mix. First, we’ve found the best, most reliable NBA betting sites on the internet. We’ll explain why being careful and choosing a website wisely is so crucial in the article linked below.

We’ve also developed multitudes of betting tips, strategies, and systems to help you experience early success despite being new to NBA gambling. Our experts have already done the research, studied the numbers, and done the math; all you have to do is find the specific scenarios we recommend, and profit! There are also some articles on understanding value and implied probability that are must-reads for anyone hoping to win money sports gambling long term.

Our team has spent countless hours refining all of these tools and concepts so that you can quickly hop right in and start enjoying NBA betting. Now that you know exactly what the NBA is all about, give yourself your best chance to win some real money by following the advice on the other side of these links:


The National Basketball Association is the second-most-profitable of the four major North American sports leagues. It’s also an excellent sport on which to bet due to the long duration of the regular season and the many available wagers provided by sportsbooks. But it’s a bad idea to just dive into NBA basketball betting without genuinely understanding the league itself.

That’s why we’ve built a wealth of knowledge organized into numerous specific guides to help bring you up to speed. We start with the very basics, the rules of basketball, the teams involved in the league, and a glossary to clear up any unfamiliar words. Then we break down the history of the NBA, from where it began to the most celebrated players and performances throughout the many eras. Then there are guides for every significant event, award, or honor; we’ve left nothing to the imagination.

Once you feel comfortable with your NBA knowledge, you’ll probably be excited to start betting on games. That’s where this site’s many guides and betting systems really prove their worth. Give some of our expert strategies a spin while you get the hang of basketball handicapping and sports betting. The more you read and absorb, the more natural winning games will be. Learning how to be a successful NBA bettor may seem like a lot of work at first, but you’ve come to the right place.