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Guide to Fast Payout Horse Racing Sites

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It’s an old story. A new horse racing gambler signs up to a racebook that promises the best odds, the lowest house percentage, and the biggest sign-up bonus on the web. He eagerly opens an account and wins on a couple of picks, happily counting what looks like a big stack of cash.

But then the other shoe drops. The site’s “rollover” agreement forces the bettor to wager his entire stake 4, or 6, or 8 times. By the time he makes enough bets on enough ponies, the bonus is gone, and the deposit has been whittled down to half of the original sum.

In addition, when withdrawals are finally allowed, they take forever and are filled with red tape. What’s the point of winning if you can’t cash in?

Thankfully, there’s an alternative. Some horse racing betting sites promise fast payouts and easy withdrawals as a centerpiece of customer relations. How do the fast-payout horse racing betting sites on the web stack up? Here’s a ranked list of racebooks that make it quick and easy to collect winnings.

Rank VA Betting Site Sign Up Bonus Get Started
#1 100% up to $2,500 Visit Site
#2 50% up to $1,000 Visit Site
#3 100% up to $1,000 Visit Site
#4 50% bonus up to $250 Visit Site
#5 50% up to $1,000 Visit Site

Ranking the Best Fast-Payout Horse Racing Sites

At, we spend a lot of time and resources making sure that our rankings reflect the very best options in online betting. Here are just a few of the most important criteria.

History and Reputation

Any racebook which advertises itself as a fast-payout horse racing site relies on its reputation most of all. Sites must confirm the gambler’s identity before sending won cash via check or wire transfer. Both parties must operate in good faith.

But it’s the racebook’s responsibility to keep its word with customers and make their transactions swift and painless.

Our team looks carefully at each site’s history and reputation to ensure that those playing the ponies will find sites that pay out quickly and in full.

Fast-Payout Horse Racing Sites: Safety and Legitimacy

A valid gaming license is the first and foremost ingredient an online gambling site must have to establish trust with the customer. If a site is not legally licensed, you won’t find it on our pages.

If a so-called “fast-payout” horse racing site acts in a fraudulent manner, its status as a licensed operation gives the bettor the legal recourse to make sure things are set right. If the site is non-licensed, then any theft of funds or personal information must be chalked up as an unpleasant learning experience.

The Best Odds in Fast-Payout Horse Race Betting

Some betting sites offer “reduced juice,” or better-payout odds than standard sportsbooks. However, those sites have to cut corners in order to offer a lower vig, or house percentage. If fast payouts are what you’re looking for, standard odds will be in the offing.

The biggest sites with the fastest and smoothest withdrawal systems don’t just bury the money they make. Instead, you should be able to communicate with someone at the book through chat or phone on a 24/7 basis.

In horse racing, odds change due to the betting action almost exclusively. If there’s a rush of bets placed on one particular horse, its odds will grow shorter. But a deluxe fast-payout horse racing site should strive to be predictable with timing. Lines should be adjusted at regular intervals. That helps players with busy schedules who are looking to take advantage when the odds fluctuate on a colt, filly, or stallion.

Racebook Bonuses and Rewards

Horse racing betting sites offer rewards to keep players excited and coming back. New players are usually asked to accept a sign-up bonus in the form of free money to gamble with. However, turning down a sign-up bonus means a much faster payout due to the lack of rollover restrictions.

Rewards often include credits, casino merchandise, and VIP access to luxurious gatherings. Don’t expect these rewards if you’re wagering small amounts, however. The biggest perks go to the highest rollers.

Choosing a Fast-Payout Horse Racing Site

Getting started with a betting site is like rolling out of bed in the morning. It’s best to get started on the proper side of things. Before making a deposit at a horse racing betting site, take a second look at just what you’re getting yourself into.

The website should offer easy browsing from any iPhone, Android, or computer browser. Players must be able to read accurate odds and information on the site at any time and from any location.

Vocational bettors should stick to the computer screen as much as possible. It’s not as easy as you might think to turn 55% winning bets into a living wage. Career horse race gambling means belonging to several racebooks and organizing many accounts at once.

But for hobby players, fast-payout horse racing betting sites that specialize in mobile scrolling are a go-to resource. Betting on a cellular device from any location makes playing the ponies fun and convenient.

Don’t Agree to a Rollover

A responsible racebook should make it easy to decline a sign-up bonus and the resulting “rollover,” or agreement to bet your entire stake several times over before making a withdrawal. If you can’t find a simple way to decline while signing up, call the number provided on the betting site. Racebooks thrive on new customers. If you call and ask to talk, a manager will speak with you.

If an offer involving a welcome bonus just looks too good to pass up, remember to read the entire agreement (including the fine print) and have a long-term plan to deal with the large amount of wagers it will take to free up the account for withdrawals.

Horse Racing Betting Tips for New Gamblers

The internet is filled with horse racing betting blogs offering tips on various Thoroughbred sweepstakes. Most are written honestly with an eye toward providing bettors accurate information.

But when there’s something fishy going on, it pays to be able to recognize red flags immediately.

Avoid taking advice on bets from bloggers on betting sites. The picks aren’t necessarily faked or designed to entrap the gambler into a bad bet. But racebooks won’t be publishing any 60% winning handicappers, because that would hurt their profits. The predictions on betting sites are ordinary.

Do not fall to the temptation of buying predictions from “top handicappers.” By and large, the websites that offer for-sale picks have no special insight and are just after your money.

Betting on Horse Racing Around the World

One of the best things about a horse racing betting hobby is learning the different cultures of racing around the world. Bettors may fall in love with the handicap steeplechases of England, develop knowledge of flat-track racing in Dubai, or get hooked on harness racing from Sweden and Finland.

Australia is one of the biggest horse racing betting markets on Earth. Around a million Australians wager on horse races. Australian breeders have a knack for breeding some of the best fillies in the world, such as Winx, a gifted and versatile galloper with incredible racing success.

The fastest-growing sports and gaming industry in Singapore is horse racing. Singapore Turf Club helped spur the sport forward by relocating its daily racing operation to Singapore Racecourse in 1999. The track is located near the massive Kranji mass-transit station and draws huge crowds for the Singapore Gold Cup and Emirates Singapore Derby.

Horse racing is an extremely popular sport in France. Paris and its surrounding communities are home to some of the most well-attended tracks in the world, and France’s breeders have produced some of the finest Thoroughbreds in competition.

French horse racing is governed by France Galop. Find out more at the link below.

Horse Racing Betting Strategy

Fast payout is great. But first, make sure to maximize the chances of getting a solid payoff on your first round of bets.

Try writing down a list of goals and rewards that you would like to get out of a betting experience. Not only will this tactic help avoid losing money, but it will serve as a guide to placing smarter wagers.

If the goal is a single, huge payoff bet, then look at “sleeper” picks early in the Thoroughbred racing season. Kentucky Derby hopefuls number in the hundreds on betting boards early each year. Most are offered at 50-to-1 or even longer odds. It doesn’t take a gigantic stake in order to wager on a Derby long-shot. The gamble could turn into riches if the horse wins in Louisville.

If your goal is to win a few small bets and avoid losing money, betting on odds-on favorites can be a helpful strategy. It’s not necessary to play the consensus pick to prevail in every race. But when betting 30 minutes before post time, it’s best not at a random long-shot horse with an unknown trainer.

The Lottery Is a Losing Choice

Trifecta and superfecta betting shows up in horse racing coverage in the media often. But remember that when you’re reading a story about a random woman in the UK who picked the top 4 horses at the Grand National without even analyzing the stallions, it’s no different than someone winning a lottery.

Any bet advertised at a 10,000-to-1 payoff means that the house will likely come out ahead on all of the suckers taking the bait. Statistics experts know that the chances of 3 or 4 finishes working out as hoped are extremely slight compared to a single horse winning as predicted.

The best bets at the racebook are usually on a single horse to win, place, or show, or on “boxed” trifecta and superfecta bets in which 3 or 4 favorites can finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and/or 4th in any order and still win the wager.

Fast-Payout Horse Racing Betting Sites: Play the Ponies on the Go

Fast-payout racebook gamblers benefit from collecting winnings in a quick and convenient manner. It can be frustrating to win bets and increase a stake only to only have it stuck in the betting site account forever. Getting paid out quickly is well worth paying the house a full fraction on each bet.

Many of the top fast-payout horse racing sites offer mobile apps to make the gambling experience even faster and more convenient. Click on the link below to read more about horse racing apps available to users in the USA and beyond.

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