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The Best New Online Gambling Sites


Online gambling is a rapidly-expanding multi-billion-dollar-per-year industry that has grown every year in its existence. With so much business and profit out there, we continuously see new gambling sites hitting the market. Our job is to locate these fledgling sites, review them, and pass the best along to our readers to ensure their online safety and maximize their gaming experience.

The earliest online casinos burst onto the scene in the mid-1990s following the creation of the first gaming software by Microgaming. Antigua and Barbuda was the first jurisdiction to grant gambling licenses, and the entire industry has grown and evolved from there.

Our Top Recommended New Gambling Sites

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All kinds of gaming activities qualify as online gambling. In the casinos, you’ll find a greater variety of table games, slots, video poker, and other classic activities than you’ll find in any land-based location. You’ll also find big-time sportsbooks with a betting line being offered for nearly every major sporting event. For each contest, there is a wide range of wagering options, from live betting to teaser and pleaser parlay cards.

Before you explore our recommendations for the best new gambling sites on the net, let’s go over how we determined these websites were so exceptional. Our team of experts is always looking for new places to research and review so that we may establish legitimacy. We’re always looking to find high-quality newcomers onto the scene, and we rank them based on the following factors.

Qualities We Look for in a Gambling Site


The harsh reality of online gambling is that there are multitudes of websites out there that operate in unethical ways. Many of them are scams, while others may be licensed and technically legal while using shady tactics such as inexplicably denying payout requests or generally making withdrawals difficult. Our main purpose at is ensuring that our readers avoid these sites.

There’s real money on the line, so our team of experts takes vetting our gambling websites incredibly seriously. Typically, we dig into a site’s history and reputation with customers, but since these are new locations, our process is slightly different. We focus on researching items such as “terms and conditions” language, payout timelines and limits, and the background of whoever is running the organization.

When you’re in the market for a new online gambling site, safety and legitimacy are the most crucial criteria of all. Since all online gambling requires the bettor to deposit their hard-earned money into an account on the site, there needs to be a high degree of trust. Furthermore, any issues that do arise need to be tended to promptly to avoid frustration and distrust. This part of the job is our number-one priority.

Banking Methods

Ideally, the best new online gambling sites will provide a full range of funding options to use for both deposits and withdrawals. But more critical than quantity is that whichever website you choose caters to whichever method you most wish to utilize. Variety just makes things easier if you aren’t sure of your preference yet or if you live in a region with some restrictions on certain transactions.

For instance, you may generally prefer to use your debit or credit cards when making online purchases. However, for customers in the United States, this transaction type will not be available due to a federal law barring financial institutions from processing payments to or from known gambling operators. So, for readers in areas with similar issues, they may need a multitude of choices to find the next best method.

When picking a payment type, keep in mind that each option may take a different amount of time to process. These days, many of the best new gambling sites accept cryptocurrency, which is frequently an immediate banking method.

Customer Service

With real money on the line, it’s understandable to expect professional, responsive, and helpful customer service from a gambling site. It’s an integral piece of the overall customer experience and a top focus of our expert reviewers. We’re trying to pass along only the best new online gambling sites, which means helping our readers to avoid frustrating interactions with the websites they ultimately choose.

There are a few qualities we look for with regards to a site’s customer service area, which you should research as well. First, there should be an easy-to-find dedicated space for customer inquiries and issues.

Ideally, there will be multiple contact methods, including a telephone number, email address, and chat window. There are also occasionally ticketing systems, where you submit a question to the website which opens a ticket for their team to respond to.

While our experts thoroughly vet our recommended sites, we still advise our readers to do some digging of their own. Check out the customer service page of any prospective gambling websites and identify the contact methods. You also may try calling the number or sending an email so that you may test their response times for yourself. That way, if there is an issue down the line, you’ll have confidence that it will be handled with speed and care.

Variety of Games

Let’s all be honest with ourselves; attention spans are not what they used to be. Between smartphones, social media, the 24-hour news cycle, and our ever-connected lives, our minds are always bouncing from one thing to another, absorbing all kinds of content and stimuli. New online gambling sites need a wealth of variety and excitement to keep our readers enjoying their betting experiences.

It’s been said that “variety is the spice of life,” a concept with which our expert reviewers tend to agree. The larger the pool of slot machine themes, versions of video poker, and different styles of each classic table game, the more engaged the patrons of the site remain. On the sportsbook side of things, websites should cover a wide range of events and sports, offering many unique ways to wager on each.

Gambling is all about exploiting market inefficiencies, a task that’s easier the more specialized your bets become. Betting on only the biggest contests in the most popular sports will be the most difficult due to all the attention of the casual public and sharps alike. The fastest way to win is by developing a niche in a particular sport and bet type, which is only possible with lots of options for both.

Good Betting Odds

Whether it’s in a casino or sportsbook, betting is all about the numbers. The narrowest of margins can make an enormous difference in a bankroll over an extended period. It’s often a mere point or two difference in the line that separates winners from losers. That’s why we only want to pass along the most favorable odds to our readership.

Think of it like this: counting cards in blackjack only increases the player’s chance of winning by an additional 1%-2%. While this seems like an almost insignificant amount, that small percentile moves the advantage from the house to the player. Over the course of hundreds of hands, a card counter can rack up some massive profits, all due to that increase of the narrowest of margins.

Our team of experts verifies that any recommendations that come from are providing users with fair, winnable odds in both their casinos and sports betting lines. We don’t want you wasting your time playing slots that will never pay any money back to the public or wagering on games while better lines are out there.

The best new online gambling sites find a balance between profit and an enjoyable customer experience. If you’re going to enjoy your time gambling, you’ll need to win some money occasionally, a detail too many betting websites ignore. Well, have no fear; you won’t be finding those places on our lists.


If you’ve looked over our list of recommendations, you probably noticed that the entry-level bonuses are prominently displayed. It’s a favorite tradition of online betting to offer sign-up and deposit rewards to bring in new users and allow them to test out the website before investing too much cash or time. Free plays are often gifted merely for signing up, while deposits are frequently matched up to a pre-determined percentage.

These perks are often worth a decent amount of money, so we make sure to factor them into our rankings. This includes loyalty rewards programs, which can provide a great deal of value to casino patrons over time. The best new online gambling sites track the frequency and amount customers typically bet and reward them accordingly with merchandise, cash back, or points that are redeemable in a company store.

Loyalty bonuses can become quite massive, depending on how much interaction you have with the betting website. High rollers are often given gifts such as vacation packages, large sums of money returned for prior losses, and even vehicles! The more urgently the site wants to keep your patronage, the more valuable the gifts.

Forms of Online Gambling

Since you’re interested in the best new gambling sites, we’d like to share some knowledge and concepts to help novice bettors get started. In this section, we’ll cover some of the many forms of gambling frequently available on our recommended websites. Some of these are standard terms you’ll see used in casinos, while the others are more applicable to sports betting.

Table Guides

Table games are your more classic casino games, usually played with cards or dice. Examples of traditional table games include blackjack, Pai Gow Poker, Casino War, craps, roulette, and baccarat. When playing online, each of these unique forms of gambling will have several options to pick, from live dealers to various side games and bonuses and slightly different rulesets.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are entirely random games of chance based on reels and lines. They are usually based on various themes, including many favorite television shows and movies. The player spins between three and five wheels while betting a number of different lines. If the symbols on the reels line up to form a winning combination, the user receives a payout.

Video Poker Machines

Video poker is a form of slot that uses poker hands to play a randomized betting game. Depending on the variation chosen, these games follow different sets of rules concerning which cards are wild, if any, and the values that each winning hand pays. Our experts have written helpful playing guides for many of the more popular video poker iterations.


Poker rooms are also readily found on the best new online gambling sites. There are all sorts of tournaments and daily rooms for poker players to enjoy anytime. The most popular version of the game is Texas hold‘em, but you’ll be able to find other forms on most websites as well.

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline bets are found in sports betting and refer to a wager placed on the winning team straight up. The odds are expressed in a three-digit number precluded by either a “+” or “-” sign. Negative numbers mean that side of the bet is favored to win, while positive numbers are for underdogs.

Point Spread Bets

Point spreads are a kind of handicap betting for sports where, instead of altering the payout amounts for each side of the bet, points are given to the underdog and taken from the favorite to create an even-money bet. For example, an NFL team that’s a ten-point favorite will need to win by more than ten to “cover the spread” and win the bet.

Parlay Bets

When sports wagering, parlays are a way of combining numerous other bets into one single chance for a much higher payout. If all of the picks win, the parlay card results in much higher earnings than if they were each wagered individually. However, if a single line of the bet loses, the entire parlay is lost.

Totals/Over-Under Bets

Totals bets are a way to gamble on how many points, goals, or runs will be scored overall in the contest between both teams. It’s a way of betting on the type of game an event will be, rather than which side will win. The oddsmakers set a line, and bettors decide whether the total number of points will fall “under” or “over” that value.

Futures Bets

Futures bets are made well in advance of their completion, usually on things like “which team will win the championship” or “which player will win MVP.” Sportsbooks frequently release betting odds for a league’s title almost a year in advance and alter them based on current events throughout the offseason and season. For bettors with excellent foresight, lots of money can be made through futures betting.

Beginner’s Gambling Tips

Bankroll Management and Staking Plans

Gambling is a hobby that must be treated with responsibility because the financial consequences can be dire for the undisciplined. That’s why we always start by teaching bankroll management. This is a system of determining how much one should set aside for the purposes of betting and only using that cash to fund gambling activities for a fixed period of time.

A staking plan breaks up the bankroll into a series of individual bets based on how often you plan on placing wagers. These systems can be organized with a flat amount per pick or a percentage of the total bankroll. Either way, staying disciplined and faithful to the bankroll and staking plan can help readers avoid many problem behaviors and financial difficulties.

Find the Best Odds

We mentioned earlier that we shop for the most favorable odds when locating the best new online gambling sites. Whether you’re playing in the casino or making some sports bets, you’ll want to do the same. As we previously explained, even the slightest difference in odds can make a drastic impact on your bankroll over the long run.

In the casinos, you’ll want to play the recommended strategies offered up in our playing guides for table games and video poker to maximize your potential earnings. When gambling on sports, it’s worth shopping around for each individual bet to take advantage of every half point or slight movements in the line.

Never Chase Losses

If you follow our advice concerning bankroll management, chasing your losses shouldn’t be an issue, but it’s a warning worth mentioning on its own. Chasing losses happens when a bettor feels “due” for a big win, so they try to end a losing streak by making larger bets meant to reverse their fortunes. The hope is that by winning a single play, most of the losses incurred during the rough stretch will be undone.

This almost never works out favorably for the gambler. Getting undisciplined with your staking and trying to force an end to a losing streak almost always leads to much more significant losses and a hole you can’t dig out of. Even during cold spells, stay consistent and organized with your bankroll.

Betting Based on Value

Focusing your betting on finding positive value is vital to growing a bankroll long-term. This concept primarily applies to sports betting, where the outcome can somewhat be anticipated based on proper analysis and handicapping. A bet has value anytime the likelihood of one result taking place is higher than the probability that’s implied by the betting odds. We go more in-depth about finding value in our dedicated guides and sports betting articles.

The Wrap-Up

When an industry is expanding at the incredible rate that online gambling has over the last couple of decades, lots of new businesses are drawn to the market. Every day, new websites are launched, offering the hottest new games on the internet and the highest returns. It can be challenging to keep up with which places are legitimate and which are frauds.

Luckily for you, that’s where we come in. Our team of experts is continuously combing through the many options out there to find you the best new online gambling sites available. We review site after site, analyzing their performance in a variety of areas, many of which we shared with you here today. This way, we can cut the fat for you and highlight only the locations where you’ll have the most enjoyable customer experience possible when you bet.

There are many advantages to finding the newest websites to join in the world of online betting. To compete with more established operations out there, new sites may have to increase the bonuses for signing up or offer more favorable odds to attract more clientele away from industry leaders. Since you know every single percentage point counts, you can’t afford not to accept any advantage you can grab!

If you’re looking to quickly take advantage of the freshest gambling sites on the internet, take a look at the recommendations compiled by our team of experts. We want only the best gaming experience for our readers, and we’ve found the top websites to achieve just that. If you’d like an even greater edge in any specific form of gambling, check out our variety of guides on just about every aspect of betting imaginable.