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Esports has seen a recent explosion in betting action – no big surprise for a global industry that is now generating more revenue than some well-established traditional sports.

Betting sites go to where the traffic (and money) is, and there is more global traffic on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) collectively than there is on traditional desktop and laptop computers.

While mobile esports betting sites have been available for several years now, they started out in something of a deplorable state. The industry’s big players have really started to get things together at this point, however, offering robust mobile apps that replicate nearly all the features of their main sites.

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What We Look for in Mobile Esports Betting Sites

Mobile esports betting sites come in three basic forms:

  • A discrete mobile app (usually for Android or iOS)
  • A standard website that is fully responsive (recognizes mobile devices and automatically adapts to them)
  • A site that runs entirely on a scripting language through a browser (like HTML5 or Java)

You’ll usually see esports betting as a segment of a general sports betting site or app. There are a few sites that focus entirely on esports, however. These include:

  • Unikrn
  • GG.Bet
  • VitalBet
  • ArcaneBet

Now, the above represent the traditional sportsbook model as applied to esports. They offer the same sort of action your standard casino sportsbook will, just limited only to esports contests.

There are also fantasy esports sites and leagues. These parallel real money fantasy sites for traditional sports, such as DraftKings and FanDuel. The two worlds of fantasy esports and sportsbook/live esports betting are usually kept separate in terms of mobile betting sites.

This page focuses on the sportsbook model of real money esports betting. Most of the mobile sites you’ll be dealing with in this realm take action on a wide variety of traditional sports in addition to esports. Many bettors like this, as they don’t limit their betting to just esports, and it’s convenient to keep tabs on all the different types of games from your phone or tablet.

So what exactly makes for a “good” mobile esports betting site of this nature?

Range of Action

The action that a mobile esports betting site offers is the cornerstone that everything else is built on. First and foremost, they should offer regular wagers on a good amount of games. We also like to see each match have a nice selection of side over/unders and prop bets.


Great and convenient built-in features are always a big plus. Things like organized data on your wagering history (for pick tracking and bankroll management), trends in odds over time, live results, and live streams of games all really help to move a betting site up the list.


Mobile betting sites that incorporate bonus offers that are useful to esports bettors are always welcome. We look for sites that not only offer bonuses (such as matching funds when you sign up and ongoing loyalty gifts) but those whose rules are structured in such a way that esports wagering qualifies you for them.

Odds and Limits

This one is pretty simple: we like to see high limits and favorable odds. Given that bookmakers still haven’t universally gotten a handle on this whole esports thing yet, some sites consistently have better odds than others.


Does the site pay out in a timely manner? Do they have a track record of disputes with customers that don’t look good, like spurious bannings or false claims of glitch exploitation after a big win? We always check out a site’s history and get feedback from real players as part of our review process.

Mobile Live Betting on Esports

Live betting is a topic that deserves its own section because it’s so intertwined with the use of mobile devices. It’s fair to say that live betting would not be doing nearly as well had mobile internet access not exploded in the way it has over the past decade or so.

Live or “in-play” bets are action that is offered as the games unfold. So, for example, let’s say you are watching a League of Legends “best of 5” match. At the conclusion of the first game, a live betting site will update with new odds and new wagers for the upcoming games. This ranges from the outright winners to the various ongoing prop bets. Betting sites often make this possible by having the players buy into “positions” and compete against each other directly rather than the house moving their own lines during the match.

Naturally, people aren’t always sitting at their computers when matches are going on. That’s why a good mobile app is critical to a live betting site. You’ll want to be able to respond quickly from your phone as new opportunities present themselves. You also don’t have to make plans to be at the computer every time a match you’re interested in placing live bets on kicks off!

Other Advantages of Mobile Esports Betting

We’ve talked about the convenience of being able to bet from anywhere (and at any time) with your phone and the importance of mobile betting for those who want to keep up with in-play wagering opportunities. But what other advantages are there to using mobile esports betting sites?

Speed and Convenience

First, there’s the simple fact that online is the place to be for esports wagering action. Traditional brick-and-mortar sportsbooks have been very slow to adopt esports betting. You see it here and there once in a while, mostly just for very large events. It’s extremely rare for an in-person betting venue to have regular coverage of matches, tournaments, and leagues.


You also enjoy the ultimate in discretion and privacy. All of your wagering can be kept to your own personal device. You don’t have to keep track of sportsbook tickets or be seen cashing out large sums of money.

With mobile esports betting apps for your own personal phone, you also don’t have to worry about the headaches that inevitably come with shared computers.

Simplified Process

Betting options and the process of placing your wager are also greatly simplified when using an app. If you’re new to betting, it can be intimidating walking up to a sportsbook desk not knowing how everything works. Mobile betting apps are designed to be intuitive and to guide you through every step, with help screens available for anything you don’t understand.

Third-Party Apps

You can also make use of various third-party apps while you’re placing your bets online. If the sportsbook doesn’t offer all of the esports tracking and analysis features you’d like, there is another app that you can install to do anything you need. It’s easy to tab or swipe between these different apps while looking over your wagering options, putting unprecedented power at your fingertips no matter where you are.

More Banking Options

And we haven’t even gotten around to payment methods yet! Gambling on mobile with real money opens up deposit and withdrawal possibilities that just aren’t available at most land-based sportsbooks. For example, there are almost no land-based casinos out there that will let you gamble with a credit card, let alone withdraw your winnings to one. Same goes for debit and prepaid cards. And very few are embracing the major cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin and Ethereum) in the way that many mobile esports betting sites have.

Variety of Betting Options

Finally, if you’re an advanced esports bettor who engages in strategies like arbitrage betting, mobile betting sites are going to be absolutely essential to you.

It used to be that professional sports bettors had to form syndicates of people to constantly monitor the casino sportsbooks in person. With the wonders of modern technology, you can flip through dozens – maybe even hundreds – of betting sites from the comfort of your own phone. Anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Esports Betting Tips

The biggest tip we can give is to know how bonuses work, especially as they relate to esports bettors.

For example, the “welcome bonus” is ubiquitous for new customers at all sorts of sports betting sites. These can take a few different forms. One involves having you deposit a certain minimum, and then getting a “free bet” in that same amount. Another is matching a certain percentage of your first deposit with free wagers.

These all sound great at first, and some of them really can give you an edge while they are active and make you some good money. However, the first place you should immediately head is the “terms and conditions” page for each of these bonuses.

First of all, make sure that esports can actually be wagered on with the bonus amount. Also, see if they have a “wagering requirement.” A wagering requirement means that if you win money, you’ll be expected to put that same amount back into play a certain amount of times before you’re allowed to actually withdraw it as cash.

Goin’ Mobile

Esports bettors have a lot to gain by getting acquainted with mobile betting sites. You can quickly pounce on the best odds, enjoy unique bonus offers, and keep track of all your wagering action all from the convenience of your phone or tablet!