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Safest Online Gambling Sites for 2022

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Introducing our readers to legitimate and reliable online gambling sites is the core mission of what we do here at Whether you’re looking for the safest online casinos or the top sportsbooks, our team of experts has compiled a list of premier gaming locations that you can trust.

You’re right to be concerned about safety as it relates to internet-based wagering activities. In response to the tens of billions of dollars bet annually on the web, hordes of scammers and thieves have opened their own rogue locations which they use to steal from unsuspecting gamblers. Sometimes, it can be extremely challenging to tell the difference between the safe online gambling sites and the rip-offs.

Fortunately, we’re here to make your life a whole lot easier. No matter what sport, wager type, or casino game you’re in search of, we have a list of recommendations specially formulated to meet your criteria. In this guide, we’ll be looking at the safest gambling sites available. But we don’t stop there; any location we share with our readers must meet a whole series of expectations before qualifying for our lists.

About Our Recommendations for the Safest Gambling Sites

In addition to thoroughly vetting gaming operators to find the safest online sportsbooks and betting sites, our review process involves researching numerous other variables and qualities required of our recommendations.

While preventing theft is our highest concern, we also look to maximize customer satisfaction by ensuring our sites are easy to navigate and use, have pain-free banking options, and offer tons of variety – in terms of games, wager types, events, etc.

Mobile Compatibility

With the rise of the mobile device industry, how populations interact with the internet has evolved. We pay our bills, read books, handle banking, and keep up with friends on the go, usually while sitting in a waiting room or a grocery store line. Well, the same goes for gambling, with more and more people enjoying the convenience of accessing online casinos and sportsbooks on smartphones and tablets.

Our team includes a betting website’s ease of use and compatibility with mobile devices in our rankings because that’s how a large percentage of our readers access the safe online gambling sites that we recommend.

Excellent Customer Service

Another high-priority issue for our team of experts is a gaming operator’s customer service. Besides researching the experiences of past clients, we also pay close attention to the area of the site that players must visit to resolve problems. Usually, there will be a designated customer service page with a list of frequently asked questions and their answers, as well as several forms of contact information.

Our team tests the different phone numbers, email addresses, and instant chat options to ensure that they’re monitored and that the help desk team is knowledgeable, friendly, and most of all, responsive. We invite you to do the same before signing up with an online gambling site. It will bring you such peace of mind later on, should you run into any problems.

Convenient Deposit Methods

We tend to rank the safest gambling sites higher when they can accommodate a broader range of our readers. One way this is done is by accepting lots of different payment methods. Depending on where you are located, regional laws may limit your options – as is the case with PayPal or debit cards in the United States.

In the US, federal laws prohibit banking institutions from processing transactions between their account holders and gaming websites. Instead, gamblers in this country turn to deposit methods like credit cards, non-PayPal e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies.

The more flexibility a site offers, the better.

Variety of Games and Wager Types

We also love variety when it comes to finding things to bet on! Our favorite online casinos can provide numerous versions of all the classic table games, with unique bonuses, rule tweaks, and the choice between computerized or live dealers. This applies to video poker and slot games as well, where the different themes and jackpots keep things fresh for players.

With sports betting at safe online gambling sites, we look for variety in the sports leagues and events they cover as well as the many wagers within each contest. One game can provide all sorts of bets on the scoring totals, point spreads, and all kinds of crazy gambles included in proposition betting.

Risks Involved with Online Gambling

There’s a reason we take online gambling safety seriously enough to create an entire website around it. Using the wrong site can have serious financial consequences and create headaches for long periods of time if a bad group gets your personal information. And there’s nothing you can do about it once that happens.

You see, online betting exists in a bit of a grey area in many locations – where it’s not illegal for individuals to access these websites, but the operators have no licensing regime available to them, so they can’t host their servers within the country.

So, customers may access offshore casinos and sportsbooks online, but if anything goes wrong, there’s no government agency to complain to, nor is there any recourse if you’ve been scammed. The crooks simply disappear, and you’re left with no options.

Stolen Money

That takes us to the most significant risk when trusting an online gambling site: being scammed out of your money. The unfortunate reality is that lots of unethical, greedy thieves set up fake betting websites that look and operate like the real thing – right up until you’re ready to cash out. That is if they make it that long without vanishing overnight first.

It’s a terrible experience because once they’re gone, there’s nothing you can do to locate the criminals or your money. The lack of regulations allows them to exist offshore, where they can just bounce around – opening and closing sites as they please – without any legal consequences.

We spend an incredible amount of time and energy upfront, so you don’t ever meet one of these rogue organizations, much less give them your money.

Identity Theft

Another significant risk is identity theft. If you’ve been fooled by a scam website, you probably won’t know until they’ve taken off and shut down the URL. And up to that point, you’ve likely been operating as if it’s a legitimate provider, including sharing valuable personal and financial information. What if you’ve chosen to fund your bankroll using a credit card or direct transfer from your checking?

Now, an organized crime syndicate has some extremely sensitive information. Before the problems get even worse, you’ll have to cancel all sorts of accounts and cards, get new ones, and contact the credit agencies to protect your score from whatever the criminals choose to do. The whole experience is an absolute nightmare.

Problem Gambling

Besides the threats from dishonest outside sources, you should also be aware of the internal dangers of gambling online. With the convenience of having every form of wagering at your fingertips on any mobile device comes a massive amount of personal responsibility. If you struggle with an addictive personality or self-control, problem gambling can drastically impact your life in a negative way.

However, there are steps you can take to minimize the risks. Understanding how to manage your bankroll and organize your staking plans are significant steps in the right direction. We offer tons of articles and beginners guides so that you can enjoy gambling without any adverse effects on your life.

How to Stay Safe and Secure Gambling Online

The easiest way to appreciate internet gaming is to choose a location from our list of the safest online gambling sites. A team of experts in the betting field has already done thorough research on each of those spots and written detailed reviews.

If you must check for yourself, we suggest starting with the gambling license. First, verify that the gambling site has one. If they do, determine under which jurisdiction it was issued. Some regulatory bodies take their responsibilities seriously and hold betting operators to strict standards; others are merely for show and come with very little oversight after being purchased.

Then, you may want to read about the online casino or sportsbook’s history and reputation with former players. There are plenty of large gambling forums out there where you’ll find customer reviews and complaints. Look for patterns in their experiences, particularly concerning payouts and how they treat bettors who win money.

You should also do some testing of your own before depositing significant cash. Try all of the contact methods provided for customer service issues and make sure they work and are attended to. Then deposit small sums of money and test various wagers or games. Take your time before trusting the site operators with more.

Signs a Gambling Site Is Going Rogue

On rare occasions, what began as an honest, reputable location will slowly devolve into an unsafe website. Now, this is unlikely, especially if you play it smart and stick with our lists of recommendations, but it is possible, and we want you to be prepared for anything. Here are some of the signs that your previously safe online gambling site is headed in the wrong direction.

Payout Timelines Slow Down

If you want to know where to check “the pulse” of a betting website, look at the payout timelines. Gaming operators don’t usually turn bad overnight; there’s a slow decline that happens, which could be due to new ownership, a lapse in licensing, or a variety of other factors. Whatever the reason, if you start noticing withdrawal requests taking longer or going unanswered at first, it’s time to run.

Analyzing payouts is one of the primary methods of sniffing out a rogue site to begin with. Scam sites will almost always look legit and frequently display licenses and certifications that make them appear official. But if you see repeated claims of unreasonably long cash-out experiences or complaints of low withdrawal limits, you know to stay away.

Anti-Winning Behaviors

There’s nothing that brings the scammers to the surface quite like winning. Many unethical operators – who would never qualify for our safest gambling sites recommendations – will appear to be an entirely legitimate business, unless you get a little too lucky. We’ve seen all sorts of ridiculous behavior used to justify withholding earnings or canceling winning bets.

A popular approach is to accuse a player who’s recently won a large bet of either being a professional gambler or violating the terms and conditions. Why professional bettors would be banned from gambling sites is beyond reason, but it’s a common excuse nonetheless.

We’ve seen handicappers use their deposit bonuses to make huge wagers before, resulting in a frozen account. One player took the entirety of their bankroll, including the bonus, and staked it all on a big underdog at an online sportsbook. The bet won, resulting in what should have been a massive payday.

But the site decided that for someone to wager that way – with such confidence – they must either be a professional or have an inside scoop, thus making them a “cheater.” Of course, the accusations were complete nonsense.

The user’s account was immediately frozen, and the cash they deposited was paid out. However, the bonus money and the profits earned from those funds were all withheld. The player had not yet reached their rollover requirement and wouldn’t ever be allowed to with a blocked account.

If you ever encounter a scenario like this, take the money you can, close your account, and write a review. Websites that do this belong on every industry blacklist.

Unresponsive Customer Care/Getting the Runaround

If you’re trying to get some assistance or reach a manager – maybe to clear up situations like the two listed above – but can’t, that’s another sign that things are about to get ugly. Along with the slowing payout timelines, when customer service issues start taking longer to be resolved, much less acknowledged, a gambling site is headed towards the blacklist.

Once again, it may be best just to cut your losses when it gets to this point. Try to extract as much of your cash as possible, because it won’t be long before they’re either done processing payments at all or pull the whole URL down and go dark.

They Weren’t Recommended Here

Seriously, all of these horrors can be avoided so easily. All you have to do is trust the experts and stick with the safest online gambling sites, which are presented on our list of recommendations at the top of the page. Those options are all experienced, highly respected gaming corporations with long track records of serving the betting community without any of the funny stuff.

If you’d rather risk it, suit yourself, but we believe you’ll find it’s ultimately a mistake. While the top online gambling sites for safety provide some of the greatest gambling experiences you’ll ever see, the legions of scammers out there promise the exact opposite. We prefer to help readers avoid them entirely, but some people must touch the stove before believing it burns.

The Wrap-Up

Over the internet, every financial transaction carries some level of risk; you have to be extremely cautious. This especially applies to an industry like online gambling, in which enormous revenues have attracted droves of thieves hoping to convince novice bettors to deposit money with their scam sites. But while the threats are definitely out there, you never have to encounter them if you don’t want to.

We’ve gone ahead and done all of the vital research for you and will continue to do so. Our team of expert reviewers is continuously working on new websites, determining if they’re worthy to be shared with our readers. The locations that land on our list of safest online gambling sites have proven to be the best available and can be trusted to keep your money safe and secure. Plus, they’ll let you withdraw your cash whenever you’re ready for a payout.

Sure, a lot can go wrong when betting over the internet, especially if you find a site through an ordinary Google search instead of using expert recommendations. However, there are far more high-quality operators out there than scammers, and a wealth of exciting opportunities and entertaining wagers just waiting to be found. We’ve done our part by leading the horse to water; we sincerely hope you’ll drink!