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Live Streaming Horse Racing Betting Sites


The biggest sporting events are not often designed for purists. The Kentucky Derby is a 3-week party with a horse race on the side, and its real annual winners are the bartenders and restaurant owners of Louisville. Other Triple Crown races are similar circuses built around a very brief race.

There aren’t many other sweepstakes broadcast on national TV. What if you’re a fan of betting on multiple races at a time and don’t live close to a track?

Never fear. Live streaming horse racing betting sites have never been more popular nor more easily accessible in the growing broadband range of the United States and other countries.

Through the accessibility of live streaming horse racing, gamblers can play the ponies at their convenience while rooting their picks home in several races at a time if desired.

But as with any racebook operators, the online bookmakers who provide live streaming horse racing to their customers aren’t necessarily on the up-and-up. Which sites are the most reputable, provide the best streams, and always pay out fairly?

Here’s our list of some of the very best options.

Rank VA Betting Site Sign Up Bonus Get Started
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How We Determine Legitimacy

How do we live up to our name in ranking these live streaming horse racing pages on a list of legitimate betting sites? Kind of like Corporal Klinger ate a Jeep during an episode of M.A.S.H. Very carefully.

At, whether a betting site specializes in live streaming horse racing or another market, we strive to ensure that our listed gambling providers are top of the heap in service, convenience, and reputation.

Our “maiden” effort (as they say around the track) is to determine the legitimacy of a new streaming racebook. Any horse racing site must offer complete confirmation that it is active and streaming on 100% of its promised dates and is paying out to gamblers who win.

At the risk of belaboring the point, it must be actually live streaming horse racing as opposed to fake “streams” of completed races.

If we find any clue that a website may be tricking its bettors or is fraudulent when dealing with user accounts, we immediately remove it from our list of top sites and try to make others aware of the abuse.

It’s also necessary for live streaming horse racing sites to offer quality customer support, since issues can happen with streams of the live races in addition to any problems placing your bets.

Speaking more personally as handicappers, it’s a drag to see pony enthusiasts have to work from flawed browser images or bad mobile scrolling. Racebooks must be easily navigable from almost any device. You should be able to see the live streams on an Android if needed.

Bets Offered at Live Streaming Horse Racing Sites

It’s always important to know your horse racing bets. But especially when you’re gambling based on message-board tips about horses in minor sweepstakes streamed over the web, some knowledge of the odds offered online is imperative. You don’t want a nasty surprise when the races begin streaming!

A straight bet is on a single horse, usually to win. It is the simplest wager found on any racebook’s betting board. A related “show” wager is a bet on a horse to finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, also known as “in the money.” But you’ll let it stand for “in the confusion” if you don’t remember that a “show” wager and a horse’s show finish are 2 different things.

Other time-honored bets are the exacta, trifecta, and superfecta. These markets offer a pick of the winner and place; the win, place, and show; and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th finishing Thoroughbreds in order respectively.

Bettors can use fancy tactics on “box” exactas, trifectas, and superfectas. To “box” means to create a winning scenario if the group of 2, 3, or 4 horses finish on top in any order.

The Daily Double, something newbies would recall from “Jeopardy,” asks gamblers to pick the winners of 2 consecutive sweepstakes with the lure of a nice payoff on the winner. The market is more common at betting sites dedicated solely to daily races.

To learn more betting jargon and catch up on the general terms of horse racing, visit the complete glossary of horse racing at the link below.

Finding the Best Tips on Live Streaming Horse Racing

A major part of betting at a live racebook’s odds board is tips on horses, and for minor sweepstakes, you’ll find more valuable tips by socializing with actual horse racing fans on message boards and not by reading “big-shot” handicappers.

It is wise to be leery of any running predictions being made at the racebook’s own blog pages as the live streaming races continue throughout an evening. Sportsbook bloggers try hard and do a good job of being informative. But they aren’t there to provide awesome tips. It could put the site out of business if he did ever get hot.

It’s never a good idea to pay for tips. The horses usually aren’t worth selling as a show bet, and the face on the website is often just some freelance hack ghostwriter behind the scenes.

Knowing the Types of Live Streaming Horse Races

The best tip you can get is to know the races. Sweepstakes in various genres of horse racing are streamed from all over the globe. Knowing the tendencies of the horses and tracks you’re wagering on is first priority.

For instance, in Scandinavia, harness racing is king. Harness racing is not a Thoroughbred sport, so don’t expect to see quite as many bad tempers and post-parade pouting from the animals. Bets are less volatile because the horses arrive and run without incident.

Steeplechase is a major sport in Great Britain. The Grand National (contested by veteran stallions far older than any Kentucky Derby horse) is known as the “Biggest Race of All” and includes an arduous 30 fences to jump on the heralded Aintree course. Event winner Tiger Roll was underrated in early 2018 due to his 8-year-old rather than 9-year-old status, giving smart gamblers an opportunity. But if you can’t find a way to bet against the line movement at the big one, live streaming betting sites have a plethora of steeplechases running weekly.

In Australian horse racing, fillies are royalty. Don’t be fooled by the big number of female Thoroughbreds with short odds in races down under. Many of the distaff favorites are great bets. Winx and other fillies past and present are making their marks and tearing down myths in Australia.

Meanwhile, the fastest-growing niche in Singapore may be its horse racing industry. Singapore Turf Club relocated its daily racing operation to Singapore Racecourse in 1999. The track is located next to the massive Kranji mass-transit station and is standing-room-only for events like the Singapore Gold Cup and Emirates Singapore Derby. But its online betting sites are experiencing the biggest uptick in interest for the Singapore horse races.

That means more value can be found in the odds when so much heavy betting action is on the line – and some of it from green-horn gamblers. Collect those social tips and bet against the public.

Live Streaming Horse Racing Betting Tips

Here are just a few more keys to remember as you start wagering on live streaming horse racing.

Have a Game Plan

Try jotting down a list of goals and rewards that you would like to get out of the betting experience. Not only will this process help you to avoid losing out on bad gambles, but it will also give you a game plan for looking over the odds for a streaming race and quickly deciding where the value is.

Avoid That Superfecta If at All Possible

Betting sites come out way ahead on superfecta bets and other attempts at a “miracle” jackpot on the track. Statistics show that the chances of 4 race horse placements working out as predicted are exponentially long compared to a single placement working out correctly.

The most efficient bets over time are picking a single Thoroughbred or Standardbred to win, place, or show. We’re also fans of “boxed” trifecta bets in which 3 selected favorites can come in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in any order, and the gambler still nails the pick.

Look for the Apps

Remember that terrible “Emoji Movie” where cartoons surfed around on corporate apps? It’s a good feeling to break the mold and download an app by a start-up racebook nobody knows about yet. Instead of that next boring update to Spotify, you can actually win money using this app!

Several live streaming horse racing sites offer downloadable apps to make the betting experience fun and convenient. Check out the following link and learn more about horse racing apps available for free download in the USA and beyond.

Thank you for joining us to explore the world of live streaming from tracks and courses on several continents. Click on the links below for more on horse racing and horse racing sites.