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The Best Sites to Play Free Slots

Free Slots

Sometimes it’s nice to play free slots without the pressure that comes from playing for real money. While the huge real money jackpots aren’t part of the equation, neither is the possibility of losing your hard-earned money.

Yet you shouldn’t just pick a free online slots site willy-nilly just because there’s no monetary risk. It’s still important to pick a trustworthy slots site, even if you never plan to play for real.

We’ve reviewed hundreds of sites and come up with the list below. These are the best sites to play free slots.

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The Best Sites to Play Free Slots – Important Information

Our experts spend their days hunting for the best casino sites online. For the purposes of this section, we turned our attention to the best sites to play free slots.

The sites we have picked all meet the following standards.

They Can Be Trusted

Even if a slot site doesn’t offer real money gaming, you have to be able to trust it.

Have you heard the expression “data is the new gold?” That means it’s your personal data, such as your details and playing habits, which are worth money these days. Unscrupulous sites will find a way to get you to register and then will sell your details to other third parties.

You might wonder what harm this could do since you won’t be sharing your financial details on free slots sites, but that’s beside the point. Most people are rightly uncomfortable with people sharing their details without their consent. That’s what some untrustworthy free slots sites do.

Add to this that many free sites offer the chance to switch to real money slot games, and trust becomes even more important. See our section “the different types of free online slots sites” below for more details on this.

They Offer Lots of Great Games

We’ve seen a few free slots sites offering a few dozen games which nobody really wants to play, and we’ve seen sites at the other end of the spectrum which offer all the best slot games.

Most sites fall somewhere between the two. They’ll offer a mix of the best slots and some new ones you might not have heard of before. Some of these have real-money versions, so the free versions are a great way to try them out risk-free.

Playing a few games will soon get old. You want to find sites which offer lots of free slot games from world-class providers. At many of the sites listed above, you’ll find games from NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, and others.

They’re Mobile-Friendly

Did you know that mobile gaming is a growing trend, and that includes casino gaming? Since we know that, you can bet your bottom dollar that casino sites know it, and so most slots released these days are mobile-friendly.

All of the free slots sites we have recommended above work on iOS, Android, and other phones and tablets. You’ll be able to play free slots from anywhere you like. From waiting for your partner to finish shopping in the mall to killing time on a slow day at the office, free slots for mobiles are becoming an increasingly popular way of having fun.

The Different Types of Free Online Slots Sites

Any consideration of the best sites to play free slots would be incomplete without acknowledging that there are different types of sites. As the old saying goes, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat!”

Here’s an overview of the different types of free slot sites by category.

Real Money Casinos Offering Free Slots

Many players prefer to play free slots at real money casinos. These sites typically offer the best game selections, and you have the advantage of being able to switch instantly into real money mode if you find a slot you enjoy.

Not all real money casinos offer games for free. The ones that do typically offer them in two ways – through playing in “demo mode” with casino credits or through no-deposit bonuses.

Social Slots Casinos

Social casinos are on the rise, and lots of players who previously played for real money regularly have decided these sites offer a less expensive alternative which can still be a lot of fun.

Playing free slots at social casinos involves using “credits” in the same way you would use real money. Social casinos usually give you credits to get things started, and you can earn more of them for completing tasks like logging in, playing in tournaments, and of course for creating winning combinations. You can also purchase credits at many of these casinos.

The advantages of playing slots for free at social casinos is that it emulates the real experience without the monetary risk. The downside is that you can’t win real money, and if you invest in purchasing credits, you’re not going to be able to withdraw that cash again.

Nonetheless, social casinos continue to grow in popularity, and the best ones offer lots of free slot games from world-class software providers like NetEnt.

Social Media Slots

If you have a Facebook account, you’ve probably seen some free slots apps and platforms being used by your friends. Many of them share how many “coins” they have won as status updates, which in most cases gets them more coins as a reward.

Facebook slots are another great option for free play. However, you have no way of playing for real money if you use this option. You’ll only be able to play for fun with your friends and family. That can be a lot of fun, though, so this might be suitable, depending on what your individual objectives are.

Why Play Free Slot Games?

If you found this page through a search, you probably already know why you want to play free slot games. If you found it by browsing on our site, you might still be unsure about whether it’s even worth playing them.

As it turns out, registering at the best sites to play free slots has multiple benefits. Players do so for the following reasons.

To Learn How Slots Work

When you first encounter online slots, it can take a few sessions to wrap your head around how they work and what the various slots features mean. The best online slots can have multiple bonus rounds and extra features, which new players can be confused by in the beginning.

Playing slots for free is a great way to learn how free spins rounds, bonus wheels, wild symbols, scatter pays, and all of the other slots features work. It’s also a great way to learn about paylines, rows, reels, and all of the other concepts involved in a functioning slot game.

You don’t want to risk your money until you’ve wrapped your head around how slots work and the different types of slots. Once you have, it’s up to you whether or not you play for real.

To Practice Slots Strategies

We’ve written elsewhere about the random number generators which control slots outcomes. The truth is, slots are a game of chance, and there’s little you can do to control the outcome.

However, there are most definitely ways to improve your chances of winning through using slots strategies. A strategy can be as simple as reducing risk through bankroll management so as to “survive” and play longer, thus giving you more spins and opportunities to win.

If you have a particular slot machine strategy you would like to try out, playing free slots is the best way to do so. Also check out our slot machine tips if you’re interested in learning more about how to gain an advantage.

To Look for New Games

There are thousands upon thousands of video slots on the web. The best sites to play free slots offer hundreds in one place, and some real money casinos offer over 1,000. Any specific site is only scratching the surface of the total number of slots available.

To play all of these slots in the quest to discover the best games would cost a fortune if you were betting for real money. Free games offer an alternative, letting you try dozens of different slots in any one gaming session without having to risk your own money.

If you hear of a new game from Playtech, Microgaming, or any of the other providers, you can be sure lots of the best free slots sites will list it. As a registered player, you’ll have access to it right away.

To Have Risk-Free Fun

There’s no feeling better than winning a slots jackpot, but the other side of this coin is that there’s no feeling worse than overdoing it and losing money you can’t really afford to while playing slots for real money.

If you get carried away and don’t manage risk well, free slots can be a great alternative and can let you enjoy the feeling of winning without the financial setbacks. When you add in leaderboards, competitions, and tournaments, which many of the best sites to play free slots feature, it can be a lot of fun to play free slots.

The Drawbacks of Free Slots Games

There are some downsides even to the best sites to play free slots. To give a fair overview, we have to mention them here.

You Can’t Win Real Jackpots

Let’s start with the obvious one, shall we? If you play slots with demo credits or at social casinos, you can’t win real-money jackpots, and those big paylines you create count for nothing in terms of real money.

While free slots take away the risk of losing, they also take away the chance to win. Many players feel this defeats the purpose of playing slots in the first place.

The exception to this is if you play for free by utilizing no-deposit bonuses at real money casinos. Even then, there could be conversion limits, meaning a hard cap on how much you can withdraw.

They Can Be Highly Addictive

While most people think of real money gambling as addictive, free slots can be addictive, too. In fact, some people would argue they are more addictive, given that there’s no practical limit as to how often you can play them.

When you lose your bankroll playing slots at a real casino, you have no choice but to stop. That’s not the case with free slots sites. You can play for hours per day, and the reward system that’s triggered in your brain is the same one that’s triggered when you’re playing real money games.

Winning free slots tournaments feels great, and the social element of many of the best free slots sites (playing against your family and friends) can mean you end up spending hours and hours playing them. If you buy into the idea that time is money, they might not be so inexpensive after all.

The Best Sites to Play Free Slots – FAQs

Q. Can I play free slots for real money?

In most cases, free slots do not offer real money payouts. We have encountered some innovative sites which offer prizes like vouchers for tournament winners or credits which can be spent at specific online shopping sites. However, you won’t win cash jackpots like you can playing real money slots.

Q. What’s the catch with free slots sites?

There’s no catch, per se, but like all enterprises, these sites do make money. Some of them hope you’ll convert to real money games, some make money from advertising partners, and some make money through selling credits you can then use on free games.

Q. What is the best free slots app for mobile players?

Some of the sites listed above have apps for download. We don’t recommend playing at any sites not on our “legit sites” list as we can’t vouch for them. Our experts have checked out the sites above in depth, and they’re all mobile-friendly.

Q. Can you give me some free slots codes?

The best sites to play free slots usually don’t require codes. You can visit, register, and play right away. Bonus and promo codes are reserved for real money games and no-deposit offers.

Q. How do free slot games work?

You’ll usually be given demo credits, which are the currency of free slots sites. You then gamble these as you would real money. As you make winning combos, you win more credits. You can also participate in tournaments and social slots games which often feature a leaderboard you climb for making winning lines. Basically, the credits substitute for real money.