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Daily and hourly bonuses, a loyalty program to help you boost your game credits, licensed slots games like The Walking Dead and The Amazing Race, and no need to spend any money… Heart of Vegas is a social casino and not a “for money” site.

You’ll be able to while away the hours on your favorite slot game and share your experience with your Facebook friends.

Heart of Vegas is a product of Product Madness as well as Aristocrat Gaming, so you’ll be able to play some of your favorite Aristocrat slots like Queen of the Nile, Big Red, and Buffalo for free. Of course, no investment on your part means no winnings to collect, but if you enjoy the experience of casino slots without the risk, then you’re golden with Heart of Vegas.

The casino emphasizes its Facebook platform, and you’ll get more benefit by logging into your social media account, but it’s not necessary. There’s an Apple, Amazon, and Google Play app, any of which will allow you to use your existing accounts should you want to buy some extra credits to keep the reels in motion.

Heart of Vegas launched in June of 2013 and was named one of the Top 10 New Games by Facebook. Not only that, but within a month it became one of the “Top 50 Grossing Apps” in the United States, so you’ve got to figure there’s something special here.

Who Can Play at the Heart of Vegas Casino?

As this is a casino-type gaming site, its use is primarily intended for 21s and over. But because it is a social gaming site and no real cash wagering is accepted, anyone 13 years of age or older can play but need to have a parent or guardian look over the terms and conditions.

As far as any geographic restrictions, there are very few. The company itself is based in San Francisco, and the games are offered to anyone across the United States as well as around the globe. The only exceptions are Cuba, Iraq, North Korea, Iran, and Syria.

Facebook users can only have one account, though, even if they have multiple Facebook registrations.

Software Suppliers

In 2012, the Aristocrat casino gaming company acquired Product Madness, Inc. Product Madness was a prominent social gaming company, so combining forces to produce social gaming featuring casino products was a common-sense strategy.

Aristocrat has a catalog of slots with some familiar in-casino titles like Buffalo and The Walking Dead, both of which are free-play versions hosted within Heart of Vegas.

The Good Stuff

All Games Are Unlocked

Good Stuff
The best thing about Heart of Vegas is that players don’t have to jump through hoops to be able to play all of the games. Everything is open to everyone. The only difference is that, until you reach level 12, your stakes are more limited and you’re not eligible to win the Lightning-Link Grand Jackpot that awards winners with billions of coins. Most of the other social casinos only open up a few of the entry-level games to new users and require them to level up to unlock access to other, more appealing gaming choices. So, it’s appealing for new players to be welcomed to any of the games and not just given a few samples.

You Can Keep Your Budget Low

Unless you run out and are anxious to keep playing, you can get away without making a single microtransaction, whether you’re on Facebook or not. All players get a daily bonus from the Wheel, as well as smaller issuances every three hours. The Prize o’ Meter will also reward you for winning and reaching different coin levels. Facebook users have even more access to bonuses and bigger prizes. But if you do decide to make a purchase, you can select a package for as little as $2.99.

Aristocrat Gaming

With more than 60 years in the casino gaming business, Aristocrat may not be known by name but is undoubtedly recognized by its slot titles. Buffalo and Mr. Cashman are casino standards. And new licensed games like The Walking Dead and The Amazing Race will be appealing to many, even if they’ve never sat down at a slot machine. It’s a benefit to be able to offer some recognizable options and not close them off to the entry-level players of the casino.

The Bad Stuff

Facebook Users Get More Perks

Bad Stuff
The one downside to the casino, as publicly recognized by its players as well, is the heavy reliance on Facebook. Not only do you get a Facebook boost of a million coins, but you also receive better bonuses and more opportunities to stay in play. With standalone apps in the prominent stores like Apple, everyone should have the same type of benefits and gaming options. There are over two million Facebook followers, but still, not everyone gravitates to social media.

Help Section Could Use a Boost

You won’t even find a help section until you click “contact” from the settings area (symbol located at the top right of the screen). Once you do, though, a help section does open up to various categories and questions and answers. However, it doesn’t address everything. There isn’t a complete “how to use the casino” nor detailed information on claiming free chips. It would also be helpful to have some comparison information noted, so you know what you get based on the format you opt to use (i.e., Facebook, an app, mobile, etc.).

Game Selection

If you’re new to social casino gaming, you may not know that most of the apps or sites keep some of the slot libraries locked up to new players. You can see what games are available, but you can’t play until you attain a certain level.

For Example

You may see 50 slots but you can only play three of them, and they’re not the most enticing. The well-known games or branded and familiar ones are saved to encourage you to play and to play often.

Heart of Vegas doesn’t operate like that. There are 63 games, and you can play any of them. Their enticement to get you to devote more time is to open up new betting levels on each one.

Level 12 is the magic tier and opens up much higher-stake gaming, including the games in the High Roller room. They’re the same games, but you have a chance of winning more and playing for the Lightning-Link Progressive jackpot, which exceeds a billion credits. That’s billion, not million!

Don’t think about getting away with penny or dollar betting, though. If you take The Walking Dead game for an example, you’re entering at the 75,000-credit level. Of course, you’re also claiming some bigger daily prizes, but even so, you need to get some good payouts to keep those reels spinning for a long time and avoid having to purchase more credits.

As far as the games themselves, you may know some of Aristocrat’s titles, as they’re not strictly for social gaming. Buffalo, Queen of the Nile, and Dragon’s Gold are just a few of the classics from this software giant that’s been part of the casino industry since 1953.

You’ll note that you can only play slots at Heart of Vegas. No other casino gaming, like table games or video poker, is offered.

Jackpot Slots

You won’t be in the running for the top progressive jackpot or the high-roller exclusives until you’ve played for a while and made it to the 12th level. But you still have some opportunities to claim some other lower-tier jackpots. In fact, the Lightning-Link progressive unlocks the Minor and Minor prizes as soon as you reach level six.

  • Pure Gold
  • Miss Kitty
  • More Chilli
  • Dolphin Treasure
  • Golden Peach
  • Queen of the Nile
  • Big Red
  • The Bullfighter
  • Tarzan Lord of the Jungle
  • Wild Tooth
  • Weird Wicked and Wild

Featured Games

You would need to be a casino player to recognize most of the titles, but The Walking Dead and The Amazing Race may jump out, as they are branded slots based on television shows.

The zombie-themed The Walking Dead game will open up 4,096 ways to win, with seven features and multi-tiered jackpots.

The Amazing Race slot version won’t be as amazing as circling the globe and vying for real money prizes. However, it can give you a few hours of entertainment with extra wilds, the chance to win up to 40 free games, and the ability to play from 9,000 to 180,000 per spin.

  • Love Rocks (new game)
  • Sahara Gold
  • High Stakes
  • More Hearts
  • Mystical Sands
  • Where’s the Gold
  • Sun and Moon
  • Goblin’s Gold (new game)
  • Big Red 2
  • Buffalo
  • Flame of Olympus
  • Dolphin Treasure
  • Queen of Atlantis
  • Wild Americoins
  • The Bullfighter
  • Rhino Charge
  • Flamin’ Tiger
  • Shaman’s Magic
  • Wonder 4
  • Polynesian Pearl
  • Amazon Temple
  • 5 Dragons Gold
  • AMC The Walking Dead
  • The Amazing Race

High-Roller Room

You do need to be a level 12 player or more senior to participate in high-roller action. The High Roller Super Jackpot is prominently displayed in the lobby and is consistently rising. This isn’t a prize that builds for days, months, or even years. It’s often awarded. In fact, within 24 hours, the jackpot was issued at least once as I was checking in on the progress. It’s typically in the 110-billion range, so that should keep you from microtransactions, at least for a little while.

  • Wonder 4
  • Buffalo
  • Wonder 4 Starts
  • Dragons Deluxe
  • Big Red
  • 5 Dragons Gold
  • 50 Lions


While Heart of Vegas benefits players by unlocking all of the games and providing more choices, there is one thing that isn’t as well-received by some of its users. Facebook is required for some of the promotions as well as special offers like “claim 1,000,000 coins by logging in with Facebook.”

Not only do you get that incentive, but bigger bonuses, special events, and friend bonuses, as well as the ability to save your progress. So, if you decide to make Heart of Vegas your go-to social casino, you won’t get the full experience unless you use the Facebook version.

While you will find many more opportunities to claim some playing coins, the following are some of the offers available to everyone, regardless of the app or format you’re using.

The Daily Wheel

As soon as you pull up the casino, you’re immediately greeted by the Daily Wheel, which resembles the Wheel of Fortune wheel. It displays prize amounts ranging from 1,000 to 250,000 coins. If you don’t click to spin it, it’ll self-start within a few seconds anyway, so you don’t miss out on anything.

The Daily Wheel spins once every 24 hours, and you just tap on “collect” to move your prize to your primary account balance. Your result is increased depending on your loyalty level, which I’ll get to in just a minute.

Three-Hour Bump

Just as the wheel will provide you with a daily prize, you’ll also get a smaller increase in your balance every three hours as long as you’re logged in and actively using the casino. You won’t just automatically get paid every three hours; you have to collect it.

Prize o’ Meter

Located at the top right of the screen, you’ll see a gold heart symbol, and that’s your Prize o’ Meter indicator. You have to win to fill it. If you win two million in coins, you’ll fill the meter and claim a smaller prize amount (29,000). The higher you go, the higher the prize. This is all based on your wins, though, and not your playing time.

“Player’s World” Heart of Vegas Loyalty Program

As with all of the social casinos, the loyalty program is the central hub of activity. Your “level” determines the perks you receive, as well as their value.

There are five levels of this loyalty program, and you can tell where you stand by the progress bar. Click on the symbol that shows a star within a circle to reveal your current status, as well as how far you need to go to reach the next level.

Here’s the kicker, though. It doesn’t matter how active you are as a player. Your loyalty level is determined by how much you spend. While I haven’t gotten into the purchase program as yet, there are packages you can buy that will extend your playing time depending on how much you’re willing to pay. They range from $2.99 to $99.99.

Those purchases are your ticket to advancing in the loyalty program. But your status may only stick for three months, as the casino re-evaluates each player quarterly.


  • Member (no perks)
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum


  1. Daily Cashback – starting at the Bronze level, but increasing to 200% at the Platinum; issued after the daily wheel spin
  2. Cash Back Cap – two million for Bronze; 25 million for Platinum
  3. Prioritized Support – every level except “member” is offered this, but higher levels jump to the head of the line
  4. Special Events – for Silver, Gold, and Platinum members only

Also, keep in mind that your status acts as a multiplier for different bonuses, so there are other ways to take advantage of a higher loyalty level.

Off-Site Perks

If you’re one of the two-million-plus followers of Heart of Vegas on Facebook, you can also take advantage of different bonuses and events that are posted. Additionally, there’s a separate page at where players share information and could give you some insight on how to increase your balance. Anything to keep cash out of the equation is always a good thing, right?


Unlike the real gambling sites that require transfers into the betting account, social gambling sites are structured differently.

They provide purchase opportunities, so they have some dedicated payment methods, but keep in mind that you won’t be withdrawing anything – ever. There are no prizes issued from Heart of Vegas, cash or otherwise.

Purchases revolve around boosting your player’s account balance, meaning the virtual coins that are available for play. With the required high stakes of the slots, you can go through your “gifts” very quickly and may be interested in purchasing from time to time.

Not only will you have more playing resources, but these buys will help you to level up through the loyalty club.

You can purchase coins through the payment system already set up within your app. For example, if you have a Google Play account already in place, you can use that.

These are the payment methods listed in the Heart of Vegas help section:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal
  • iTunes gift cards or certificates
  • ClickandBuy
  • UnionPay

Your Menu of Options

Heart of Vegas makes things as easy as possible for its players. In fact, you even know how many loyalty points you can get based on your purchase. If you’re on the fence about spending $2.99 or $8.99, maybe a 60-loyalty-point difference will help you to decide.

Coins Loyalty Points Money
150,000 30 Points $2.99
900,000 90 Points $8.99
2,700,000 180 Points $17.99
9,000,000 300 Points $29.99
33,000,000 600 Points $59.99
105,000,000 1000 Points $99.99

As a new player, you may also see a popup when you first click the “Buy” button. Currently, the casino is offering a $4.99 first-purchaser offer for 1,250,000 coins. You’ll also find other specials and sales from time to time, especially if you’re following the Facebook feeds.

The VIP Service

It’s not technically a VIP Lounge per se, but there is an “invite only” level that goes beyond Platinum in the Player’s World Club. These special VIP invitees would receive even more benefit than the top-tier players.

Higher daily cashback, special events, and front of the line for support requests are just a few of the perks.

Customer Service

Heart of Vegas is a free app, so don’t expect to see the level of customer service that you’ll find (or, at least, you should find) through a traditional casino site.

All service is handled on a ticket system, and the higher your Player’s World level, the faster you’ll get a response. Yes, this is a situation where not everyone is equal.

Would I Play at Heart of Vegas?

While I’m never a fan of investing money in gaming that doesn’t give me the chance to get it back or, preferably, increase it, Heart of Vegas does open up all of its games to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you make a $99.99 purchase, spend $2.99, or stick with your free-play opportunities.

I’ve looked at other social gaming sites that entice you by waving some entertaining slots and other casino games in your face and then basically telling you “nope – you can’t play until you pay.”

Granted, $2.99 isn’t comparatively much of an investment, but you only get 150,000 coins, so it’s not going to last you long unless you come up with some significant wins along the way. But there are plenty of ways to extend your playing time if you take the time to investigate your options.

The downside to Heart of Vegas is that Facebook is the only way to take advantage of all of the “free coin” opportunities available. Even though there are standalone Heart of Vegas Casino apps in the Apple, Google Play, and Amazon store, you’re only getting a partial product. Facebook offers more games, more promotions, interactions with friends, bigger bonuses, and is the one way to save your progress.

The Facebook tie-in is the only significant complaint that players have about Heart of Vegas. Everyone appreciates that all games are unlocked, and the Aristocrat gaming is unique and fun. But not everyone is a fan of social media and shouldn’t be penalized, especially if the app is available outside of the Facebook platform.

As far as the gaming end of things, the Aristocrat games are appealing and have some features which add to the entertainment value. Unfortunately, though, there aren’t any other casino options available. It’s strictly a slots casino, so you can’t play video poker, keno, or table games like blackjack.

Aside from that, the casino isn’t overwhelming to new players. There aren’t too many promotions or crazy ways to figure out how to claim some more betting resources. You don’t need to take hours to search through every symbol and section to decipher things. It’s straightforward with daily and hourly (well, three hours) bonuses, as well as a prize meter that indicates when you can claim a new prize.

The loyalty program is based on purchases, but you even know how many loyalty points you’ll get from each package that’s available.

Sign up, claim your daily bonus, and pick from any of the games that are hosted within Heart of Vegas… You can’t get much easier than that!

This review was made by: Rating: 4.42 out of 5

Lee commented: 8 Jan 2020
I suggest you look at the comments on Facebook or iTunes, this is a dud game and that is how you should promote it
A commented: 30 May 2019
I would not recommend this game to anyone! The games do not win and all they do is ask for you to purchase coins over and over again. I would stay away from this website. I encourage everyone not to play this site it is an absolute ripoff!!!!!!!!
donna m stoehr commented: 24 Apr 2019
The issue with this site that you buy coins and it offers to let you receive up to 10x the amount for another fee. I have done this quite a few times and it is rigged. It only gives 2x's everytime on that 10x spin. I am looking for another site with honest play
Phyllis Babin commented: 30 Jan 2019
I can't log in at Heart of vegas, why?
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