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Best Overwatch Betting Sites

Overwatch has made itself into one of the top esport names in the industry within a span of only a year. Because of this, they can be one of the most profitable games to get into. Unlike most first-person shooters, Overwatch brings a fresh face to the genre.

We highly recommend that you keep your eyes on this team-based first-person shooter. With its unique playstyle, it’s accumulated an extremely large fanbase that will be able to rival the likes of League of Legends and CS:GO within the next few years.

If you can get into the Overwatch industry before it blows up, you might just be one of the top names in the betting world. We highly recommend that you keep your eyes on this game. Below are some of the sites on which you can bet on Overwatch.

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Tips for Betting on Overwatch

Before you dive into the world of Overwatch, you need to know the basics and know who to bet on. Overwatch is a unique sport, diverging away from the likes of CS:GO and Call of Duty. It adds its own aspect to the esports world, which is why we recommend you read this section before you get started.

Knowing the Game

The Overwatch competitive scene is called OWL, standing for the Overwatch League. Unlike Call of Duty or CS:GO, esports teams Cloud9 and OpTic Gaming don’t directly have names in the Overwatch League. Instead, cities from across the world build teams together as they do in the NBA or in the NFL.

Currently, there are twelve teams competing on the scene. A list of the teams will be provided below. The schedule is organized into a preseason and then four weeks of play. After four weeks of high-intensity matches, the best teams from each group battle it out for a shot at the World Championship.

Knowing the Regions

As of now, there are two regions in Overwatch. One is the Atlantic Division, and the other is the Pacific Region. Both contain six large-scale franchises from across the world. While most teams reside in North America, there are a few teams that come from overseas.

Betting Tips

Overwatch works in several ways. It has three main game modes that can come into play during the competitive scene. There is Escort, Assault, and Control. All three require different compositions, playstyles, and strategies.

The skill of a certain player on a team is not the biggest factor in the betting scene. In fact, it’s the way they play and the certain characters that they choose that can determine the outcome of the game. Knowing what to look for can be extremely crucial for your success in the Overwatch betting world.

Escort Game Mode

In Escort, one team is tasked with escorting cargo to a certain destination, while the opposing team is tasked with defending it. If the team tasked with escorting the cargo is not close by, then the cargo will never move, making this a fast-paced all-in sort of gameplay.

Defending Side:

When you see this game mode, you’ll want to be looking for certain characters on each side. For the opposing side, keep your eye on long-range snipers like Black Widow and Hanzo, both of whom can deal deadly damage to the transporting team.

Not only that, but strong defenders who can disrupt the transporting team, like Reinhardt, are excellent picks. If the opposing team has these types of characters on their side, then there’s a very strong chance that you’ll be the victor.

On the transporting side, characters that can dive into the fight uncontested will be the key to victory. Characters like Genji can either make or break a crucial fight due to their ability to take down long-range snipers.

Attacking Side:

However, for the transporting side, you’ll want someone who can defend the cargo. They’ll be key to making sure the package keeps moving and that the transporting team can reach their destination. Characters like Bastion and Soldier: 76 are crucial to roles like this.

Both the transporting and defending sides have their advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, one certain pick can determine the flow of the game. If you know what to look for and what characters excel at what role, then you’ll have an advantage over the other bettors.

Assault Game Mode

Assault Game Mode has aspects of the Escort Game Mode. However, the Assault Game Mode also has a whole different slant to it that makes the game unique. The Assault Game Mode is different in the fact that it tests a team’s ability to attack and defend beyond the scale of what you see in the Escort Game Mode.

Long-range snipers and deep divers excel in this game mode

What makes the Assault Game Mode so unique is the necessity of the defending side’s ability to recuperate from a loss and the attacking side’s ability to give a meaningful first strike that will determine the tone of the game.

The Assault Game Mode works around the fact that the teams must take or defend two objective points, one at a time. The defending side must be able to defend their point for a certain amount of time, while the attacking side must be able to take two points before time runs out.

The attacking side has to be able to give a strong first strike. They must know how to keep an all-out offense, while at the same time maintaining strategic position throughout the game.

On the other hand, for the defending side, they need to be able to maintain a consistent defense that keeps the point safe. If they lose the first point, they have to be able to recuperate fast enough so that they can defend the second point before the attacking side can get to it.

This unique aspect, which isn’t seen in popular first-person shooters like CS:GO or Call of Duty, tests a team’s ability to function even when put in awkward positions. If there is one type of game mode that is the most important, we would say without a doubt that it’s this one.

For this game mode, you’ll want to be looking for a strong first attack from the attacking side, as well as their ability to follow up if they successfully take the first point. For the defending side, you’ll want to be looking for their ability to keep functioning as one team even if the odds are stacked against them.


This is possibly the most awkward game mode out of the three. It requires a team to be able to operate even when put in uncomfortable positions. Only the best teams will be able to succeed when it comes to playing the Assault Game Mode. If you know what to look for, then you’ll be able to succeed as a bettor every time over.

Control Game Mode

What makes the Control Game Mode different from Assault and Escort is the fact that it’s an all-out attack for one point on the map. It combines free-for-all gameplay with aspects of Assault Mode, making it one of the most intense types of gameplay any player will ever see.

The Control Game Mode requires both teams to fight over one point. When one team gains control of that point, then that specific team will gain percentage. The longer they stay, the more percentage they fill. Once one team reaches one hundred percent, that team wins.

For this game mode, watch for attacking champions that can get on the point and cause mayhem. Names like Reinhardt, Soldier: 76, and Genji are perfect for this role. However, sometimes if things get too intense, Junkrat is the perfect character to tranquilize the game.

Control requires a special type of attacking mentality which requires the team to not only work as one to defend the point but also to have an early-game presence. The team that has a more aggressive start usually ends the game as the victor.

In Control, you’ll want to be looking for players who take control of the game from the start. From then on, their ability to control the point will be crucial as well. The team which excels at both will be your victor.


Control may be one of the most hectic game modes out there, but when knowing which aspects of the game to look for, the amount of money you could win could be limitless. Out of the three game modes, we think this is the most profitable — yet risky — one. However, if you know what you’re doing, the possibilities are limitless.

Additional Information

There are many more aspects to the game than just how each game mode has a different playstyle. Yes, the skill of a player certainly does come into factor. However, that’s not the only thing that comes into play.


Certain franchises in the game have made themselves to be reputable names throughout the industry of esports. Though they do not directly have a team competing on the Overwatch scene, franchises like OpTic Gaming and Misfits own teams competing in the OWL.

The San Francisco Shock is owned and operated by NRG eSports, while London Spitfire is owned by Cloud9. Knowing your industries can give you an edge in the competitive play when it comes down to it.

Cloud9, Team EnVy, and OpTic Gaming have been reputable names throughout the industry of esports. Why is this important? The franchises who have the experience tend to do better than those who are new to the game.

OpTic Gaming is a master of the first-person shooter industry, while Cloud9 and Team EnVy have teams across every platform of esports. These teams tend to have better results than amateur organizations do.


In any video game, the map is an important part of the success of the team as a whole. Having a better understanding of the whole layout of the map, as well as where you need to go in order to get something done, gives you an advantage over those who don’t.

In Overwatch, teams need to be able to utilize their unique team compositions throughout the game. With Overwatch having over a dozen different maps, the teams that can take advantage of the map will have a better chance of winning.

When betting, watch for how the team works together. If they have a history of being a strong utilizer of the map’s contents and advantages, keep your eye on them. Their use of the map could be what can help you win the jackpot.

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There you have it. This is our guide to betting on Overwatch. The trick to betting on Overwatch is not the players they have, but the history the team has as a whole. Individual talent does come into play at certain times, but understanding the game itself can give a whole new advantage to the gameplay.

Our guide gives you a comprehensive review into how you can get the advantage. This is through understanding how each game mode works and how a franchise can give you an advantage to a team’s performance.

Overwatch is on the rise to compete with the likes of CS:GO and League of Legends. It already has big-name NFL franchises like the Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots investing teams into the competitive scene.

With this being said, Overwatch has a lot of potential. If you know what to do when it comes to betting on Overwatch, you’ll be able to make a lot of money, and that’s not an exaggeration. Keep your eye on Overwatch. It’s one of the top esport picks for us, and if you make it one of your top picks as well, success could be coming your way