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Best Sites for Progressive Slots

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There’s no doubt that progressive slots are where the real action can be found when it comes to spinning the digital reels online.

With multi-millionaires making headlines across the web through games like Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune, it doesn’t take a wild imagination to figure out why online slots players get so excited about these games. Wins like this one have slots players salivating, and for good reason!

We’ve put together a list of the best progressive slots sites online. Check some of them out in the table below.

Our Top Recommended Online Casinos

Rank VA Gambling Site Sign Up Bonus Get Started
#1 280% up to $14,000 Visit Site
#2 250% up to $5,000 Visit Site
#3 250% up to $6,000 Visit Site
#4 200% up to $5,000 Visit Site
#5 100% up to $3,000 Visit Site

Why Are These the Best Progressive Slots Sites Online?

As a thinking person, you might wonder why we picked the above casino sites from the thousands we could have picked. It’s always good to question things, and as a transparent, honest site, we’re more than happy to explain how we assess and rank our selections.

We ask ourselves the following questions when we visit sites to review.

Which Progressive Slots Does It Offer?

Actually, we look at the casino games overall, but when it comes specifically to reviewing casinos for players interested in progressive slots, we pay that game category special attention.

Some casinos qualify as having “progressive” games because they offer a handful of games with relatively small jackpots. We don’t put much stock in these sites. We want to see the best online slots with the sort of payouts that can change your financial destiny. We want to see games like:

  • Mega Moolah
  • Mega Fortune
  • Divine Fortune
  • Cosmic Fortune
  • Hall of Gods
  • Isle O’ Plenty
  • Jackpot Giant
  • Gladiator Jackpot
  • Siberian Storm
  • Treasure Nile

If a site offers at least a few of these games, we’re interested. If it offers most or all of them, it really grabs our attention and gets added to the shortlist. An example of a site which offers lots of slots and plenty of progressive games is

Of course, which progressive video slots are offered isn’t the only thing which counts. There’s much more to a casino than that.

Is It Safe, Secure, and Legitimate?

Far too many new online slots players see a banner or button for a massive progressive jackpot, get excited, and sign up to play before thinking about it. Also sadly, scam sites know that huge jackpots are the ideal way to lure in unsuspecting players before screwing them over.

We’d rather play at an honest, fair site with a handful of progressive slots than a dodgy one with lots of games. Of course, we aim to find sites which offer both legitimacy and a huge selection of games, but that’s an ideal scenario, and if we have to choose, we’ll choose the honest site every time.

There are a few things which help us distinguish the legit slots sites from the scam sites. These factors include:

  • The license(s) a site possesses
  • The operator running the site
  • The software companies involved
  • The connection it runs on
  • Its track record with players
  • Whether or not payouts are verified

This should give you some insight into the lengths we go to when researching potential casinos to recommend. We don’t just skim the surface. We ideally want to find licensed, legit sites offering games from trusted software partners, running on encrypted connections, which have a solid track record and payouts verified by impartial third parties.

Of course, only the best of the best tick every single one of these boxes. There are few which make that cut, but you’ll find some of them above. The important thing is that the site ticks most of the boxes. That’s generally a good indicator that it can be trusted.

Are Payouts Fast and Payment Terms Fair?

If you’ve ever won a progressive jackpot, you’ll already know it’s one of the best feelings a casino player can ever have. The rush that comes from winning a large sum of cash in a split second is difficult to describe. It’s a combination of excitement, disbelief, shock, and elation all at the same time.

There would be nothing worse than having that feeling taken away by a casino which either cancels or voids your win for no reason, does everything it can to stall and delay when it comes time to pay up, or charges excessive withdrawal fees which eat away at your cash.

We’ve seen every trick in the book throughout our years of reviewing online casinos. That’s why we take the time to actually read the terms and conditions, as tedious as that might be. We’re constantly surprised by what we find buried in them!

We look for the following information in a casino’s policies:

  • Are payouts fast? We prefer same-day transactions, but up to five days is acceptable
  • Are there withdrawal fees? We prefer none, but a flat fee of less than $20 can be tolerated if the site has other redeeming characteristics
  • Do standard withdrawal limits apply to progressive jackpots? Many casinos waive them for progressive slots, but not all do
  • Does it offer plenty of payout methods? Some casinos offer lots of deposit methods but restrict you to a few payout methods. We don’t like that
  • Does the casino reserve the right to pay progressive jackpots out in installments? This is okay if the jackpot is worth millions, but it still needs to be reasonable and preferably requires the player’s (your) agreement
  • Are there any hidden “nasties” in the terms and conditions such as the right to void progressive jackpots without reason? We’ve seen this before. That’s why it’s important to read our reviews before making a decision

The answers to the above questions will determine whether or not we recommend a casino. We want everything to be honest, fair, and where some restrictions are necessary (such as paying out multi-million jackpots in installments for smaller casinos), clear and transparent. If they tell you up front, at least it’s not deceptive.

Is the Customer Support/Service Good Enough?

This isn’t just important for casinos offering progressive slot games. It’s important for all of the casinos we review. Without solid customer service, you might as well not play at a casino site at all.

Think about it – if you win a progressive jackpot and need to verify your account or discuss payment terms, do you really want to deal with a site which replies to emails every 12 hours in broken English? We thought not! This is exactly the type of situation where customer service comes to the forefront and you realize how important it really is.

We check the following out when assessing a casino’s customer support:

  • Does it offer multiple contact methods? We prefer email, live chat, and a telephone helpline, ideally
  • Is the support available 24/7? Imagine winning a progressive jackpot at 1AM and having to wait until 9AM to verify your account or go through the withdrawal process. We’re willing to bet that would be a sleepless night and the longest eight hours of your life. It could be even more nail-biting if the casino doesn’t process payouts on weekends
  • Are the support agents helpful and honest? Again, imagine slow, evasive answers from someone who clearly doesn’t speak English as a first language. This would be nerve-wracking and frustrating. You want to get your payouts as fast as possible, and you want support agents who will explain in a friendly, simple way how progressive slots jackpot withdrawals work

If there are multiple ways to get in touch, the replies are fast and helpful, and the agents seem like they want to help rather than being indifferent, that’s what we want to see.

How to Pick Progressive Jackpot Slots to Play

Picking a great site which offers progressive games is one thing. Picking a progressive slot is something else entirely. Each game is unique, and like the casinos themselves, each has its strengths and weaknesses.

Here are some expert tips to help you pick a progressive slot game.

Check the Jackpot Size

Just because a slot is progressive doesn’t mean the jackpot will automatically be huge. Progressive slot payouts range from a few thousand to a few million, and in extreme cases, tens of millions, so it’s worth checking the current size of the jackpots available in each game.

Sometimes, casino sites have features which show you the jackpot amount on the game thumbnail. Other times, you’ll have to load the games to find out. Usually, if there’s an unusually large jackpot available, the casino will let you know.

You can also check out the base game jackpot. Some progressive jackpot slots offer payouts which are well worth winning aside from the progressives.

Check the RTP

We’ve written an entire post on slot machine secrets, but we’re going to let you in on another one here since it relates specifically to progressive jackpot slots.

Since progressive jackpots are a big risk for the casino, the house edge on them tends to be higher than other slots. For slots, the house edge is expressed as a percentage known as RTP. This is an acronym from Return to Player. If a slot had an RTP of 98%, the house edge would be 2%, meaning the casino would keep $2 of every $100 bet over the long run.

Progressive slot games tend to have a lower RTP than most other slots. This is to offset the risk of offering such a large jackpot. That said, some progressive slots have much lower RTPs than others. It’s worth digging around to find one with a decent RTP. If you don’t win the big payout, you don’t want to get rinsed quickly.

Check the Game Features

We’ve seen progressive jackpot slots with barely any features, and we’ve seen some which would be excellent slots even if they didn’t offer life-changing payouts just because they have so many fun bonus rounds and extras.

An example of a progressive slot with great features is Mega Fortune by NetEnt. This slot has a free spins round with multipliers up to 8x, lots of frequent base game payouts, and a super cool theme. An example of a progressive slot with next to no features is Major Millions by Microgaming, which would be a great sleep aid if it didn’t offer a chance to win serious money.

Since not everyone can win the progressive jackpot, you’ll want other redeeming features and payout possibilities in lieu of that.

Progressive Slots – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which progressive slots offer the biggest payouts?

That will depend on when a progressive jackpot was last won. In general, you can bet that Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune, Gladiator Jackpot, Jackpot Giant, and Hall of Gods have some of the biggest payouts.

It’s a safe bet that games from Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming, and IGT will have the biggest progressive jackpots. Since these companies have almost unlimited funds, they can offer the biggest progressive jackpots.

Q. Are progressive jackpot slots fixed?

If you play games powered by legitimate software providers, the answer is most definitely no. They’re determined by a random number generator. As long as the casino games provider is trusted, you can be sure they aren’t fixed.

Q. Can progressive slot machines be hacked or cheated?

You’re wasting your time trying to hack, cheat, and take advantage of progressive slots, or any slots, for that matter. You can’t outsmart multi-million-dollar companies who specialize in making these games. The only way to beat them is to play it straight and hope Lady Luck shows up. Sorry if that bursts your bubble; we’re just trying to be honest with you and save you from wasting time and resources pursuing an unattainable dream.

Q. What’s the record for a progressive jackpot slot payout?

If you’re talking about land-based games, then MegaBucks has paid out close to $40 million. If you’re talking online progressive slots, it’s closer to $15 million on Mega Moolah.