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Fast Payout Esports Betting Sites

Fast Payout Esports

Nothing puts a damper on that big tournament win like having the payout process drag out for days (or weeks). That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best fast-payout esports betting sites available online.

If you’re concerned about getting your winnings in a timely manner, these are the sites to seek out. They offer a variety of withdrawal methods and have an excellent track record of processing payments quickly.

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Why Are These the Best Sites for Fast Payouts?

The sites we recommend have good payment policies and a great track record of living up to them. Some also offer special enhanced payment methods to VIP players that allow them to speed up their withdrawals, sometimes making money available to them instantly! The only thing better than hitting that string of Dota 2 or Rocket League parlay picks is seeing the money hit your bank account the very same day.

We look for sites that understand esports and what bettors are looking for. Sites that offer multiple withdrawal methods and that have a reputation for fast payments through any and all of them. Each method should also be conducted with proper security measures in place, and customer service should be available around the clock in case any issues pop up.

Withdrawal Methods at Esports Betting Sites

Aside from offering a much wider range of action, one of the biggest benefits of esports betting on the internet is the flexibility in payment methods. While land-based sportsbooks are pretty much a cash-only business, online esports betting sites let you fund your account with just about everything other than cash!

You can break down the payment methods into the following major groups.

Credit Cards

God bless internet gaming. While a standard sportsbook would never dream of taking your credit card for an esports bet, it’s a cornerstone payment method at any fast-payout esports betting site.

The two biggest names in the industry, Visa and Mastercard (or Maestro Card, depending on where you hail from), are accepted just about anywhere in the world you’d like to play. If you’re playing in the United Kingdom or Europe, you’ll also find quite a few betting sites that accept the Diner’s Club International card.

The best news is that you can also usually withdraw funds as a credit back to your Visa card. Withdrawals are more spotty with Mastercard, however. It used to be more common, but it seems the company has started to frown upon allowing sportsbook withdrawals (though they still allow deposits in most territories where gambling is legal).

E-wallet Services

E-wallets are the various convenient online payment services like PayPal. PayPal is indeed available as a sportsbook withdrawal method in many areas. Two other big names are Skrill and Neteller, which have been big in Europe for some time now and are starting to gain footing in the United States thanks to legalized esports betting in New Jersey and other states.

Those three are the big kahunas in online betting right now, the ones you can expect most betting sites to support. Other big names have been slower to embrace online esports betting, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see them fall in line as more and more states in America allow some form of legalized sports betting.

Direct Bank Transfers

If you would prefer to receive and send money directly from your bank account, that’s an option at many fast-paying esports betting sites, too.

Just about any betting site will support direct wire transfers at a minimum. These can be a bit of a problem for withdrawals, however. They take the longest amount of time of any method, and they often have the heftiest fees attached to them. VIP players can sometimes get breaks on the transfer times and fees from the betting site, but for the most part, a standard wire transfer isn’t the best choice for most esports bettors.

There are some other options that make bank transfers faster and more inexpensive, however. If you are in a territory with legal gambling, your bank might allow you to connect with the betting site for transfers using your online bill pay feature. In territories such as the United Kingdom, some third-party direct money transfer services like DIRECTebanking and Citadel Instant Banking have popped up to speed up and secure the process (at the cost of a transaction fee).

Prepaid Card

An industry of prepaid cards that guarantee approval for esports betting site deposits and withdrawals has sprung up in response to the occasional issues with more traditional banking methods.

Some of the big names in this sector are Paysafecard and Wyrz, and some betting sites and casinos even offer their own unique branded prepaid card. You usually don’t need the physical card in your possession to use these; you can sign up online and immediately begin depositing funds and using the number for payments and withdrawals.

Before jumping into any prepaid card, however, be sure to check the terms and conditions for that card type at each fast-payout esports betting site you plan to play at. Some sites allow deposits by prepaid card, but not withdrawals to certain kinds.


Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can be one of the fastest withdrawal methods of all. The only issue is volatility; holding them is kind of a gamble in itself. By the time you’re ready to withdraw your funds, they could be worth significantly more or less than they were just a few hours ago!


It is sometimes possible to withdraw your online esports winnings in cash. If you’re playing at an online casino or betting site that is tied to a physical location, you may be able to withdraw at the cashier’s cage at that location. For example, this option is very common among the online casinos based in Atlantic City.

Why Do Some Withdrawal Methods Take Longer?

There are two main factors in how fast a withdrawal request goes through: the betting site’s internal approval process and the banking method that the money is passing through.

The site’s approval process usually takes no more than 24 hours. This is just an internal review to make sure everything about the transaction is on the up-and-up. It also gives players a period in which to change their minds if they decide they would rather continue playing the funds instead.

The funds are then released to the banking method used, and this is where the transaction times can start varying greatly. A lot of it depends on how friendly that payment method is to online gambling. That’s why e-wallet services like Skrill tend to be very quick, while a transaction with a major credit card will take a while longer.

The betting site can help out VIPs by cutting down the internal processing time, but there’s not much they can do about the delays that the banks put on transferring the funds once they are released.

Common Problems with Withdrawals (And How to Avoid Them)

Hang around betting sites long enough, and you’ll hear some recurring complaints about payouts. Just about all of these situations can be avoided with a combination of simple caution and a little planning ahead, however.

Account Verification

The #1 thing that esports bettors (particularly new ones) get hung up on is rushing into the action too quickly without verifying their accounts first.

When you set up a new account at an esports betting site, you can sometimes deposit and begin wagering right away. However, you won’t be able to withdraw funds until your identity has been verified. At a minimum, you can expect to have to send over a scan of your government-issued photo ID and something like a utility bill or bank statement to prove your place of residence.

It can take up to a few days for these to go through the review process and be accepted. If you’re able to play in the meantime, you’ll have to wait until everything is settled to make a withdrawal.

Currency Exchange

Depending on where the esports betting site is located, they may need to exchange your currency to cash you out. There is sometimes a fee for this, and it usually adds at least a little time to the withdrawal process.

Bad Faith Dealing

At this site, we do our very best to recommend fast-payout esports betting sites that are fair to players and above board. Your journeys may take you to some other sites that are not such fair dealers, however.

If you suspect a betting site of dealing in bad faith, such as making up excuses or not responding when you try to withdraw a large win, you have methods of recourse. Any legitimate betting site should be regulated by either the national government or the territory they are based in. These regulatory agencies are the first place to go if you have a complaint.

A Word on Withdrawing Bonus Funds

Quite a few sites are now offering bonuses to esports bettors.

For Example

You might get some free bets when you create a new account, and you might see some more pop up in your inbox here and there as you become a regular player at the site.

An important thing to understand is that these bonuses are sometimes subject to “wagering requirements.” That means that you have to play through the bonus amount (or winnings from it) a certain amount of times before you can withdraw any actual cash.

Sometimes this can mess with regular withdrawals. It all depends on how the esports betting site handles bonus funds. If they intermingle your bonus funds with your main cash deposits, you could wind up in a situation where you can’t make withdrawals at all until you meet the bonus wagering requirements.

Long story short, always check the terms and conditions of any bonus before you accept it to make sure it fits into your ongoing betting plan.

How Can You Speed Up Payouts?

If the esports betting sites have a loyalty program with a tier system, moving up in the tiers can sometimes bring faster withdrawals as a perk. And if the site has a VIP program, acceptance to that almost certainly will open up faster withdrawals to you.

How Manual Flushing and Reverse Withdrawals Affect Payouts

“Manual flushing” is a service that some betting sites offer. A manual flush basically freezes the withdrawal amount so that it can’t be returned to the betting site account in any way. It won’t make withdrawals faster or slower, but it’s good for players who have a problem with continuing to play funds they’ve already withdrawn while waiting for the process to finish. With the fast-payout esports betting sites we’ve listed here, you won’t have to worry about these withdrawals taking too long.

“Reverse withdrawal” is basically the opposite. If you’ve made a withdrawal, you can initiate a reverse withdrawal to get access to those funds for more betting. Most sites will allow you to play just part of these funds and then withdraw whatever is left, but be aware that this could add some time to the withdrawal procedure.

Getting a Fast Payout from Your Esports Betting Site

Finding a site that pays out quickly and reliably takes some due diligence; fortunately, we’ve done the work for you with our convenient list. Check these sites out for the fastest esports payouts in the industry.