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Pay by Phone
These days, it seems that everyone is moving away from their laptops and PCs to their mobile device. The portability factor allows many people to conduct their daily tasks without ever having to launch their computer, and the computing power of a tablet or phone these days is enough to run most small businesses.

The casino world is also transforming, with many casinos offering a mobile platform for their players. This can take the form of a native app (in countries where it is legal) or a mobile-friendly site where players can play in their browsers.

What hasn’t changed over the years is the difficulty and cost of processing payments for online gaming sites. There have been several seismic shifts in the payment processing business since casino sites came online. The most important of those were PayPal shutting down their gaming arm in 2002, followed by the UIGEA law in the U.S. in 2006. The end result of these changes was a shift to smaller, European based processors and exorbitant rates being charged to online operators.

To address this concern over payment issues, the gaming industry has tried several methods to alleviate the pain. Third-party processors such as Neteller and Skrill have helped, but not everyone has access to them, and this still requires a significant amount of effort on the part of the player. Recently, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency have become fashionable, but it is still too volatile a product for the general public.

In recent years, a new method of payment has come to the surface, and this one may actually be the simplest yet: paying via your phone bill. There are loads of casinos using this method today, and we have compiled a list of the top Pay by Phone Casinos in the market:

Many of you are probably wondering how this all works. Well, let’s walk you through the process and see if it is something you might consider for your next deposit.

How Does It Work?

This is the most common question about paying with your phone. Here is how the process works:

First, you need to find a casino that takes payments by phone bill, such as the ones we listed above. Next, you need to make an account at the appropriate processing company, like Boku or Zimpler (your casino site will show you which firms they deal with for processing). Once you have created an account with the processor, you are likely going to receive a text message to your phone to confirm that the number is correct.

Now you are all set and ready to make your deposit. There are a couple of factors at play with regards to making a deposit. First, if you are on a prepaid phone, you need to ensure that you have enough credit left to make the payment. If you are on a standard phone plan, then you need to make sure that your settings are right to be able to make a payment with your phone (the processor will likely walk you through the process). Then, it is as simple as heading to the casino cashier, selecting the amount of deposit and the correct method, and you will be sent a message to respond to confirm the transaction. If everything is in order, then you will have money in your gaming account!

Why Pay With My Phone?

There are several advantages to making your deposit via your phone bill.

Incentive from the Site

There is no question that it is advantageous to the casino to have you make your deposit via the phone; they are going to be paying significantly lower fees to those processors than to credit card companies, so they should be able to pass along some of that savings to you by way of bonuses and promotions. If you don’t see it on your site, you should contact them and ask what incentive they are offering for you to make a deposit via your phone.

Credit for those without Credit

There are many folks out there who either don’t have a credit card or don’t want to use their credit card to make deposits at online sites. The option of paying by phone allows a player to make an instant deposit and pay it at the end of their phone bill cycle. As long as you have a phone plan that will allow these transactions, then consider this another line of credit you can use for your gambling habit.

Deposit Limits

If your carrier allows you to make payments using your phone bill, it is very likely that they limit transactions to a certain amount of money on a daily or weekly basis. This makes the pay by phone method a built-in monitor of your play; it ensures you won’t spend too much on your gaming site, which is another excellent way to prevent problem gambling. If your phone is prepaid, you will be able to spend right to your remaining balance, but bear in mind that your phone may stop working the next day as a result.

Is Paying with My Phone Safe?

The short answer is yes, it is a safe transaction.Secure Icon In fact, it is safer than using your credit card in many ways. First of all, your banking information is never sent to the gaming site; your phone company has all that information on file, and that is where the bill is going to be settled. Also, if you are going to be making your deposit via this method, you will need to have your mobile phone near you to enter the confirmation code. This means that only the person holding the phone will be able to use this method, keeping scammers at arm’s length.

What Countries offer this service?

This answer is changing all the time, as the payment method becomes available in new countries all the time. The pay by phone model started in the UK and Australia, and have quickly moved to other countries. It isn’t as prevalent in the U.S. for obvious reasons, but we can assume that it is only a matter of time before Americans will be able to pay for their deposits with their phone bills.


As far as new payment methods go, paying with your phone bill seems to be the kind of idea that is going to stick. As gaming goes mobile, the payments for deposits have also headed that direction; being able to consolidate our expenses into as few bills as possible is good for everyone. Casinos are going to be pushing this method more and more in the coming years, so you should definitely look for sites that offer incentives to use your phone bill to make your deposit.