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Beginner’s Guide to Esports

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Congratulations on completing the first step on your road to becoming a successful esports bettor. If you decided to visit this page, it means that you are already setting yourself on the right path. Now, we would like to briefly introduce you to the contents of this article.

We’ll start this section by explaining what esports actually are. The term itself is pretty fresh, so it’s good to know exactly what it means. Afterward, we’ll list and describe all of the most popular esports types. This will help you understand the variety of the market you’ll be dealing with if you decide to bet on esports.

Moreover, we’ll also point out the difference between standard video games and esports ones because not every game has what it takes to enter the competitive scene. Maybe after reading this section, you’ll want to become an esports player yourself? We’ve also added a few words on that subject.

To make this guide a complete introduction, we’ve finished it with some tips about why you should bet on esports and why it can be profitable. Of course, this guide won’t make you an instant expert on esports and esports betting, but it’ll give you a set of tools that’ll help you on the road to success.

What Are Esports?

There’s no simple answer to this question. People are still arguing about the definition of esports and the categorization of this term. Here, we do our best to explain the meaning of the esports term and what types of it are most popular.

Definition of Esports

It is difficult to explain esports in a few words. As you may already suspect, esports stands for Electronic Sports. If we were to attempt to create a simple definition of this term, we would say that it is every competition in a multiplayer game in which at least two players participate at the same time. Simple? We think so.

Basically, one can say that esports are simply video games played on a professional level. But not only that – this is a whole thriving industry with billions of dollars involved. Playing games is just one part of it.


There’s also betting, streaming, merchandise, esports-related services, and more. It’s pretty much like with regular sports.

Keeping up with all of those different aspects might be impossible, but it’s always good to be well informed because everything can affect your current and future betting.

At the moment, some of you are probably starting to knock yourself on the head – how can you compare sitting in front of the computer to sports? Well, in this case, we suggest you take a look at chess tournaments, where people just sit and rearrange the figures on the board. However, the main effort is in the mind of each player. Things are similar with esports – the computer is used here as a tool that allows players to compete with other players in a given game at a mental level.

Types of Esports Games

We have lived to see the times in which the so-called mainstream media is increasingly devoting attention to the phenomenon of electronic sports. Not only that – there are even timid attempts to broadcast esports events on TV.

But how to choose the “discipline” suitable for yourself?

In the end, specific game types, just like traditional sports, can change practically everything – the nature of the game, the number of players, the level of development, and the situation on the professional stage. The choice will be easier, perhaps, after reading this article. We draw attention to various genres from which it is worth starting your adventure with the world of esports.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

MapThis is a variation of a real-time strategy designed for multiplayer games via the internet. Games of the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) type are focused on the dynamics of encounters at the expense of resigning from such RTS elements as building and developing your own base.

The basis for the MOBA game is the competition of two small teams on limited-size boards. Each player controls the actions of one hero and has a specific role in the team. Victory depends on the use of individual character skills and good cooperation in the group. This is the most popular esports game genre.

To give you a better idea, here are some of the most popular MOBA games.

  • League of Legends
  • Smite
  • DOTA 2
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Overwatch


Fighting GamesFighting is a genre of video games in which the essence of fun is the clashes between virtual figures taking place in closed arenas using a rich arsenal of strikes, blocks, kicks, and punches. In contrast to sports fighting, the games are characterized by an arcade fighting model with a large number of special attacks and combos.

If you plan to bet some money on fighting games, we recommend you start with those listed below.

  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Street Fighter V
  • Super Smash Bros.
  • Tekken 7
  • Injustice 2

First-Person Shooter

First Shooter GameThis is a variety of action games in which the game world is presented using the first-person view, and the main task of the player is to eliminate enemies with a firearm or (less frequently) a thrower. The first FPS is the work of id Software – Wolfenstein 3D made in 1992. FPS games are the second most popular genre of esports games.

In our opinion, betting on first-person shooters can be even more exciting than betting on soccer. The action is really fast-paced, and the players are extremely skilled. Our recommended FPS betting markets are as follows.

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  • Call of Duty: World War II
  • Halo 5: Guardians
  • Rainbow Six Siege

Real-Time Strategy

Strategy GamesReal-time strategy is a variety of strategy games in which the game takes place in real time, so without division into turns and queues. In real-time strategies, the player takes action on an ongoing basis and is informed about their effects, which significantly increases the rate of action.

The player controls the actions of one of the competing factions. Its task is to acquire raw materials, build economic facilities, create a strong army, and take up enemy areas.

The esports RTS scene is very competitive. Just watch some highlights from any given game here, and you’ll see for yourself.

  • StarCraft II
  • WarCraft III
  • World of Tanks
  • Clash Royale

Card Games

HearthstoneThis is a genre of games in which victory depends on the strategy and tactics that the player chooses. The main task in these games is proper management and use of cards. Game variants vary, depending on the specific game. In some, the goal will be to deprive the opponent of all life points, and in others, it will be to put together the strongest deck. The most popular games in this genre and those for which we recommend betting are as follows.

  • Hearthstone
  • Gwent


Rocket League SoccerSports is a genre of video games in which the basis of fun is to simulate a physical activity in one or several sports. Sports games usually have an emphasis on competition against computer artificial intelligence or other players, as well as more or less faithful mapping of rules that actually govern individual competitions.

If you don’t want to spend over an hour watching regular sports, you can always try the virtual ones. The action here is much faster, and therefore the betting is much more dynamic. The games listed here are the top ones right now.

  • FIFA 18
  • Rocket League
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2018


RacingIn this genre of video games, cars and all kinds of motorized vehicles play major roles (e.g., motorcycles and quads). The essence of fun in racing games is usually the ability to embody the driver and take part in various races, as well as experience various aspects related to this lifestyle. Unlike simulations, in these type of productions, the emphasis is mainly on the spectacular aspect and the emotional experience of the game, not on realism.

Despite racing games never becoming as popular as other genres in esports, they are still very fun to watch and bet on. Here are some examples of the best titles.

  • TrackMania
  • Formula 1
  • Project CARS DiRT

Battle Royale

PubgThis is one of the variants of the gameplay in video games focused on multiplayer play, considered by some to be a separate genre. During the struggle, several dozens to several hundred players are spawned on a large map, where they fight until only one person remains alive (or, in the case of team games, one team remains). The pace of the game is raised by the mechanism of successive contraction of the battlefield, which increases the probability of encountering other players on the road.

Battle Royale games are storming the esports scene, and you should definitely keep an eye out for some of the hot titles.

  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds
  • Fortnite
  • H1Z1: King of the Kill

Difference Between Esports and Video Games

It must be understood, however, that not every game can be called an esport. There are hundreds of thousands of titles on the market, but only a few can be counted among the esports. At the very beginning of the determining process, single-player games can be excluded because they do not have a competitive element.

However, not all multiplayer games are suitable for esports competitions. The game must have appropriate gameplay modes that are currently recognized as the industry standard. These modes are usually clashes between two to a maximum of about 10-12 players. These standards are changing; however, it’s slow progress.

How a Game Becomes an Esport

So, how does a new game become an esport?

If it already has the mentioned game modes, it must also be very popular among players. Popularity is a key element that determines whether the game will be an esport. The popularity of individual players and teams, who with their talent attract huge audiences and sponsors, also matters. Along with the sponsors comes money, and then the game has the potential to enter the esport scene.

Becoming a Professional Esports Player

When following online esport forums, as well as reading various interviews with professionals, one conclusion can be drawn: there is no single golden method and no easy way for an amateur to become a professional.


A professional player should certainly have talent, show an innate passion for games, know the in-game lingo, have a strong psyche, and be persistent because the first successes in such a competitive market will not be easy and will require a lot of free time.

Anyone interested in becoming a professional esports player who already has these attributes can try to take part in some tournaments.

In the beginning, it would definitely be participation in amateur and individual competitions. There may also be winnings that will help get them noticed by a team that will invite the player to play with them. The next winnings and successes will make it easier to find a sponsor who will not only provide the player with equipment but also guarantee a fixed salary.

Thanks to all this, it will be much easier to join the league of professional players. From a professional bettor perspective, it’s important to keep track of the rising talents. If you are well-informed, you may be able to predict some changes in the top team’s rosters, and it will help you prepare better for the upcoming season and make better betting decisions overall.

The History and Future of Esports

From a current point of view, you can ask if esports is a mature industry as of today. It certainly is. Social acceptance and awareness of esports is still lacking, though. However, when we look from the perspective of the path that esports has already gone through, it is hard to think that we would not be able to deal with current and forthcoming problems.

Being a gamer has become a profession, competitions in computer games take place every day, and there is no indication that this state of affairs would change.

History of Esports

The origins of esports date back to 1972. It was at that time that Stanford University organized a video game tournament for the first time. In this case, it was a space shooter called Spacewar. It was created in 1962 by four MIT students. One of them was Steve Russell – one of the pioneers of the computer games industry, who for his achievements in 2013 received the Game Developers Choice Awards. Spacewar is also considered one of the first video games in history.

This is how it all started. However, there’s much more history to esports than you think. We cover this subject more specifically in the following article.

Current Popularity

Today, esports can confidently compete – in terms of popularity – with many sports disciplines. Twitch’s stats show it well. In 2017 alone, viewers spent a total of 355 BILLION minutes watching esports. And this is only 21% of the total website viewing. The most popular category of games is MOBA (League of Legends and Dota 2), which took a total of 58% of that viewing time. The second place is Counter-Strike with a share of 27%. Another 10% of the audience gathers for strategic games (StarCraft 2, Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors, and Hearthstone), and the remaining 5% are fighting games, MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing games), etc. Moreover, their website is visited by over 15 million unique visitors daily.

Future of Esports

The future of esports looks very promising. It is one of the fastest-growing e-business markets. In the coming years, we will surely see a significant development of esports. A great example of changes in the media is the growing popularity of platforms such as Twitch, or the possibility of creating new ones. The change in media consumption means that many companies are adapting to consumers, which generates huge profits. It is interesting to consider whether in the distant future players of esports teams will be celebrated like well-known athletes.

Guide to Betting on Esports

The growth of the popularity of esports itself has resulted in the emergence of esports betting. It is an increasingly thriving industry in which huge amounts of money begin to appear. Why not take some of this money for yourself? We recommend engaging in esports betting due to its profitability and the dynamic market. The following article can give you some great tips and advice on how to do that.

Why It’s Profitable

Why is betting on esports getting so popular? Because there’s a lot of money in esports, and it’s only getting bigger. More and more games and people are joining this community. This gives you a lot of opportunities, as new markets emerge almost every day. Be a part of this revolution and make some money out of it.

Not so long ago, esports tournaments were something that only attracted nerds and players themselves. Now, the same tournaments are filling up to the brim the biggest venues on the planet. Moreover, almost every single computer/electronics brand in the business is somehow connected to the esports scene. If the current trend continues, we may yet see times where esports will generate more profit than regular sports.

Commonly Asked Esports Questions

How much are esports players earning?

There is no rule for it. Everything depends on the signed contract. In addition, there are profits from tournaments. Earnings range from several hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars!

How to become a pro gamer?

Becoming a professional player is not easy. A person needs to be over 16 years old, spend a lot of time playing, and expect that there’s a lot of hard work ahead. The player must also be ambitious and strong-willed.

Where can I watch esport tournaments?

Esports tournaments are always broadcasted via popular streaming sites like Twitch and YouTube. Moreover, you can always buy tickets and go see a tournament live. It’s a fantastic experience, and we highly recommend doing so.