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Unless you’re from Australia, you’ve probably never heard the term “pokies” used in the context of gambling before. The slang term is short for “poker machines,” though it refers to more than just video poker, it’s the name used for all types of gaming machines. In fact, the most popular pokies are what would be called slot machines in many other regions of the world.

Australia loves their pokies. The country has more gaming machines per capita than any other nation in the world, besides Macau and Monaco, two small states that happen to specialize in casinos and the gaming industry. With over 196,900 machines in the country, one for every 114 people, it’s clear that the people down under cannot get enough!

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Now, you don’t have to travel to a casino or betting establishment to get your fix, nor do you even have to live in Australia. That’s because we’ve identified the best real money pokies online, as well as the top-shelf online gambling sites on which they’re found. It’s not always easy finding a safe, reliable place to bet on the internet, which is why our experts took the time to create the list of recommendations above.

On this page, we’ll share some insight into the most crucial attributes of an online casino, and how our team of experts determines which websites to recommend and how to rank them. We’ll also look at some of the different varieties of pokie and discuss the legalities of playing these games of chance online.

Why These Sites are the Best

It’s not easy for a site to qualify for our experts’ list of recommended online casinos or sportsbooks. They are first extensively researched and reviewed, with our team grading a website based on numerous factors.

Some of these are quantitative, such as the betting odds, average payout speeds, or house edge, while other metrics that we consider are qualitative, like website design, customer service helpfulness, and safety.

The three attributes below are some of our top priorities; however, they’re only a small portion of the many crucial ingredients needed to create a gambling site worthy of recommendation to our readers.

History and Reputation

One of the ways in which we verify that an online gambling site is legitimate is by digging through their past. Our experts look into the ownership behind the website, research whether they’ve had other casino operations in the past, and comb through customer reviews and experiences to paint a clearer picture regarding how they run the business.

If the online casino site or previously owned websites by the same owner have found themselves on industry blacklists or embroiled in any controversy, they’re eliminated from our recommendations. Our team also looks for any trends such as consistently slow payout timelines or a habit of withholding winnings based on trumped-up accusations of cheating or being a “professional” gambler.

They say if you want to predict the future, look into the past, which is why we take a site’s history and reputation exceptionally seriously during the review process.

Safety and Security

There’s nothing more important than ensuring that our readers have a place to play the best real money pokies online, without fear of being scammed and stolen from. The online gambling industry is an enormous marketplace, with over 60-billion-dollars changing hands in 2018 alone. That’s an enticing figure for thieves who’d like to steal a piece of that profit.

While we can’t get into all the specific ways our team vets a site’s safety and security, you should know that this is the number one priority, and the lengthiest portion of the review process. If a website is found on our list of recommended betting sites, you can rest assured that they are a legitimate ethical organization, with professional security features for handling financial transactions.


Another essential variable for websites with the best real money pokies online is variety. One of the fundamental advantages that online casinos have over their land-based counterparts is that they don’t have to worry about floor space, and can thus offer a much broader range of games and activities. Since customer experience is such a significant concern, we rank websites with numerous options higher, as readers are less likely to grow bored.

Variety is particularly important when you’re dealing with a form of wagering such as pokies. The gaming machines offer activities which are similar to slots, video poker, and electronic table games. They can provide all types of different variations of jackpots, progressives, numbers of reels, themes, and much more. The more options at your disposal, the better chance you’ll find the game that perfectly suits your needs.

Types of Real Money Online Pokies

The term “pokies” is an Australian term that encompasses many different forms of gaming machines. The word is short of “poker machine,” and it’s believed this is because one of the country’s first betting houses owned a game that was similar to today’s video poker. Now the title has stuck despite the fact that the most popular type of poker tends to resemble a slot than anything to do with poker.

Slot-like Pokies

Most slot-like pokies involve the use of five reels, although there are locations with classic three-reel games as well. These machines usually are played on a video display and rely on random number generators to decide the spins. While at first glance these games might look identical to American slots, they are actually a bit different.

The bettor doesn’t wager on specific lines. Instead, every symbol on the screen is in play. In the most popular versions, which are the 243-way games, the object is to land the same icon on three consecutive reels. However, the matches must begin on the far left or the far right. They can’t occupy the middle three rows, they must have symbols touching the edge.

The more consecutive icons consolidated in the three consecutive rows, the larger the payout. It’s not required for the three symbols to be touching. So, a spin in which the first cherry is in the top left, for example, then the second is on the very bottom of the middle row, while the third is also on the top row, would be a winning hand despite none of them touching or forming a line.

You can find thousands of Australian pokies to play online with all kinds of different themes and rulesets. Many of the best real money online pokie variations online have high-quality graphics and animations that make for an extremely entertaining game with lots of bonus features to keep you engaged.

Video Poker Machines

The type of pokie from which the name is derived is the video poker machine. These games are almost identical to the electronic poker games found in casinos throughout the world. You’ll find classics such as Deuces Wild, Double Bonus, Jokers Wild, etc. on many of the best gambling sites online.

As always, these games give the player a bit more control over their own destiny, with the option to discard or keep any of the cards initially dealt. The object of the game is to create the best poker hand possible, with the Royal Flush typically acting as the jackpot.

Table Games Pokies

Australian pokies also offer a variety of gaming machine that’s based on classic casino table games. The largest number of these games are iterations of blackjack or 21, but each with its own twist. Some of them reward larger payouts for being dealt pairs, others have bonuses related to suited hands; there are all kinds of blackjack to play!

You’ll also find numerous video roulette games. On one site we researched, they offered French Roulette, American Roulette, European Roulette, and Multi-Player Roulette. So if you like picking numbers or red and black, there are multitudes of possibilities for you on the best real money online pokies sites.

Legality of Real Money Pokies Online

Gambling on pokies is a prevalent form of entertainment in Australia. Most states have legalized the gaming activities, and casino and betting shops can be found throughout the majority of the nation. However, things get a bit trickier when it comes to wagering online.

Online Gambling in Australia

Since the summer of 2001, Australian lawmakers have outlawed offering real money interactive gambling online. In fact, it’s even illegal to advertise such products to the citizens of the country. However, the laws are only applied to the site operators themselves, not the citizenry of Australia. It’s technically legal for them to access such websites, and millions a year are bet over the internet in the nation regardless.

Real Money Online Pokies Outside of Australia

While the corporations that own gambling sites are barred from providing their services to Australians, they are allowed to host their websites within the country. Australian-owned sites are permitted to offer gaming to people beyond the borders exclusively, making the whole ordeal relatively confusing.

Whatever the case, you the individual has nothing to worry about with regards to enjoying the best real money online pokies online. If a site wants to risk being fined by the Australian government, that’s their problem; the individual bettors are entirely within their rights to play.

The online casinos that provide their services to Australian customers are almost all located outside the jurisdiction of the country anyway, in regions where they cannot be punished, making the anti-gambling laws all but useless.

If you’re interested in learning more about the legalities of playing online pokies, we’ve organized a page detailing the gaming laws in numerous different regions and countries. There you’ll find out which betting activities are allowed in your location, the regulatory bodies that oversee various jurisdictions, and where to find the best gambling sites for each country.

For more information, follow this link:

Other Real Money Casino Games

For the most part, Australian “pokies” is a catch-all term for a wide range of drastically different gambling machines. These incredibly popular form of betting can be found all throughout the country offering entertainment in the way of reel-and-symbol games which are similar to slots, video poker, and even video table games like roulette and blackjack.

Interestingly enough, the laws in Australia make accessing the best real money pokies online easier for residents outside the country than those within its borders. While Australian companies service the rest of the betting world online, offshore operations are forced to occupy that space for citizens of the nation. Regardless, the way the laws are written, in 2018 you’ll be able to play your favorite pokies no matter where you are if you just find the right sites.

Should you ever grow tired of the thousands of varieties of pokies, there are still many more gambling opportunities available out there. On our Real Money Casinos page, you can find guides to many classic casino games such as blackjack, baccarat, keno, and roulette as well as the best betting sites on the web so that you may safely enjoy them.

Whichever gaming activity you’re interested in next, our team of experts has already designed a page on which you can learn the rules of the game; the odds players are facing, optimal strategies to eliminate the house edge and information regarding the legalities of playing in different regions. To learn more about another casino game, or real money betting in general, click the following links: