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Omaha Versus Texas Hold’Em: What’s the Difference?

Texas hold’em is the most popular poker game in the United States and possibly even the rest of the world. But in many gambling destinations, especially in Europe, Omaha is becoming increasingly popular. These are both “hold’em” games, by the way—Omaha’s full name is “Omaha hold’em,” although I’ve never seen anyone actually refer to it […]

VR Clubs – The Future of Nightlife Entertainment

We all know that virtual reality technology is probably the next big thing of the future. It’s already here, and it’s improving by the minute. The innovation will certainly bring all kinds of new experiences and forever change the way we have fun. There are some obvious opportunities, like experiencing ultrarealistic games or visiting distant […]

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The Best Sporting Events to Bet On in the Second Half of 2018

I enjoy betting on sports, and I always love figuring out the best upcoming events so that I can anticipate what my bets will be. In the first half of 2018, I loved watching the Australian Open, the nail-biter Super Bowl game with the underdog taking home the trophy, and the spectacular progression of the […]

The VR Future: Our Anti-Social Quest

There is no doubt that the technological revolution changed our lives for the better. Having instant access to almost the entirety of human knowledge up to this point in history from your phone is simply stunning. And that’s just one example. However, there are some negative side effects related to the anti-social nature of our […]

3 Bad Habits Every Online Poker Player Needs to Avoid

If you’ve been playing poker for a while, you’ve probably noticed how the overall level is improving almost all the time. Every player out there has an access to a large number of articles, guides, and videos. As a result, the donks barely make as many big mistakes as they used to, and the margins […]

Why Sticky Bonuses Get a Bad Name and How to Use Them for Maximum Value

Online casinos offer bonuses to encourage players to make deposits. And it’s worth taking advantage of these bonuses if you enjoy playing internet casino games. After all, a bonus can mean free money. It’s important to understand bonuses, though, before you dive headfirst into an attractive offer. Many players make this mistake with sticky bonuses. […]

5 Pocket Hands You Can’t Ever Fold in Texas Hold’Em

Decision-making is the key to success in poker, and Texas Hold’em is not an exception. As the saying goes, you gotta know when to hold’em and when to fold’em. This is particularly important at the start of the game. The pre-flop phase is where you lay the groundwork for the latter stages. If you do […]

How to Play Online Blackjack Longer on the Same Bankroll

Online casinos are the cheapest way to play blackjack. Here are two reasons why this is the case: You can find the best online blackjack games without physically traveling to casinos Internet casinos have less overhead costs and can afford to offer a lower house edge and smaller stakes The second reason is key because […]

6 Awesome Storylines That Would Make Rounders 2 Worth Making

Some movies should never be touched. They’re greats for a reason, and it’s arguable they should be left alone. No remakes. No sequels. Just let them be. Then again, it’s always tempting to revisit those movies. The characters were so much fun. The original story was so captivating. The direction, the dialogue, and the suspense […]

When You Should Just Say No to Deposit Bonuses

Did you know that casinos give you money? I know, I was skeptical too. But it’s true. They are competing for your business, and offering deposit bonus promotions is how they get it. That can be lucrative for the recreational gambler. Lucrative… as in makin’ it rain. As in all about the Benjamins, baby… okay, […]

VR Stores: What’s Missing in the Online Casino Environment

Despite the overwhelming success of the online casino industry, a lot of people still prefer the live experience. There are many possible reasons. Some like the social element of interacting with real people, others simply love the chaotic and emotional atmosphere of a real casino. Funny enough, there are also people who miss the countless […]

Every Time You Absolutely Need to Hit in Blackjack

There are many reasons why blackjack is so popular among casino players. The low house edge is one, but what I find to be the most appealing aspect of the famous card game is the importance of strategy. In other fan favorites like roulette and baccarat, you simply place a bet and wait for the […]