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Best XFL Betting Sites Online in 2021

Back from the grave, Vince McMahon’s XFL is ready to bring football fans another avenue to enjoy hard-hitting action and another way for sports bettors to make money. With a schedule running from February (right after the Super Bowl) through the late April Championship, football fans and bettors can keep feeding their football needs long after the NFL and college football head into the offseason.

For those looking to wager this year, we’ve created a list of the top XFL betting sites with the safest, most extensive, and all-around best action available.

Rank VA Gambling Site Sign Up Bonus Get Started
#1 125% up to $2,500 Visit Site
#2 50% up to $1,000 Visit Site
#3 50% bonus up to $250 Visit Site
#4 50% up to $1,000 Visit Site
#5 50% up to $1,000 Visit Site

4 Reasons These Are the Best XFL Sportsbooks

Choosing the top XFL betting sites is not a process we take lightly. We know most of you count on our recommendations, so we make sure we’re never recommending anything but the best. While the full extent of our vetting process would take hours to explain, we included an excerpt below. These are the top four reasons why these XFL sportsbooks are at the top of our list.

Industry-Leading Bonuses

Sportsbooks compete for your business. And the number one way they compete is by offering bonuses, freebies, perks, and rewards for trying out their book and for remaining loyal after you join. While this costs them money, that’s no concern for you.

In order for a book to make our list of the best XFL betting sites, the company needs to offer industry-leading bonuses and rewards.

These include things like free deposit bonuses, free bets, rewards points for betting, reduced juice bets, and more. With all of the bonuses we recommend, here’s what we guarantee:

  • All bonus codes and links are tested regularly to ensure they’re still active, work properly, and deliver what they claim.
  • Bonuses and rewards are researched to ensure they contain no hidden language, aren’t too challenging to clear, or are misrepresenting the offer.
  • The entire industry is regularly swept to ensure these are the biggest and safest XFL betting bonuses available.

Widest Array of Betting Options

Smaller leagues and promotions like the XFL are sometimes neglected by a sportsbook. The books tend to offer no action or limited action as the betting market is smaller. While this might make sense for them from a business standpoint, it’s no good to those looking for ultimate betting flexibility. All of the top best betting sites we recommend offer action on all games including the 10-week season, the playoffs, and the championship. Additionally, more action is offered than just totals, spreads, and moneylines.

Mobile Betting Available

For those serious about making money betting on the XFL, monitoring changing betting lines is critical to your success.


If you’re betting through a brick and mortar sportsbook or a desktop-only book, your only option to monitor these lines is never to leave either location.

Mobile betting apps change all of this.

The best XFL sportsbooks allow bettors the ability to check lines 24/7 with the click of a few buttons on any smart device. You won’t find a recommended real money betting site on our list that doesn’t offer this option.

Fast Payouts

When you win, you want to get paid. One of the most important factors in rating and ranking XFL betting sites is how quickly they pay customers. While you might think it’s fast across the board, you’d sadly be mistaken. Our teams of experts make sure that all recommended sportsbooks have multiple payment options that process and send payouts the fastest in the industry.

Betting on the XFL vs. the NFL

While the leagues might sound the same and only have one word different in the names, there are some major differences between the XFL and the NFL that sports bettors need to be aware of. Failure to acknowledge and adapt to these changes could result in unnecessarily lost bets, lower profits, and missed opportunities.

Smaller Market Equals Bigger Edges

The number of people and the size of the wagers made on the XFL will be much smaller compared to the NFL. Unless major changes happen in the popularity of the XFL, this will continue to be true.


What this means for bettors is line movement will be more active, as it will take smaller amounts of money to move lines.

Opportunities for more value, opportunities to middle, and the importance of line shopping will all be prevalent. Bettors will want to join multiple XFL betting sites and dedicate more attention to shopping lines before wagering.

Differences in Rules

While the game will be played very similarly, the XFL does have rule changes that are important for bettors to be aware of. Some of the major changes include:

  • Running clock – This will have a major effect on the over/under totals.
  • No fair catches – Five yards of distance must be given to the returner.
  • No extra points – Teams can choose to run a play from the 2, 5, or 10-yard line for 1, 2, or 3 points, respectively.
  • Overtime rules – These are wildly different and encompass a shootout style, best-of-five format.

Less Educated Public Bettors

If you were surprised by any of the new rules listed above, you’re probably not alone. Most recreational bettors wagering on the XFL will have little to no idea of these changes, the players involved, or really what they’re betting on.

The betting public, already famous for being terrible at betting on any sport, will be much worse with the XFL, creating some incredible betting opportunities for sharp bettors. Make sure you’ve got a pulse on many of the top XFL betting sites, so you’re poised to take advantage of these public blunders.

Tips for Picking the Best XFL Betting Sites

Deciding where to bet is as important of a decision as deciding who to bet on. The safety of your money, the lines you get, and the betting flexibility afforded all can have drastic effects on your bottom line and overall experience. To help you make the right pick, here are four quick tips from our team of XFL betting pros.

1 – Trust the Experts

We’re not saying you’re not fully capable of picking out the best XFL betting sites for you. In order to do that, though, you’d have to dedicate hours of time to research to ensure you’re not making a mistake. Instead, we’d recommend trusting our experts.

These experts live, breathe, eat, and sleep XFL betting and sportsbooks. They know the tricks shady sportsbooks try to pull and how to read through the fine print on rules, promos, betting limits, and more. You can go rogue and find an option with a Google search, but the only way to guarantee a safe experience is to trust the experts.

2 – Join Multiple Sportsbooks

As the betting markets are small in the XFL, the line differences between sportsbooks should be much greater. Yes, you can still make money betting at only one XFL betting site.


In order to maximize your profits and give yourself the best chance to win, you’ll want to join multiple sportsbooks.

When you decide you want to make a wager, check each site to see who is offering the best line or the best odds. It costs nothing to shop lines or join multiple books, only a few minutes of time.

3 – Don’t Value Bonuses Over Security

It can be tempting to shop XFL betting sites based on the size of the welcome bonus they are offering. While we’re not telling you to ignore bonuses, we do want you to briefly pump the brakes. You need to make sure the bonus being offered is from a safe sportsbook, does not include predatory terms or language, and does not have unrealistic playthrough/rollover requirements.

4 – Take Advantage of Mobile Features

Unless you’re not worried about winning, you should be utilizing top XFL betting sites with mobile betting platforms. When picking out a site to use, make sure they have a mobile betting platform and that it’s sufficient for your needs. Spoiler alert—all of the best XFL sportsbooks we’ve recommended here have incredible mobile platforms compatible with all major operating systems like iPhone (iOS), Android, and Windows.

Online XFL Betting FAQ

Can I bet on the XFL at every sportsbook online?

Unfortunately, no. If you were talking about a more prominent football league like the NFL or college football, most likely, the answer is yes. But as the reemergence of the XFL is fairly new, not every betting site is up to speed. Thankfully, all of the top sportsbooks we’ve listed here offer extensive action on the XFL from the season’s start all the way through the big championship game.

How do I know this is an up-to-date list of the best XFL betting sites?

Unlike many other review sites on the web, we don’t “set it and forget it” with our recommendation lists. By doing that, you risk recommending XFL betting sites that are outdated, no longer trustworthy, or simply aren’t the best options available. Our teams regularly review and reexamine the sportsbooks we list to make sure they’re the best available.

What happens if I join an XFL sportsbook and don’t like it?

You’re not locked into using any XFL betting site you join if you end up not liking it. In fact, you’re not even required to make a bet if you don’t want to. We recommend taking some time to check out different options before depositing, but we understand things happen from time to time.

If you join a site and don’t like it, you can withdraw your money and quickly move it somewhere else. Do keep in mind, though, there may be some limitations if you utilized a deposit bonus and already made wagers with those bonus funds.

How long will it take to cash out my XFL winnings?

If you stick to the fast payout XFL sportsbooks we’ve recommended, you’ll get your winnings paid out quickly. While the exact speed will depend on your location, the amount you’re withdrawing, and what method you choose, most cashouts will be sent within a few hours up to about a week. Anything outside of this window except for special circumstances is unacceptable.

Can I bet on the XFL in the US?

Yes! All of the XFL betting sites we’ve listed in this guide offer their wagering services to US customers. As a US-based league, we expect most of the betting public to be based in the states.