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The Best Mobile Horse Racing Betting Sites

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Isn’t it amusing when people say there’s no time for hobbies “these days?” The days (and nights) are just about the same length they’ve always been. What’s more, modern technology should allow people to save time while at work.

But with the convenience of the digital age comes challenges. For instance, bettors may no longer need to visit a horse racing track to play the ponies. But it’s hard to stay in front of a computer on the weekend, which is when the biggest sweepstakes usually happen.

Racebooks and handicappers are noticing the demand for gambling on the fly. The best mobile horse racing betting sites still cater to PC users. But they’re fine-tuned for easy navigation and a safe and secure betting experience from a cell phone or tablet.

Be sure to look over the list below of mobile horse racing betting sites worldwide!

Rank VA Betting Site Sign Up Bonus Get Started
#1 100% up to $2,500 Visit Site
#2 50% up to $1,000 Visit Site
#3 100% up to $1,000 Visit Site
#4 50% bonus up to $250 Visit Site
#5 50% up to $1,000 Visit Site

Picking the Right Mobile Racebook

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best mobile horse racing betting site for your individual needs. No pair of racebooks are alike. Some will post lots of “futures” odds and ask bettors to predict the next Kentucky Derby champion in early winter. Others concentrate on day-to-day action and live betting.

Some mobile horse racing betting sites offer better payouts on won bets. Those sites are known as “reduced juice” sportsbooks. Others take a full, standard cut but offer higher quality and faster payouts.

Big-shot online bookies have the money and resources to maintain a top-rated and reliable racebook. You do not need to worry as much about the “juice” since horse racing odds are controlled by the action. A hot “tip” on a Thoroughbred can swing the odds on a sweepstakes wildly, so the house’s percentage is not as much of a factor as making the right pick.

Mobile betting sites are a great choice for the recreational gambler. Sure, the casual bettor could spend 5 hours a day reading reports and statistics from an office and save a few pennies over the long haul. But time is money, too. Racebook managers know that as well as anyone. It’s never a bad call to pick a betting site that is built around your convenience and time constraints.

Opening an Account at a Racebook

Every gambler remembers the time they started out as a newbie. Best to make the big day a happy memory. Before signing up for an account at a betting site, consider the fine print and examine just what you’re getting yourself into.

Ease of Use and Versatility

Does the site offer easy browsing from any device, be it a laptop, Android, iPhone, or tablet? It helps when the information you need from the odds-maker is always there regardless of how you are logging in.

Career sports bettors should stick to the computer screen as much as possible. To turn 55% winning bets into a living wage means belonging to several mobile horse racing betting sites and sometimes organizing several windows at once from different accounts with live betting books.

But for everyone else, sites that specialize in mobile use are a time-saving and fun resource. Betting from wherever you are at the moment is a great way to enhance the pleasure of horse racing. Just make sure you can log in and browse smoothly from a computer in addition to your phone.

Here are some further sign-up tips to go over before you start playing the ponies.

Roll Over Secretariat

Almost all casinos and racebooks offer a “sign-up bonus” for opening an account. Sign-up rewards are not best for everyone, however.

Sites demand that new players bet their entire initial deposit before a withdrawal can be made. That’s perfectly fair. If the rule didn’t exist, clever users would sign up, add the bonus, and withdraw cash before placing a bet.

But some mobile horse racing betting sites include a “rollover” clause along with the sign-up bonus. A “4x” rollover means that 4 times the gambler’s initial deposit must be bet before a withdrawal can be made. If that sounds strict, consider that other books demand an “8x” rollover with sign-up bonuses.

Ultimately, the sign-up bonus is there to snag you into the system and allow the house to “play the percentages” to recoup the bonus cash before it’s available.

Luckily, there’s a way to avoid the red tape.

Avoid the Rollover Blues

Look for mobile horse racing betting sites that make it easy to decline the sign-up bonus. If in doubt, call the phone number that is usually provided by a betting book on the home page of the website. The managers there are always interested in new customers. If you call and ask to talk, they’ll speak to you.

If the sign-up bonus offer is simply too tempting and you cannot pass it up, remember to read the entire agreement carefully and have a game plan to deal with the large amount of betting it takes to free up the account for withdrawals.

Other Horse Racing Sites: News and Betting Tips

There is a wide variety of up-to-the-minute horse racing news and betting advice on the internet. Gamblers who prefer the short, concise style of Forbes or USA Today must only surf for a few moments to find mainstream predictions. Others might prefer to read expert bloggers and handicappers like the writers at Bloodhorse or the Paulick Report.

But when you come across something fishy, it pays to recognize red flags.

Do not take heed of advice or predictions made on the betting sites themselves. That’s not to say the articles are traps meant to trick gamblers into making the wrong wager. Sportsbook bloggers are knowledgeable and love sports. But they’re too self-interested to publish 60% winning tips even if the house handicapper is skilled enough to make them.

Buying picks online is also a bad idea. You’ll notice that not too many quality racebooks, sportsbooks, or exchanges link to any such clown act – even in betting-crazed Australia.

Casinos want their customers’ funds all in one spot. That’s why they’re not thrilled about sending readers to sites where Tom, Dick, and Harry pretend to be making picks worth selling.

Betting on Horse Races Around the World

Mobile racebooks can be a window to learning about horse racing culture around the world. Gamblers may be drawn to the handicap steeplechases of England, the synthetic flat track racing of Dubai, or the trotters found in Sweden and Finland. But those are only a few of the mobile horse racing betting hotbeds out there.

For instance, Australia is the biggest horse race market in the Southern Hemisphere and maybe one of the biggest in the world. Around a million Australians wager on horse races. Yet the market was almost completely unknown to gamblers of the West until mobile betting sites and Twitter came along.

Australia has a knack for breeding some of the best fillies in the world, such as Winx, an active horse with a lifetime unbeaten record.

Winx is known as a gifted and versatile galloper. She has won at every famous course of any length Australia has to offer, including Caulfield and Flemington in Melbourne and the Rosehill racecourse in Sydney. Mobile users can look her up on Twitter at the hashtag #GoWinx.

More Horse Race Betting Tips for Mobile Users

Are you new to playing the ponies on mobile horse racing betting sites? Consider these step-by-step guidelines and tips to help get your betting career off on the right foot.

Lay Out a Strategy

For the track betting newbie, it’s important to write down a list of goals and preconditions for what you would like to get out of the betting experience. Not only will it help to strategize and avoid losing money, but it will also impact which bets on the board seem the safest and/or most appealing.

If your goal is to hunt for a huge payoff bet, then futures on “sleeper” picks early in the season are a good place to start. Hundreds of Kentucky Derby hopefuls show up on betting boards early each year. Most are offered at 50-to-1 odds or longer. It doesn’t take much money to put down a bet on a Derby long-shot that could turn into riches if the horse runs and wins in Louisville.

If the goal is to stay in the black, betting on favorites closer to post time can be a helpful strategy. It’s not necessary to play the odds-on favorite in each race. But it helps to stop being patient and place a spontaneous bet once in a while. When wagering 30 minutes before a race, it’s best to look at a favorite and not at a random Cinderella horse at long odds.

Don’t Play the Superfecta Lottery

Trifecta and superfecta markets are a staple of horse racing coverage in the media. There’s always a story about how some lady in Queens won by picking horses with hatpins and got a $400,000 reward. But if that feels like a headline for a lottery winner, well, that’s not a bad comparison.

With the promise of untold riches comes a better chance that the house will come out ahead. Mathematicians have taught us how the odds on 2 or 3 events working out as predicted are very long compared to a single event happening as planned.

The most efficient bets are still placed on a single horse to win, place, or show, or on “boxed” trifecta bets in which 3 favorites can come in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in any order and win the wager.

Mobile Horse Racing Betting: Enjoying the Advantages

Mobile gamblers benefit from the advantage of being hooked up on the go. Racebook odds are based on the action only, and odds can change fast whenever gamblers are driving the numbers. There might be a 10/1 betting market on a horse recommended by your favorite handicapper. But as the hype grows around the Thoroughbred, those long odds can shrink in a hurry.

It’s crucial to take advantage right away when there’s a great bet on the board. That’s where having a smooth and efficient mobile racebook account is a terrific advantage.

Many of the top mobile horse racing betting sites offer downloadable apps to make the race betting experience even more convenient. Surf to the page below to read more about horse racing apps available to users in the USA and beyond.

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