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Live Dealer Roulette Guide

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You must be trying to get lucky. If you are interested in playing roulette, clearly you have some gamble in your blood. Fortunately for you, we are here to tell you about a version of roulette that is going to get you more than excited.

Our guess is that you love playing roulette online at the virtual casinos because it’s so easy and convenient to get started. The problem is that we can’t recreate the thrill of watching the wheel spin unless we were physically at the casino.

Not anymore! Live Dealer Roulette offers that perfect blend between playing online and in-person. This page intends to tell you about your options when it comes to Live Dealer Roulette. What makes it better? What is potentially missing?

Read the following sections as we break down everything you need to know about Live Dealer Roulette, so you are comfortable and can start making some money!

The fact that you made it to this page means you already know how to play roulette. After all, it’s a game based purely off of luck, with no skill involved. We don’t need massive amounts of brainpower to pick numbers, choose black or red, or select odd or even.

What we need is a fast, convenient, fun, and safe environment to watch that wheel spin. Enter- Live Dealer Roulette!

Benefits of Live Dealer Roulette

Here is what we know. Out of all the games on the casino floor or online lobbies, roulette isn’t our best shot at winning money. With a house advantage of 5.26%, we can find better alternatives. But this article isn’t to talk you out of playing roulette; it’s to make sure you are playing the most optimal version possible.


For all of us gamblers, this factor is as big as any. Your money and your time are valuable to you. Being able to log into a site and start playing immediately is a big bonus. Think about the process for playing roulette before online casinos were a thing.
Convenient Live Dealer
We had to put on a nice outfit. We had to drive down or take a taxi (there were no Ubers back then!) down to our local casino, if we even had one available. You get the picture—the method for getting in front of a roulette wheel took time; it took effort.

Fast forward to today, and thousands of online sites out there offer roulette. Instead of all the work it takes to get to a land-based casino, we can now start playing by just clicking our mouse a few times.

The dilemma here is that the best part of roulette is actually watching the dealer spin the wheel. Waiting to see if that marble ball settles into the colored or numbered pocket we bet on is pretty exhilarating.

Many of you were probably a little cautious of playing roulette online without the ability to see the wheel spinning. Automatically trusting the site’s software was a big ask.

Thankfully for you, Live Dealer Roulette brings us the best of both worlds. The convenience of being able to play from our own living room is awesome. The addition of now being able to see a real human being spinning the wheel means we aren’t concerned about the integrity of the site.

Now that you can communicate with the dealer during and in between spins, you feel almost as if you are at the actual casino. When we want to play roulette, the accessibility of playing it at a Live Dealer Casino makes it the best choice.

It’s Happening in Real-Time

This is important for a few reasons. As we mentioned earlier, one of the troubles with playing regular roulette online is it doesn’t emulate the real casino experience. Roulette isn’t a complicated card game with multiple betting streets. We aren’t faced with various decisions to make at different points of the hand.

The thing that makes roulette so great is that all we have to do is pick numbers and try to get lucky. Choosing those numbers would be a lot less exciting if we didn’t get to physically see the wheel spin. Watching it slow down and seeing the marble bobble around is why people play the game.

The good news is that Live Dealer Roulette offers us this element. We can still play from our living room recliner without sacrificing a human being dealing the cards. If we have a question, we can simply ask the dealer as he or she is equipped with a headset and microphone. Live Dealer Casinos do their best to imitate that feeling you would get from playing inside the real deal.

Next time you play roulette at one of the top Live Dealer Casinos, dim the lights in your bedroom and grab a cocktail. After a couple spins, you might start to feel like you are in Vegas!

Select You Dealer

This option is pretty cool. Imagine before sitting down to play roulette, you were given options about who was going to spin the wheel for you. Man or woman, no problem- it’s up to you. Looking for a blonde European woman with an accent or were you hoping for a beautiful brunette? Either way, if you play roulette at one of the premier Live Dealer Casinos, these are decisions you get to make.
Choose Dealer
Forget about rolling your eyes and thinking this is demeaning in any way, shape or form. What are the intentions of the casino after all?

Providing a luxurious and comfortable setting that encourages the customers to gamble is the objective. Offering them a variety of choices and options when it comes to game selection or betting limits are part of that. Giving the online consumer the ability to choose the gender or ethnicity of their dealer is just another way the Live Dealer Casino operators can give their patrons opportunities to make choices.

Know that if you play roulette at one of the leading Live Dealer Casinos, selecting your dealer is something you will encounter.

As you can gather, Live Dealer Roulette is a combination of playing online and at the casino. It takes all the “pros” from each version and leaves out the “cons” to create the ultimate form of playing roulette.

Of course, like anything in life, there are some potential downsides. Depending on whether your primary way of playing roulette is under the lights of a land-based casino or playing on an online gambling site, there are a few things that Live Dealer Casinos can’t exactly duplicate.

Potential Drawbacks

Our team was very keen on using the word “potential” here. We say potential because depending on your personality or motives, the following aspects may not be “disadvantages” at all. What someone views as a negative characteristic might be viewed as a positive feature by another person. Let’s examine some of the things we are referring to.

Speed of the Game

This is targeted at all of you online gamblers. Those of you who are used to playing roulette by yourself have been a little spoiled. When the site’s software is spinning the wheel and controlling the bets, you are able to play many more hands per hour. In this case, the wheel can be spun more times, thus increasing the number of bets you can make in a given period of time.

The fact the Live Dealer Casinos will use a full set packed with lights, cameras, a real roulette wheel and table means that we can’t expect to play at the same speed. Software that automates the process of spinning the wheel and collecting and returning bets will always be king in terms of speed.

Do you want to see the marble ball slow down and actually land on the number “22” instead of just “taking the computer’s word for it”?

If so, you are going to have to sacrifice some time. You won’t be able to make as many bets per hour playing at a Live Dealer Casino, but you surely won’t be disappointed in the authenticity that Live Dealer Roulette presents.

Betting Limits

Depending on who you are, this may or may not even affect you. This section is specifically designed for those of you looking to play either really tiny stakes or abnormally large stakes. For example, many sites will offer a minimum bet of $1 and a maximum bet of $5,000. Chances are, Bet Limitsyou will want to make a bet somewhere in that range. We have stumbled upon sites like Betfair, where the minimum bet at the Live Dealer Roulette tables is a minuscule $0.10.

If you are a hotshot who wants to take some big risks, you will have to seek out the specific sites that have larger max bets. For example, conglomerate William Hill will accept roulette bets up to $500,000.

If you were looking to bet more than that on a given hand, then you might want to consider an alternative way to spend your time or money!

There are other sites that may only allow a max bet of $200. To make sure you can bet the amount you want, you may need to scan over a few of the Live Dealer Casinos. The betting limits you are looking for most certainly will be available when playing Live Dealer Roulette. You just may have to try a few different sites first.

Table Seating

Typical online casinos that offer roulette will allow you to open a table and start playing at your beck and call. Unfortunately, because the Live Dealer Roulette tables include “real-life sets”, only a precise number of tables will be available to sit at a specific time.

For example, say the Live Dealer Casino you are playing at has 10 tables of roulette, and each table allows 7 players to play at once. If all 70 seats are being occupied, then you have no choice but to “wait your turn”.

Obviously, this potential delay, having to linger around until a seat opens, can be frustrating. The good news is because you are at home, you can balance this waiting time by getting other things done. Take your dog out for a quick bathroom break or go grab a snack in the kitchen.

You can place yourself on a waiting list so that your screen will be alerted when your seat becomes available. Being active on a plethora of sites is a good idea. Due to a number of Live Dealer Casinos there are, there will always be an open Live Dealer Roulette seat out there somewhere.


The fact of the matter is that the Live Dealer Casinos represent a fantastic way to play roulette. It takes the best features of playing roulette live at the casino and adds in the best foundations from the online interpretation.


Live Dealer Roulette is the win-win solution. You don’t have to schlep all the way to the casino just to play. You don’t have to sacrifice having a real human-being spinning the wheel and answering any questions.

Generally, the way casino games improve over time is by solving the minor setbacks and making the game more accessible. That is exactly what the Live Dealer Casinos did for the game of roulette.

Next time you are deciding between red or black, or odd or even, do it at a Live Dealer Casino. You won’t be complaining.

Enjoy the spin of the wheel and good luck!