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Ultimate Olympics Betting Guide – Best Sites, Top Tips, and More

Betting on the Olympic Games but don’t know where to start? If that sounds like you, we suggest you keep reading.

This Olympics betting guide covers everything you need to know about gambling on both the Summer and Winter Games, as well as the Paralympics.

We provide a host of top betting tips for the Olympics, answer tons of FAQ, look at the most successful nations and athletes in the history of the Games, and share the best sites for betting on the Olympics online.

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To help you navigate this guide to betting on the Olympic Games, feel free to use the buttons below.

Olympics Betting Markets

Olympic Logo

There are countless markets to choose from when it comes to betting on the Olympics. Many of them relate to both the Summer and Winter Games – and a lot of them are also relevant to all sports.

In this section, we explore all the main Olympics betting markets.

Olympics Futures and Outrights

As the name suggests, a futures (or outright) bet is a wager that won’t be decided until a future event has been completed.

Rather than gambling on an individual sports game, for instance, a futures bet enables you to wager on an overall event happening further down the line.

Here are some examples of popular futures for those who bet on the Olympic Games.

  • Medal Table Winner (Most Golds) – This market allows you to bet on which nation will finish atop the medal table at the end of the Games. The country with the most gold wins.
  • Most Medals Won – Not only can you bet on which nation scoops the most gold, but you can also gamble on which country will win the most medals overall.

Betting on Olympics Events

You can also bet real money on Olympics events. Whether you fancy gambling on the popular athletics disciplines, or you want to try your hand at betting on a new sport, there is something for everyone.

Here are the main markets for betting on Olympic events.

  • Event Winner – One of the most popular Olympics betting lines, this market enables you to wager on a team or athlete to win gold in an event.
  • To Finish on the Podium – You can also gamble on teams/athletes to finish on the podium. To land this particular bet, the team/athlete you back must win a medal of any color.
  • Individual Matches – If you are betting on an event that involves head-to-head encounters, you can use this market and attempt to predict the outcome of the game.

Olmypic Props Betting

A prop bet (short for proposition bet) is a wager that doesn’t relate to the final score or outcome of an event. Thankfully, there are plenty of exciting Olympics props to take advantage of.

Go for Gold:

Popular Olympics props include backing an athlete to win a certain number of medals, betting on the total number of medals won by a particular nation at the Games, and gambling on race times.

The top Olympics betting sites even offer wild prop bets relating to the opening and closing ceremonies, the Olympic torch, and other non-sporting events.

Before every Olympic Games, we recommend scouring the best betting sites for the Olympics, as they often dish up numerous props – some of which can be very lucrative.

Olympics Live Betting

Live betting is another great way to bet on the Olympics for money. In-play gambling allows you to bet on events while they are taking place, giving you more opportunities to win cash.

Not all Olympic sports are conducive to live betting, however. Events like sprints and diving are pretty much over in the blink of an eye, so sportsbooks don’t offer in-play markets for those disciplines.

The table below contains a few examples of Olympics sports that you can bet on live.

Summer Olympics Winter Olympics
Tennis Biathlon
Basketball Cross-Country Skiing
Volleyball Ice Hockey
Soccer Curling
Table Tennis

Summer Olympics team sports such as basketball, volleyball, soccer, and tennis are great for in-play betting, since games last for well over an hour.

During that time, you can take advantage of markets like next goalscorer, next team to score, and time of next goal.

In the Winter Olympics, bookies offer in-play markets for events like the biathlon, cross-country skiing, ice hockey, and curling. Once again, these sports take place over a sizeable portion of time, enabling you to watch events and place your bets accordingly.

Betting on the Summer Olympics

Summer Olympics LogoEvery four years, the Summer Olympics bring a host of gambling possibilities. With the Games lasting roughly a month, the Summer Olympics betting opportunities are endless.

The Summer Games comprise well over 300 events across more than 30 sports, meaning there are tons of ways to bet on the Summer Olympics for real money.

We cover all the best sports to bet on at the Summer Olympics below.

Top Sports for Summer Olympics Betting

Let’s start by looking at the most popular Summer Olympic sports to bet on.

  • Athletics (Track and Field) – Arguably the most mainstream sport on the Olympic schedule, athletics is always one of the best sports to bet on at the Games. Due to its popularity, the bookies always offer a wide range of athletics betting markets for the Olympics.
  • Basketball – Many of the best basketball players on the planet take part in the Olympics. With a plethora of high-profile stars on show, betting on basketball at the Games is always fun.
  • Swimming – The swimming events are always among the most popular Summer Olympic sports to bet on. With close to 1000 athletes competing across almost 40 events, gambling on Olympic swimming can be hugely profitable.
  • Gymnastics – Just like swimming, gymnastics has tons of Olympic events. As well as betting on individual gymnasts, you can also wager on teams, giving you plenty of options.

Gambling on popular Olympic sports is great, because the bookmakers always offer so many different markets. Alongside the normal gold medal winner market, you can find stacks of exciting futures and props.

The mainstream Olympic sports are easy to research, too. The easier it is to learn about the athletes and teams, the more likely you are to land your Olympics bets.

However, you shouldn’t forget to bet on the Olympic sports that don’t get a lot of coverage. At the end of the day, wagering on obscure sports in the Olympics can be very fruitful.

Here are some obscure Olympic sports to consider betting on.

  • Extreme Sports – Surfing, skateboarding, and sport climbing all fall under this bracket. Given the new nature of events like this, gambling on extreme sports at the Games can prove to be hugely lucrative.
  • Sailing – Although it has been an Olympic sport since 1900, even the most experienced bettors often overlook sailing when it comes to wagering on the Summer Olympics.
  • Archery – A mainstay in the Olympic program since 1972, Archery is another obscure sport to bet on at the Games. Have you ever considered betting on Archery at the Olympics?
  • Weightlifting – With numerous weight categories for both women and men, Olympic weightlifting is a non-mainstream sport that presents bettors with multiple markets.

In terms of betting on obscure Olympic sports, there are plenty of pros and cons to consider.


On the one hand, it can be easier to take advantage of the bookies since less research goes into pricing less popular sports. But on the other hand, it is normally more difficult to get enough useful information for the athletes.

To give yourself the best possible chance of winning money, we strongly suggest betting on both popular and obscure sports in the Summer Olympics.

Betting on the Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics Logo

While there are plenty of similarities between Summer and Winter Olympics betting, there are also some notable differences.

One of the most obvious differences is the number of sports, events, and disciplines that you can bet on at each Games.

At the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, there are 339 events across 33 sports, along with 50 different disciplines. On the flip side, there were only 102 events and 15 disciplines across seven sports at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics.

There are also far fewer nations in contention for medals in the Winter Games. In total, just 46 countries have won a Winter Olympic medal, while 149 nations have won a medal at the Summer Olympics.

Still, there is no shortage of Winter Olympics betting opportunities to enjoy.

Best Sports for Winter Olympics Betting

Some Winter Olympic sports are better than others for betting, as certain sports comprise multiple events and disciplines.

For example, although skiing is classed as one sport, there are six different skiing disciplines with around 50 events. In order to make winning Winter Olympics predictions, you need to learn about the nuances of each event.

This section covers the top Winter Olympic sports to bet on.

  • Ice Hockey – Gambling on ice hockey in the Winter Olympics is always exhilarating. With pre-game, in-play, and futures markets to enjoy, there are lots of different wager options to get your teeth into.
  • Biathlon – There are 11 biathlon events on the Winter Olympics schedule, including induvial and team relay races. Comprising cross-country skiing and rifle shooting, the biathlon invariably dishes up tons of betting opportunities.
  • Ski Jumping – This Winter Olympic event sees skiers fly downhill at breakneck speed and propel themselves off a giant ramp before performing complex mid-air tricks. Who wouldn’t want to bet on that?
  • Bobsledding – With two and four-person events, along with individual skeleton races, bobsledding has always been one of the most popular Winter Olympic sports.

These are just some of the Winter Olympic sports you can bet on. However, everyone has their own preferences. If you want to make the most of your Winter Olympics betting, sticking to the sports you know best is wise.

Betting on the Paralympics

Summer Paralympics LogoWith over 20 Summer Paralympic sports and a handful of sports at the Winter Paralympic Games, the bookies offer several opportunities to bet on the Paralympics for money.

It is worth pointing out that not all sportsbooks enable us to wager on the Paralympics.

But if you shop around at the top-rated betting sites for the Olympics Games, you will find more than enough in the Paralympic betting markets to get you started.

The table below details all the Paralympic sports.

Summer Paralympics Winter Paralympics
Archery Rowing Alpine Skiing
Athletics Shooting Para Ice Hockey
Badminton Swimming Biathlon
Boccia Table Tennis Cross-Country Skiing
Canoeing Taekwondo Wheelchair Curling
Cycling Triathlon Para-Snowboarding
Equestrian Volleyball
5-a-Side Football Wheelchair Basketball
Goalball Wheelchair Fencing
Judo Wheelchair Rugby
Powerlifting Wheelchair Tennis

As you can see, there are lots of Paralympic sports that you wouldn’t find in the Olympics. Boccia and goalball are a couple of examples in the Summer Games, while wheelchair curling is a Winter Games example.

We highly recommend betting on both the Paralympics and Olympics if you’re serious about winning cash.

Choosing Where to Bet on the Olympics

Olympics Logo and Sports Betting Site

We truly believe that using the top sites and apps for betting on the Olympics will give you a huge advantage when it comes to gambling on the Games.

After all, our recommended Olympics betting sites are 100% safe and secure – and they all offer nice bonuses and attractive promotions, too!

Of course, there is nothing stopping you from finding your own site to bet on the Olympics online. There are hundreds of options out there, but it is important that you pick the right one.

We have gone above and beyond to find the very best Olympic betting sites online, taking into consideration safety, security, wager versatility, payments options, and a whole lot more.

So, why not make life easy for yourself and trust our team of experts?

How to Make Money Betting on the Olympics

Now that you know WHERE to bet on the Olympic Games online, you need to know HOW to bet on the Olympics.

Sure, there are specific requirements for gambling on each Olympic event. But there are also a number of general Olympics betting tips that you can apply to every sport in the Games.

In this section, we provide several betting tips for the Olympics. Simply click on any of the sections below to see more info on real money Olympics betting.

Study the History Books and Find Trends

Studying past results and records from previous Games can give you a significant edge when it comes to Olympics betting.

It goes without saying that researching the winner of the 1936 basketball tournament isn’t going to help you predict which team will claim basketball gold at the next Olympics. But if you study recent Games, you will find tons of useful information.

Some nations dominate certain sports and events, while elite athletes win gold medals at consecutive Olympics. Take your Olympic sports betting to the next level by establishing the domination of teams/athletes.

Luckily for you, we have an entire section dedicated to the most successful countries and athletes in Olympic history later on this page.

Research the Olympic Qualifying Events

Another thing you can do before the Games get underway is look at the results from the Olympic qualifying events.

With the exception of host-nation athletes, every Olympian has to make it through qualification to book their spot at the Games. Analyzing the qualifying events can take your online Olympics betting up a notch.

It is no coincidence that athletes who perform well in qualifying often tend to win medals at the main event. If you can recognize these athletes prior to the Olympics kicking off, you will have an advantage.

Consider Home Advantage for Athletes

Even if you are new to sports betting, you probably already know that home-field advantage can have a huge say in the outcome of any sporting event.

When athletes compete on home soil in front of their own supporters, they usually perform better. The combination of familiar surroundings and the backing of a lively home crowd can give sportsmen and women a crucial advantage.

When you’re gambling on the Games, make sure you look out for home athletes.  You can often find excellent value in the bookmakers’ Olympics betting odds.

For example, the Japanese women’s soccer team is priced at 15.00 to win gold at the Tokyo 2020, while the United States (1.80), the Netherlands (7.00), and Great Britain are all expected to challenge for a medal.

But if the home crowd gets behind Japan and gives the players an added edge, they could upset the Olympics odds – making shrewd bettors a sizeable profit!

Take Advantage of the Vast Olympics Betting Options

As we have already discussed, there are countless opportunities when it comes to Olympics betting online. For that reason, we suggest making full use of all the options.

While gambling on the mainstream events is always fun, you shouldn’t limit yourself to the obvious Olympics bets. Instead, take time to study all bookies’ options and find value in the Olympic odds.

If you keep your options open, you will almost certainly find yourself enjoying more success.

Most Successful Countries at the Olympics

Before you bet money on the Olympics, you should familiarize yourself with the most successful nations in the history of the Games.

Yes, countries enjoy varying degrees of success in different sports and events. But the leading nations invariably pick up more medals than other countries every time the Olympics come around.

Most Successful Nations at the Summer Olympics

First up, let’s take a look at the top nations in the history of the Summer Olympics.

Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
United States 1022 795 706 2523
Russia 590 486 480 1556
Germany 428 444 474 1346
Great Britain 263 295 293 851
China 224 167 155 546
France 212 241 263 716
Italy 206 178 193 577
Hungary 175 147 169 491
Australia 147 163 187 497
Sweden 145 170 179 494

The United States is the most successful country in Summer Olympics history by a considerable margin, having won almost twice as many gold medals as the nearest challenger – Russia.

Bronze Goes To:

The USA and Russia aside, Germany is the only other nation to have claimed more than 1000 medals over the years.

With 224 golds, China sits fifth on the all-time leaderboard. However, two countries – France and Italy – have won more overall Olympic medals than China.

Top Countries in Winter Olympics History

It’s time to turn our attention to the Winter Olympics.

Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
Germany 150 145 113 408
Russia 136 108 111 355
Norway 132 125 111 368
United States 105 112 88 305
Canada 73 64 62 199
Austria 64 81 87 232
Sweden 57 46 55 158
Switzerland 55 46 52 153
Netherlands 45 44 41 130
Finland 43 63 61 167

In terms of the Winter Games, Germany is the most successful nation of all time. Still, Russia and Norway are hot on the Germans’ heels.

With the Winter Olympics starting 28 years after the Summer Games, it’s safe to say the overall medal table for the Winter Olympics is far more congested.

The US slips to fourth on the Winter Games leaderboard, while countries such as Italy, France, South Korea and Japan just miss out on the top ten.

Greatest Paralympics Nations of All Time

Here are the most successful countries in the history of the Paralympic Games.

Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
United States 847 778 742 2367
Great Britain 628 597 598 1823
Germany 624 612 571 1807
Canada 444 376 402 1222
China 434 339 250 1023
Australia 380 399 380 1159
France 370 375 365 1110
Netherlands 267 237 221 725
Sweden 261 260 216 737
Norway 242 204 167 613

Not only are the Americans the most decorated nation in Summer Olympics history, but they also find themselves atop the all-time Paralympics medal table.

Great Britain and Germany are the only other countries with 600+ Paralympic medals to their name, leaving Canada and China to complete the top five.

Although Australia and France actually have secured more Paralympic medals than China, the Chinese have claimed far more golds over time.

Most Successful Olympians of All Time

Olympic Athletes

Learning about the most successful Olympians of all time can aid your Olympic betting, too. In this section, we cover the leading medal-winners in both the Summer and Winter Games.

Greatest Male Summer Olympians in History

As you can see, one man is head and shoulders above everyone else here.

Athlete Nation Sport Gold Medals Total Medals
Michael Phelps United States Swimming 23 28
Paavo Nurmi Finland Athletics 9 12
Mark Spitz United States Swimming 9 11
Carl Lewis United States Athletics 9 10
Sawao Kato Japan Gymnastics 8 12
Matt Biondi United States Swimming 8 11
Usain Bolt Jamaica Athletics 8 8
Ray Ewry United States Athletics 8 8
Nikolai Andrianov Soviet Union Gymnastics 7 15
Boris Shakhlin Soviet Union Gymnastics 7 13

With a whopping 23 gold medals under his belt, Michael Phelps is by far the most decorated athlete in the history of the Summer Olympics.


In total, the legendary American swimmer claimed 28 Olympics medals between 2004 and 2016 – dominating in the pool for well over a decade.

When you consider how many medals the US has won over the years, it is hardly surprising that five of the ten most successful male Summer Olympians of all time hail from the States.

Top Female Athletes in Summer Olympics History

Here are the greatest female Olympians in the history of the Summer Games.

Athlete Nation Sport Gold Medals Total Medals
Larisa Latynina Soviet Union Gymnastics 9 18
Birgit Fischer Germany Canoeing 8 12
Jenny Thompson United States Swimming 8 12
Vera Caslavska Czechoslovakia Gymnastics 7 11
Isabell Werth Germany Equestrian 6 10
Allyson Felix United States Athletics 6 9
Valentina Vezzali Italy Fencing 6 9
Kristin Otto East Germany Swimming 6 6
Amy Van Dyken United States Swimming 6 6
Agnes Keleti Hungary Gymnastics 5 10

Sitting second on the all-time Olympic medal leaderboard, Larisa Latynina is the only female athlete with nine golds to her name.

Five other female Olympians have clinched 10+ medals, although no woman comes close to Latynina. The Ukrainian-born Gymnast won nine golds, five silvers, and four bronzes between 1956 and 1964.

Most Successful Male Winter Olympians Ever

Let’s check out the leading male athletes in Winter Olympics history.

Athlete Nation Sport Gold Medals Total Medals
Ole Einar Bjorndalen Norway Biathlon 8 13
Bjorn Daehlie Norway Cross-Country Skiing 8 12
Ahn Hyun-Soo South Korea Speed Skating 6 8
Martin Fourcade France Biathlon 5 7
Clas Thungberg Finland Speed Skating 5 7
Thomas Alsgaard Norway Cross-Country Skiing 5 6
Eric Heiden United States Speed Skating 5 5
Sixten Jernberg Sweden Cross-Country Skiing 4 9
Ricco Gross Germany Biathlon 4 8
Emil Hegle Svendsen Norway Biathlon 4 8

Male Norwegian athletes have dominated the Winter Olympics through the years. Ole Einar Bjorndalen and Bjorn Daehlie have both won eight golds and four silvers, while Bjorndalen has also sealed a bronze.

Sweden’s Sixten Jernberg has the third-most medals of any male Winter Olympian, yet only four of them are gold (three silver, two bronze).

Greatest Female Winter Olympians of All Time

Once again, a Norwegian athlete sits at the top of this leaderboard.

Athlete Nation Sport Gold Medals Total Medals
Marit Bjorgen Norway Cross-Country Skiing 8 15
Lyubov Yegorova Russia Cross-Country Skiing 6 9
Lidia Skoblikova Soviet Union Speed Skating 6 6
Ireen Wust Netherlands Speed Skating 5 11
Claudia Pechstein Germany Speed Skating 5 9
Larisa Lazutina Russia Cross-Country Skiing 5 7
Bonnie Blair United States Speed Skating 5 6
Raisa Smetanina Soviet Union Cross-Country Skiing 4 10
Galina Kulakova Soviet Union Cross-Country Skiing 4 8
Janica Kostelic Croatia Alpine Skiing 4 6

With 15 medals – eight of which are gold – in her silverware cabinet, Marit Bjorgen is the most successful female Winter Olympian in history.

Interestingly, the top ten comprises five cross-country skiers and four speed skaters, along with one alpine skier.

Olympics Betting FAQ

Let’s wrap up this Olympics betting guide with some frequently asked questions.

Can You Bet on the Olympics?

Yes! And this Olympics betting guide gives you all the information you need for gambling on the Games.

Is Olympics Betting Legal in My Country?

While betting on the Olympics is legal in many countries, there are certain regions and areas where it is forbidden. Check your local laws before you get started.

What Are the Best Olympics Betting Sites?

We have a list of legit sites for betting on the Olympic Games on this page. Make sure you check them out!

Are There Apps for Betting on the Olympic Games?

For those of you who enjoy gambling on the go, all our trusted Olympics betting sites have great apps for betting on the Olympics.

What Are the Benefits of Betting on the Olympics Online?

Wager versatility, competitive odds, promotions and bonuses, and safety are just some of the reasons why we recommend online Olympics betting.

Where Can I Find the Best Olympics Betting Tips?

There are hundreds of helpful websites that offer betting tips for the Olympic Games. Make the most of the internet and find useful information to aid your Olympics gambling.

What Are the Best Olympics Betting Markets?

We suggest taking advantage of all the Olympic betting markets, including event winner and podium finish, as well as all the Olympics props on offer.

How Long Have People Been Betting on the Olympics?

Although people have been betting on the Olympics in one way or another since the late 1800s, online Olympics betting is now the most popular option.

Who Is the Most Successful Olympian of All Time?

With 28 medals to his name (23 gold, three silver, two bronze), American swimmer Michael Phelps is the most successful Olympian in history.

Which Nation Has Won the Most Olympic Medals?

The United States has won 2828 medals across the Summer and Winter Olympics (1127 gold, 907 silver, 794 bronze).