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Live Dealer Casino Hold’em Guide

Live Hold'em
Poker players that haven’t been playing Live Dealer Casino Hold’em, what are you waiting for? If you don’t know what Live Dealer Casino Hold’em is, you landed on the right page.

Our team is here to break down all the advantages of playing Casino Hold’em at a Live Dealer Casino. This is the perfect solution for those of you who love playing poker but haven’t found the perfect fit. Close your eyes and imagine a game that combines the speed and convenience of online Hold’em without sacrificing the live-casino experience.

Now open your eyes! Live Dealer Casino Hold’em exists and you are only a few clicks away from playing. Let’s dive into the reasons you would want to consider playing Casino Hold’em at one of the best Live Dealer Casinos out there.

Why Play Live Dealer Casino Hold’em?

You know the rules, so we are going to jump right into the benefits of playing Casino Hold’em at a Live Dealer Casino. We want to explain why the Live Dealer Casinos are going to be your top option next time you are craving some Casino Hold’em. Some of you may play Casino Hold’em exclusively on online gambling sites. Others of you may play predominately or only at land-based casinos.

Either way, there are things missing. There are pros and cons with each version. The beauty of Live Dealer Casino Hold’em is that it takes the elements we love from both! The convenience and speed of playing online are met with the authenticity of having real dealer dealing real cards on a real table.

Real Dealer, Real-Time

Assuming you have played Casino Hold’em on the internet before, this aspect clears your mind of any doubt. We know lots of gamblers, and one characteristic we see a lot amongst them is superstition. Many of them go as far as not playing at the online sites because they don’t trust that the software dealing them cards is legitimate.

Their argument sounds something like, “If we can’t see a dealer or any cards, how do we know for sure we aren’t being cheated”?

Fortunately for these non-believers, the Live Dealer Casinos were created. By having a human being deal actual playing cards onto a physical table on your screen, you can be assured nothing funny is going on behind the scenes.

The dealers are even fully equipped with a headset and microphone, so communication with them during or after a hand is available. Forget about being confused on how you lost a hand or why the payout was what it was. If you are unsure of anything, simply ask the dealer and he or she will respond.

Having a human being right there in front of your eyes dealing the game can certainly help you sleep better at night. Signing up for a new site you have never played at before and automatically trusting their software is a tall order for some users. You want to be able to play from the comfort of your own home, but you also want a real dealer.

Thankfully, Live Dealer Casino Hold’em is available for you. When you play at the top sites, you may even get to pick your dealer!

Choose Your Dealer

Don’t you just love having choices? After all, one of the main objectives of a casino operator (whether they are land-based or online) is to give their customers options. The more choices their clients have, the more likely they are to find something they enjoy playing. Whether that is having a large game selection or offering many different betting limits, having multiple possibilities for potential gamblers is always a good thing.

In the case of Live Dealer Casino Hold’em, choosing your dealer is just another option or choice the casino is offering. The most premier Live Dealer Casinos will allow you to choose the gender of your dealer. Picking out what hair color they have or what their ethnicity is will also be available at several sites.

Don’t think of this as belittling towards the dealers. Remember, they are after the overall experience of their customer. They want you to remember their site and want to come back and play at it in the future. If a standard Live Dealer Casino has only dark-haired males with mustaches dealing, ok fine.

If another site lets you pick between a beautiful Asian woman or a blonde lady with a French accent, which site are you more likely to gamble on again? The casinos know who their targeted audience is. Allowing them to select from a variety of dealers is a brilliant move on the part of the Live Dealer Casinos.

This is a business, ladies and gentlemen. A business of attracting prospective individuals and having them play casino games for real money. Adding features to their site to make the patrons want to continue coming back are the intentions.

Choosing your dealer is just one of the aspects that keep gamblers coming back for more.

Fun AND Convenient

What keeps the users coming back to the Live Dealer Casinos more than anything is the convenience factor. We are talking about playing from your own home. The thrill of playing and winning money at a live casino is a tremendous feeling. One that is impossible Fun and Convienentto emulate by simply playing online with computer software dealing cards and controlling the payouts.

Some of us just need the real thing to curb our appetite to gamble. The online casinos were noticing this trend. Thus, the implementation of the Live Dealers. By replacing the screen of a fake table and fake cards with the real-life substitutes, gamblers can feel like they are on the Las Vegas strip without ever getting up from their living room recliner.

Walking to your refrigerator to get another cold beer might be the furthest you have to walk during your next Casino Hold’em session!

Those of you looking for a way to play Casino Hold’em online, stop sacrificing the fun environment. Live Dealer Casino Hold’em takes everything you love about playing at the casino and mixes it with all the great aspects of playing at home. You just don’t have to iron your favorite shirt or gas up the car this time!

It is as close to the “perfect solution” as we can come up with when it comes to the optimal way to play Casino Hold’em. Of course, there are a few things that may become potential roadblocks if and when you make the switch to the Live Dealer version of Casino Hold’em.

What’s Missing?

This section is going to include all the possible downfalls of Live Dealer Casino Hold’em. As great as it is, certain features of the game can’t mimic the true environment of being under the bright lights of a fancy casino.  At the same time, there are phases of the game that won’t represent the complete ease of use and speed as a traditional online casino.

Let’s examine some of the facets you may think of as disadvantages.


This is listed as a disadvantage, but depending on who you are it might actually be the opposite. Some of you may prefer the solitude that is gambling at an online casino by yourself. For the sake of argument for this segment, let’s pretend we all prefer having other players around us.

We are referring to high-fiving our fellow gamblers when the dealer loses and we all win the hand. How about the conversations and memories that can only be created when meeting strangers by playing casino games? These are things that won’t be duplicated when you log onto a Live Dealer Casino to play Casino Hold’em.

Missing out on the camaraderie that is gambling at the live casino may be something that upsets you. Others of you may be scratching your head thinking, “some drunk guy I’ve never met spilling his drink on me is listed as a disadvantage? Is this writer nuts?”

Whatever floats your boat will be up to you. Just don’t expect anyone to congratulate you and pat you on the back when you win a hand playing Live Dealer Casino Hold’em. You might get a “wink” or “nice hand” from the dealer once in a while, but that’s about it. If you are looking to order shots for the table and have a social time, you may want to stick to the land-based casinos.

Seat Availability

Thanks to the surplus of Live Dealer Casinos, this is becoming less and less of a problem. You still may encounter Live Dealer Casinos that fill up rather quickly. The popularity of accessing your favorite casino game at home with a physical human being dealing cards is something of a phenomenon that has grown extremely quickly.
Wait for a Table
In the case that you come across a Live Dealer Casino that is overly busy, you may find yourself waiting for a seat. One of the benefits to playing Casino Hold’em online as opposed to at the casino is that you don’t have to wait for a seat to open up if the table is full. The idea that you can log on and start playing hands immediately is something that current and future gamblers want.

Unfortunately, because Live Dealer Casinos use real sets and real people, waiting for a seat can be similar to waiting for a seat at the casino. Cameras, lights, staff members, equipment such as tables, cards, and automatic shufflers cost money and take time. Live Dealer Casinos will have a limited number of tables and available seats at any given time.

The saving grace is that chances are, if you are active on multiple Live Dealer Casinos, finding an open seat to play Live Dealer Casino Hold’em shouldn’t be an issue. Should all seats be occupied, you can be placed on a waiting list in which you will be alerted when your seat becomes available.

Our guess is that by the time you grab a snack from the kitchen, your monitor will be annoyingly beeping, stating that you can now take your seat. Beating the dealer and winning money, that part is still entirely up to you!


The bottom line is that Live Dealer Casino Hold’em truly combines the best of both worlds to form the ultimate way to play Casino Hold’em!

Live Dealer Casino Hold’em has all the great things about playing online, like how convenient it is to play from the comfort of your own home and at the luxury of your own schedule. Add in the elements of a live dealer and a real deck of cards and we have the eventual creation of Live Dealer Casino Hold’em.

We were hard-pressed to find another interpretation of Casino Hold’em that had as many of the great qualities of both the live and online renditions. Being able to incorporate the advantages of both means giving us another option.

Giving gamblers options is at the forefront of the goals of a casino operator. The live casinos have been around for a long time, and Casino Hold’em has been offered at the online casinos for several years now. It was time the people in charge solved the problem of making the gambler choose between one or the other. Before, if you stayed home to gamble, you had to forgo the opportunity to have a person deal you actual playing cards.

If you did go to the casino, you had to get dressed and drive down or pay for transportation to get there.

Not any more folks! Live Dealer Casino Hold’em is here, and the Live Dealer Casinos are waiting for you to get in on the action.

Have a blast and good luck gambling!