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Best High-Stakes Esports Betting Sites

Esports High Stakes

Which betting sites are the best for esports enthusiasts who have a taste for high stakes? We’ve compiled a helpful list below.

You don’t need to put your money and identity documents at risk experimenting with unfamiliar sites or waste time with sites that don’t show appropriate respect to their VIPs. Just check out any of the sites below to start enjoying some of the best high-stakes esports action available online.

Rank VA Gambling Site Sign Up Bonus Get Started
#1 100% up to $2,500 Visit Site
#2 50% up to $1,000 Visit Site
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#4 50% bonus up to $250 Visit Site
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Why These Are the Best Sites for High-Stakes Betting on Esports

The esports betting sites that we consider to be the best for high-stakes bettors are built on a foundation of reliable payouts, proper government oversight, and top-shelf security. Taking care of your money and honoring terms is concern number one with any site dealing in this kind of money. We also like to see favorable terms for high rollers, such as low fees and promotions that are specific to esports bettors who provide the site with regular high-level action.

Our Criteria for High-Stakes Esports Betting Sites

Here’s a little more detail on each of the individual criteria we use to evaluate these sites.

Security, Reliability, and Oversight

The willpower of even the most reputable betting site can be tested when high rollers start regularly withdrawing tens of thousands of dollars at a time. The temptation is strong to find excuses to delay payouts or make people jump through extra hoops in the hopes of holding onto that sweet cash a little longer. That’s why we see what VIPs have to say about each site and their history of processing withdrawals. High-stakes esports betting sites often advertise faster withdrawals for high rollers, and when they do, we expect them to honor those terms and treat their VIPs right.

Good security is important to all players, but it’s especially vital for high-stakes bettors. Simply sending the betting site their personal identification materials for account verification already puts them at some level of risk, since they are prime targets for identity theft. The betting sites we recommend need to handle document and financial transaction security the right way from start to finish. That means a secure encrypted upload process for any documents they need and for all financial transactions, as well as storage of documents and player records on a properly secured server.

The backbone of all of this is government oversight. Regulation by a state or federal gambling board provides the enforcement tools needed to ensure that betting sites stay on the straight and narrow. The safest sites are those that have strong regulatory oversight.

High Roller/VIP Treatment

High-stakes bettors should expect suitable perks for their play. We like to see sites base tier and VIP status on amounts deposited and wagered, rather than simply on the amount that you lose.

VIPs should get generous amounts of the standard rewards: things like free bets, cash back, and even actual tangible gifts. But we also like to see creative perks – for example, allowing you to manually adjust the odds a small amount on certain wagers.

Low Fees

No one likes fees, but they’re an especially thorny issue for high-stakes bettors. Betting sites with a bad fee structure can quickly carve thousands of dollars out of a high roller’s bankroll. We prefer sites that have fair flat fees instead of bet percentages, or those that cap percentages at a reasonable amount. Of course, the ideal situation is that they have no fees at all!

Promotions for High-Stakes Esports Bettors

We also give preference to sites that offer promotions that are specifically useful to high-stakes esports bettors. These can be hard to find. Many promotions are targeted at gamblers on more limited budgets and have caps that are so tight that they become trivial to a high roller. What do you care about a $200 deposit bonus if you’re betting $10,000 every time you step up to the plate? Or ten 25-cent free spins at some goofy slot machine?

What Are “High Stakes,” Anyway?

There is no scientific, dictionary, or “according to Hoyle” definition of what makes for high stakes. It’s a very relative term. For some people, placing hundreds of dollars in bets per day would be “high stakes” relative to their usual bankroll, but the professional esports bettors who do it probably don’t think of it that way.

One way of looking at it is through the common betting limits found on esports betting sites. Most of them cap each individual bet at around $2,000, and some go even lower and don’t let you bet more than $1,000 at a time. So high-stakes play could be seen as anything going above those limits. You’d have to either shop around at different sportsbooks for a while to find higher limits than that or get recognized as a VIP and see if the betting site will raise the limits for you.

Another way to look at it is the level of esports betting action needed to reach VIP status. It’s tougher for sports bettors in general to be treated as VIPs than it is for the average slots or keno player because they don’t tend to lose as much money over time. The tough part here is that VIP requirements are usually not made public by betting sites. They either ask you to fill out an application once you’ve started playing with them or will simply extend an invitation out of the blue.

A basic rule of thumb is to expect to deposit at least $10,000 and to keep the account funded with roughly that much most of the time, and to put thousands of dollars into play regularly (though not necessarily putting a thousand dollars on each match – think more like thousands wagered per day or per week at minimum). Exact requirements will vary from site to site, but that should be enough to get any esports betting site to take notice and to get the VIP perks flowing.

Tips for High-Stakes Betting on Esports

If you are new to betting on esports, your big advantage as a high roller isn’t the ability to place huge bets and win lots of money in return. It isn’t even the extra special treatment you get from betting sites (though that is a nice perk). Your big advantage is your ability to dictate terms to the betting site, something that players with smaller bankrolls never get to do.

The betting site may create all sorts of unusually favorable conditions for you just to keep your business – for example, adjusting the odds just for you and other select VIP bettors. That gives you a powerful advantage over every other bettor out there.

Your other big advantage is having the bankroll to absorb variance. In other words, you’ll inevitably lose some bets, but if you play a sound strategy, you should stay winning over the long run. There are many bettors out there who know how to do this but who do not have the bankroll to absorb those really unlucky runs where they just keep losing for days or even weeks at a time.

Of course, you should always bet in the way that is the most enjoyable to you. If that means laying out a cool $50,000 on the outright winner of The International, then hey, more power to you. But if you want to be a long-term consistent winner and keep getting that VIP treatment from the betting sites without losing your shirt, it’s important to leverage these two huge advantages that are only available to the big players.

Benefits of High-Stakes Betting

As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest benefits of finding the best high-stakes esports betting sites is the ability to get more favorable odds than anyone else. This might be something the betting site offers to you, or you might be given a limited ability to tweak the odds to your favor in a given match.

You can also expect the free gifts to be showered upon you. You’ll no doubt get free bets, and if the betting site is tied to a casino, they will probably give you all sorts of casino game perks to try to entice you into playing more money. Sometimes these can actually be quite useful if you know what you’re doing with them!

Gifts aren’t limited to just virtual funds, however. High-stakes esports betting sites will often mail their VIPs all sorts of fun goodies, and sometimes they even pay for you to take trips to vacation destinations. It all depends on how much money they think you’re worth to them.

If you bet with a casino brand that has an online sportsbook, you might also plug into their land-based VIP system and get rewards for use at their physical locations. That includes things like free hotel stays, free food and drinks on the property, free show tickets, and access to private lounge areas.

Pitfalls for High-Stakes Esports Bettors

If you just bet for fun and take the wins and the losses as they come, you don’t much have to worry about this. But if you’re a high-stakes bettor who takes esports betting seriously and plans to win more than they lose, you have to be familiar with some of the unspoken lines that betting sites don’t want you to cross.

As a high-stakes bettor who does pretty well over a long period of time, you’ll be under the microscope like no other player on the site. Betting sites very much want the business of VIPs, but not if they’re giving them a bunch of perks and benefits to be a consistent money winner.

Of course, being good at what you do isn’t your fault; the betting sites just won’t like it if it goes on for too long. That’s why it’s good to spread the action around to a number of the different top sites if you’re an experienced esports bettor with a big bankroll. That way, no one betting site thinks you’re taking them for a ride. You can also concentrate your action on live player-vs-player betting markets, where the casino makes their profit no matter how often or how much you win from the other players.

Finally, if you choose to engage in advanced “sharp” strategies like arbing (betting both sides of a match at different sites in such a way that you’re guaranteed a profit), be careful about where each side of the bet is placed and how much information these sites potentially might be sharing. Also keep in mind that your site betting patterns over time might be grounds for an account ban.

The Best Sites with High-Stakes Betting on Esports

High-stakes esports bettors should be treated very well by betting sites, from security of their funds and personal information to the perks and odds that they enjoy. The list we’ve compiled here will get you fixed up quickly with the best options in the market.