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Norway is a Northwestern European nation of nearly 5.5 million citizens. While they maintain close ties and have trade agreements with the EU, they are not a member-state. While Norway gambling sites are legal in the country, the industry is strictly regulated and mostly monopolized.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the best gambling sites in Norway, how Norway implements their gaming regulations, which activities are permitted, how licensing responsibilities are determined, and which laws govern the various gambling marketplaces. Due to the country’s monopolized gambling sectors, we’ll also take a closer look at the designated authorized operators.

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Despite Norway’s restrictive laws — if not because of them — more and more residents are turning to offshore gambling sites for forms of gambling not offered by the local monopolies. While this is considered illegal, the 2010 Payment Act was designed based on the United States’ Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, a bill that enforces rules and punishments for operators and banks but not individual citizens.

However, playing on foreign gambling sites in Norway requires a bit more caution. Anytime you venture away from the licensed and regulated domains approved by the government, you gain freedom but are faced with higher risk.

Should something go wrong or you become the victim of the scam, you no longer have any legal recourse for returning your money. That’s why knowing where to find the very best Norwegian gambling sites is so crucial.

Why Do We Recommend These Norwegian Gambling Sites?

The online gambling industry is thriving. Offshore and locally licensed Norway gambling sites alike generate billions of dollars a year in revenue, which has more and more regions showing interest in gaming as a way to support the economy. Rather than wasting resources on preventing these activities, why not benefit in the form of tax dollars?

Unfortunately, some governments stubbornly refuse to open up their online marketplace, forcing players to alternative offshore options. Furthermore, with so much money changing hands, various scammers and unethical operators move in to steal a piece of the profits for themselves as well.

Our site employs a team of experts dedicated to finding the top online gambling websites in Norway for our readers. The following are a few of the many attributes and values required of every Norwegian gambling site recommend here.

Safety, Reliability, and Legitimacy

Our team’s number-one priority when finding recommended gambling sites is ensuring that our readers are only shown safe, trustworthy, and reliable choices on our lists. For potential gamblers using a Norwegian gambling site for the first time, picking a provider can be quite overwhelming. There are many horror stories of stolen funds and identities; it can all be quite challenging.

This is precisely why exists. Our team goes to great lengths in vetting and reviewing gaming providers to guarantee that you get nothing but the cream of the crop in the web-based gambling industry. Stick with the recommendations shared on our website, and you can focus on winning rather than having to fret over possible scams.

Excellent Customer Service Records

Even the world’s elite gambling sites in Norway — and elsewhere — occasionally encounter unforeseen issues. Nevertheless, it’s how an operator treats these problems that’s important. Which is why we spend a considerable amount of time vetting customer service departments.

One of the first steps is verifying that there’s a dedicated section for players to get help. The best websites will almost always provide multiple contact methods. More often than not, forms of communication will include email, telephone, and an instant messaging chat window. Our experts test each to ensure that the help desks are responsive, fast, courteous, and always helpful.

Fast Payouts

Payout timelines are significant for reasons beyond convenience; they also give us insight into the operations behind the domain. Some of the unethical operators in the industry use low cash-out limits and processing delays to avoid paying players out. They do this in hopes you’ll instead bet the money after growing impatient with the cash-out challenges and delays.

Unfortunately, this is a relatively common practice. Still, it’s one we’d prefer to avoid on behalf of our readers. The Norwegian gambling sites recommended here can be counted on to process withdrawals quickly and get you your money when you want it!

Variety of Banking Methods

We also look at a website’s selection of banking methods when ranking our recommended gambling sites in Norway. Operations capable of accommodating a wide range of deposit and payout methods are preferred.

This flexibility is particularly vital in marketplaces like Norway, where gaming laws prevent the use of standard debit cards and banking transfers. Players will need to use alternatives such as e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and credit cards instead.

Yes, it is, although gambling is heavily regulated and restricted to only a couple monopoly-owning operators. All of the gambling licenses are currently owned by two companies, Norsk Rikstoto and Norsk Tipping, both of which are state-owned.

Norsk Tipping was founded as a result of the Gaming Scheme Act in 1992 and is 100% owned by the Ministry of Culture. The revenue generated by the group’s various markets is then used to fund “socially beneficial causes.”

Norsk Rikstoto was initially created by the Norwegian Jockey Club and Norwegian Trotting Association. They handle all betting activities related to horse racing, with the profits used to finance the equine markets.

Private gambling corporations aren’t entirely shut out of Norway, however. In some extremely limited scenarios, commercial operators may apply for specific licenses under the Lottery Act; they just will not be allowed to ask for — or be given — a full gaming license.

It is not a crime for Norwegian citizens to access or participate in unlicensed online gambling activities. The operators themselves carry all of the risks for providing their services unlawfully.

There are three primary pieces of legislation that dictate the regulatory framework in Norway:

  • The Totalizer Act of 1927
  • The Gaming Scheme Act of 1992
  • The Lottery Act of 1995

These laws apply to both land-based and online gambling sites in Norway. For a provider of gaming to market or distribute any of their services within the country’s borders, they must first receive approval from the Norwegian Gaming Authority. Furthermore, this regulatory entity has the power to impose fines and administrative sanctions on any operators found in violation of these statutes.

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Casino Games

Land-based casinos are not legal in Norway. Casino games are prohibited without a license from the Gaming Authority, though none have ever been granted for traditional brick-and-mortar casino resorts. The games that are permitted are interactive video terminals, which are similar to slot machines and can be found in pubs, gas stations, and supermarkets throughout the country.

All casino game licenses are monopolized by Norsk Tipping, including for online Norwegian gambling sites. If you’re interested in playing a wider variety of slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, etc., you’ll have to use an offshore option.

lottery ticket

Lotteries are legal with a license from the Gaming Authority. This is the one sector of Norway’s gambling market that may include commercial operators. If a licensed organization such as Norsk Tipping wishes to bring in a private company to arrange the lottery on their behalf, that is allowed.


Poker tournaments are also legal with a gaming license. Similar to lotteries, if the licensed party solicits a commercial gambling operator to run the competition on their behalf, it is permitted under the current regulations.

There are also some poker games that don’t require any authorization or license. Private poker games are legal in Norway, as long as they meet the following conditions:

  • They’re held in a private home
  • Not organized or professional
  • Less than ten participants from the same social circle
  • Everyone is over 18 years of age
  • Entry fees do not exceed 1,000 Norwegian kroner (their currency)

Bingo is another licensed and regulated gambling activity. Once again, this market is monopolized by Norsk Tipping. The Bingo Regulation also allows terminal-based gaming to be offered in bingo halls.

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Sports Betting

Norsk Tipping is licensed to provide all sports betting besides the markets that involve animals, such as horse racing. Legal bookmakers can be found at brick-and-mortar and online locations.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is legally offered by Norsk Rikstoto. There are numerous tracks throughout the country where one can bet, as well as off-track locations, and online options. All of the proceeds are channeled back into the equine industry.

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Online Gambling

All legalized web-based gambling is monopolized by the two state-owned providers mentioned previously. To find games and wagers not permitted under Norway’s regulations, you’ll need to utilize offshore operators.

Norway’s Online Gambling Operators

Norsk Tipping AS (Norsk Tipping)

Norsk Tipping was founded in 1948 and initially only offered football pools. The entity was shared between the state (40%), the Norwegian Sports Federation (40%), and the Norwegian Football Association (20%) until 1993 when the state took over sole ownership.

Now, the company is licensed to administer several more markets, including the lottery, various instant games, keno, bingo, and other games of chance. Since 2001, they’ve extended their services to online and adapted to use with mobile phones as early as 2005.

Norsk Tipping has been running Norway’s lottery since 1986. Players choose from a field of 34 numbers. They pick seven main numbers, with three side numbers that may trigger additional prizes. Half of the total amount staked is handed out as winnings, while the other 50% is given to the Ministry of Culture, which uses the funds for cultural activities and charitable works.

Foundation Norsk Rikstoto (Norsk Rikstoto)

Norsk Rikstoto holds a monopoly on all of Norway’s animal racing activities. It was founded in 1982 as a joint venture between the Norwegian Trotting Association and the Norwegian Jockey Club. However, they didn’t take over the administration of betting on these events from Norsk Tipping until 1993.

The English translation for “Norsk Rikstoto” is “Norwegian National Tote,” and this organization specializes in pari-mutuel betting. There are currently eleven tracks that specialize in harness racing — or “trotting” — and only one traditional horse racing track.

How Does Norway Regulate Gambling? Regulatory Authorities.

Norwegian Gaming Authority

The Gaming Authority is responsible for issuing or withdrawing licenses and monitoring and controlling gambling operators like Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto. They continually assure all land-based activities and online gambling sites in Norway are in compliance with the Lottery Act, the Gaming Scheme Act, and the Totalisator Act.

Ministry of Agriculture and Food

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food is the regulatory authority empowered by the Totalisator Act. They instruct the Gaming Authority on issues of horse racing and receive the profits from activities offered by Norsk Rikstoto.

Ministry of Culture

The Ministry of Culture oversees regulatory responsibilities for all forms of betting besides those that involve animals. They dictate the general rules to the Norwegian Gaming Authority that impact Norsk Tipping, though they do not get involved in individual issues or cases.

Lottery Committee

The Lottery Committee is appointed by the Ministry of Culture and acts as an administrative authority. They are restricted to making decisions regarding the lottery exclusively.

Gaming Regulations

  • The Totalisator Act 1927
  • The Gaming Scheme Act 1992
  • The Lottery Act 1995
  • The Money Laundering Act 2018
  • Regulation on the Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority and the Lottery Registry 2000
  • Regulation on Setup Permits for Entertainment Machines 1995
  • Regulation to the Act on Lotteries 1995
  • Regulation on Totalisator Activities 2007
  • Regulation on Bingo 2004
  • Regulation on the Prohibition against Payment Provisions for Gambling without Norwegian Authorisation 2010

Norway’s History with Gambling

The Totalisator Act is passed.

Norsk Tipping AS is established, initially to run football (soccer) pools. They eventually grow to oversee sports betting, lotteries, and instant games as well. They also monitor operations and ensure the profits are used in the sports and cultural sectors.

Horse Racing
The Norsk Rikstoto is established to supervise pari-mutuel betting on horses.

The Gaming Scheme Act is passed.

The Norwegian State takes full ownership over Norsk Tipping

Lottery Tickets
The Lottery Act is Passed.

Norsk Tipping’s website is launched, providing results and other gaming-related information to readers.

Norsk Tipping first begins offering their gambling markets online

The lottery reaches 3.5 billion Norwegian kroner, making it the largest ever in the country.

Mobile Phone
Norsk Tipping extends their internet-based services to mobile phones.

Norway bans slot machines after they grow immensely popular and can be found in supermarkets, gas stations, and pubs throughout the country. Over 20,000 devices must be removed

Norway passes a law similar to the US’s Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. This regulates banking institutions, prohibiting them from processing transactions between account holders and unlicensed gambling sites.

The Norwegian lawmakers legalize low-stakes private poker games between friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is gambling legal in Norway?

Yes, but it is heavily regulated and operated by two state-owned organizations with monopolies over all gaming markets.

What are the risks involved with using a gambling website outside of Norway’s borders?

For individual gamblers, there are no risks legally. All relevant legislature is aimed at operators and banking institutions. However, foreign websites can be risky, as they aren’t covered by any government regulations. Should you have your money stolen, there’s no way to get it back. That’s why using only the best sites in Norway is so crucial.

Does Norway tax winnings from gambling?

Most earnings are tax exempt unless they exceed 10,000 Norwegian kroner.

Who licenses the regulated and legal online gambling sites in Norway?

The Norwegian Gaming Authority is responsible for issuing and withdrawing licenses.

Can I access another country’s licensed gambling site from Norway?

You may be able to access them, but not lawfully. At the moment, Norway only allows their state-run agencies to offer gambling services in the country. However, you will be able to access foreign domains and fund your gambling accounts using third-party payment processors.