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If you’ve ever read a review on this site before you’ll already know the way things are done. Reviews keep it real, don’t pull punches, and give a fair analysis of the pros and cons of each betting site reviewed.

Upon landing at Heritage Sports, I was immediately impressed by the design and style. A lot of effort has gone into creating a cool looking gambling portal, and I also noticed a big emphasis on the fact this site accepts cryptocurrencies.

However, I’ve seen lots of great looking sites before and some of them haven’t lived up to my expectations. Will Heritage Sports? That’s what this review is all about. Let’s get stuck right in and find out!

Heritage Sports has a long history, having first come online back in 2001. This is definitely a good sign, since any rogue or scam sites would never last that long.

With such an established site, you might expect them to know what they’re doing. It certainly seems that way, with a good mix of casino games, poker, and sports betting offered and clearly visible along the main menu.

After a quick look around, I’m looking forward to digging deep on the sports betting side of things. There looks to be a large range of sports to bet on and some enticing promos. The casino, however, may be a hit or miss.

This site is hosted in Costa Rica, which is somewhat of an offshore gambling mecca. It’s fully licensed there and is happy to accept US players.

Who Can Play at Heritage Sports?

Heritage Sports caters to a global player base, including US players.

Residents of Costa Rica, where Heritage Sports is operated from, are prohibited from signing up.

This is the only restricted country mentioned in the terms and conditions of this site. If gambling is illegal in your country, however, then it’s up to you to live within the law.

Software Suppliers

The casino games at Heritage Sports are provided by Betsoft. If you’re new to the online casino industry and don’t know the various firms, let me just say that with Betsoft, you’re in good hands. They specialize in 3D slots and offer world-class games.

If you’re a poker player, you’ll be pleased to know this site is part of the Equity Poker Network. That’s one of the highest-ranked poker networks online. You’ll need to download the poker client to either your Windows or Mac device and go from there.

The Good Stuff

Plenty of Bonuses and Promotions

Good Stuff

There are more ways to claim rewards and extras at this site than you could shake a stick at. I really like that.

It’s nice to feel that a sportsbook cares enough that you stick around to put extra cash in your pocket.

Super Cryptocurrency Friendly

I’ve started to make the transition into cryptocurrencies and am using them more and more. I know many others are, too. It’s a huge plus for me that so many altcoins are accepted, and all the time and money saved as a result of that is welcome.

Top-Notch Customer Service

I was able to make contact within seconds of clicking the live chat icon. I’m not a big fan of using the phone, but it’s great that it’s toll-free if you choose to do so.

The Bad Stuff

Demanding Registration Process

Bad Stuff

The registration process is a bit of a pain, to be frank. You’ll have to fill in a simple enough form, but then you’ll have to call a toll-free number to complete the process.

I personally don’t particularly like making calls unless necessary. I just want to get on with betting. Perhaps you won’t mind so much.

Limited Range of Casino Games

The Heritage Sports casino needs work. While I understand it’s not a priority for most sports bettors, I do like to spin slots every now and then, and I found the casino limiting.

Game Selection

If you’re used to full-scale online casinos with lots of games, what’s offered here honestly might disappoint you. There’s a very limited selection of games. In fact, it could best be described as a “handful” – literally!


Poker is available through the Heritage poker client. You’ll need to download and install it first. Thereafter, you can play non-stop poker.

Video Poker

The only two choices this casino provides you with for Video Poker are

  • Aces & Faces
  • Poker 3 Heads Up Hold‘em.

Table Games

The only table games available are

  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack
  • Casino hold‘em
  • Roulette


There is a total of five slot games available on this site.

  • Mad Scientist
  • 2 Millionaire
  • 7th Heaven
  • Reel Outlaws
  • Lucky 7

Honestly, if you’re mad about slots, this probably isn’t the casino for you.

Other Games

One game of Scratcherz is available, offering a shot at instant wins.


It’s probably already clear from the casino section that the sportsbook is Heritage Sport’s main concern. This is where they start to shine and is the main reason they’ve lasted over 25 years to date.

The sports you can place wagers on are mostly American-centric and include football, hockey, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, soccer, and fighting sports like boxing and MMA. There’s also an entire section dedicated to horse racing.

You can place straight bets as well parlays, teasers, and live proposition bets at this site. The betting options vary from sport to sport, with probably the most proposition bets available in football and soccer.


Heritage Sports is well-known for reduced juice. Essentially, this means you’ll get slightly better odds at this sportsbook than you might elsewhere.

I like the fact that you can change the way the odds appear directly on the bet slip. It’s no secret that American and European players often stare blankly in puzzlement at the different types of odds each uses, so this is definitely a big plus. Fractional, decimal, and American styles are available.

The sportsbook is user-friendly and well-designed. It has a solid black background with orange and white text. This provides a nice contrast and makes it easy to locate whatever you’re looking for.

You’ll see the main menu at the left-hand side with all the major sports listed. If you click “fighting,” for example, you’ll see a few more subcategories. Click any sport and the in-play and upcoming matches will be displayed with the odds on the right-hand side. It’s easy to place a bet from there.

If you’re visiting Heritage Sports on a mobile device, you will automatically be directed to a site optimized for your device. There’s no need to download anything, and you can place bets directly on the mobile-friendly flash website. The layout remains pretty similar to the desktop site.

In mid-2016, Heritage Sports officially started accepting wagers on esports. You can place bets on popular games like CS:GO and LoL. As this is still a growing sector, it is a relatively small segment at this site.


Most of the bonuses and promotions at Heritage Sports center around sports betting. There is a little something for casino players as well, though.

50% First Deposit Bonus

As soon as you register a new account, you’re eligible for a 50% deposit bonus on deposits of $300 or more. The maximum bonus amount is $250, and this is subject to a 12x rollover requirement.

This is a pretty good deal in terms of sheer bonus size, but I’ve seen lower rollover requirements at some other sportsbooks.

Reload Bonuses

Each time you reload more than $100 you can claim a 10% reload bonus.

The maximum bonus in each case is $500, and these bonuses are subject to a 5x rollover requirement.

Sports Cashback Bonuses

Unlike many cashback bonuses, which only offer rebates on total loss amount, this one is calculated on how much you have risked. This means you’ll get cashback whether you win or lose.

How much you get depends on how many bets you make in a given quarter. If you make up to 149 bets you will get 0.4%, if you make between 150 and 499 bets you will get 0.6%, and if you make 500 or more bets you will get 0.8% cashback.

The best part about the cashback bonuses is there are no rollover requirements.

The maximum bonus amount you can claim in a quarter is $10,000. Live bets and 4 cent overnight line bets do not count towards the cashback bonus.

Casino Rebate Bonuses

This is the more traditional kind of rebate bonus, as it is calculated based on the amount you lose rather than how much you risk.

You’ll be able to claim 8% back on losses and it will be awarded on the first of every month.

The minimum rebate amount you can claim is $20 and the maximum is $2,000. Rebates are subject to a 4x rollover requirement.

Racebook Rebate Bonuses

If you like placing wagers on horses, this bonus will be right up your street.

On the first day of each new month you’ll get a 4% rebate on the total you have wagered on horse racing in the previous month.

The maximum racebook rebate you can claim is $2,000 and a 4x rollover requirement applies.

8th Deposit Free

This is a unique type of bonus and is designed to brighten you up if you’re on a losing streak.

If you manage to make seven deposits without any success, you will get a bonus equivalent to the average of your previous seven. This is 100% on the house.

The maximum bonus you can claim is $5,000 and this bonus is subject to an 8x rollover requirement. In order to be eligible, your account balance must be $0 with $0 pending.

Free Birthday Parlay

On your special day each year you can claim a free birthday parlay worth as much as $500.

The actual amount you receive will be half your average wager, with $500 as the maximum amount.

You’ll need to have placed 10 bets a week for 8 weeks in a row with a volume of $4,000 to be eligible. Standard bonus rollover requirements apply.


Heritage sports offers plenty of ways to make deposits and withdrawals. This site is well-known for being cryptocurrency friendly and allows you to make deposits using many different coins (see below).

There are no extra fees on any of the deposit methods apart from altcoins. If you decide to deposit using one of these, a 0.0025 BTC fee is applicable.

If you decide to withdraw using check, a $50 fee will apply. Withdrawing by bank wire will incur a $75 fee. Transferring person to person will incur a fee to be determined at the time.

Deposit Methods

  • Credit cards
  • Prepaid cards
  • Bitcoin
  • Altcoins
  • Cashier’s checks
  • Wire transfers
  • Person to person transfers

Accepted altcoins include Bitcoin cash, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Monero, and Ripple.

Withdrawal Methods

  • Checks
  • Bank wires
  • Person to person transfers

Customer Service

You can reach the Heritage Sports customer service team by email and telephone (if you’re in North America).

The email address is [email protected] Replies are fairly quick and usually come within 5-6 hours.

The live chat icon can be found on the site at all times. Just click it and enter your account number to get connected. Both English and Spanish are spoken by the operators.

If you would rather pick up a phone and speak to someone, call 1-800-800-7777.

Would I Play at Heritage Sports?

As a sports bettor, I definitely recommend checking out Heritage Sports. However, as an online casino player, I believe you’d be better served elsewhere.

I’ve played at hundreds of sportsbooks in my time betting online and this is as good as any of them and better than most of them.

With the introduction of live betting and the huge number of bonuses and promotions you can take advantage of, it’s a site you’ll likely bet at for a long time to come.

As far as the poker client goes, what’s offered is similar to what you’ll find elsewhere. It’s good, and there’s nothing either terribly astounding nor terrible about it.

I really like how crypto-friendly this site is. The entire industry is moving towards widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies, and the fact Heritage Sports is well ahead of the curve speaks volumes about the management team and their vision.

Ultimately, you’ll have to make your own mind up about this site. I recommend you head over there now and check it out for yourself. It’s worth a look, for sure!

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This review was made by: Rating: 3.9 out of 5

John Sebade commented: 7 Sep 2019
I'd like to make a deposit and I need a name and place to send it.
Keith Waters commented: 20 Mar 2019
They changed the site layout, and now it sucks. I can't figure out how to use it.
Chad Overly commented: 21 Jan 2019
What's bulls**t is i deposited $400 and got $200 in bonus cash but they failed to tell me my initial deposit of $400 requires a 12x rollover as well. That is super shady, i would've never requested the bonus if i knew that as i won $650 yesterday and wanted to get my initial money via bitcoin but they kept cancelling say my entire bankroll requires 12x rollover and there's nothing i can do about it so i need to turn $400 into $12K. I like them so far but i will never take another bonus, what a bunch of crap!
Anthony commented: 11 Nov 2018
Absolute trash. The people are disrespectful. I understand sending in 2 forms of identification for security purposes, but playing phone tag only to get some idiot who tells you to go elsewhere, because you said the process was "stupid" is just pure nonsense. They don't deserve business at all. Also have friends who said the same thing. Very arrogant bunch.
Kevin C commented: 30 Jan 2018
I have been a customer with Heritage for over 7+ years. I was a customer that was acquired when they purchased The Greek accounts. I will share something that is not taken into consideration on many sportsbook review sites. Customer service reps they hire are competent in handling wagering, clearly spoken English and polite. I even can say that they saved my marriage. Wife found a receipt for a $ transfer in my jeans pocket. Transfer was to a female name. Wife accused me of sending money to a girlfriend in another country due to the female name given to me to fund my account. It got real hot with lamps being thrown at me. Got a heritage rep on the phone to explain the process to the wife and that the name was not a girlfriend but a heritage rep with a female name. Marriage saved. I have had zero issues requesting payouts. I have had multiple withdraws. I don't take any bonus offers so I am not held to any payout rules except deposit clearing times. Too many people I hear complain about payouts when they didn't follow a sportsbook rules for bonus offers. Bonus offers come with rules and delays. I never take a bonus on my deposits so Heritage has never caused me any issues with payouts. I shoot straight and they treat me like a customer should be treated. Lines are always respectable...Website is clean and easy to navigate. They don't take everybody as a customer but if you are invited, offered or able to join I would highly recommend
Bill commented: 24 Jan 2018
I was a long time customer. Lost a lot of money. Rallied a bit from 06 through 08, never had a problem with payouts. Then they promoted this guy named " Gabe" to G.M. Not at all Customer friendly! A warning to all, never wager on futures with this book. I had 3 terrible experiences. Very costly one in the NCAA tourney , around 2010. They offered a matchup for the final game for 1000 to 1 for an 8 vs 9 seed, this was prior to the start of the tourney. I had placed a number of wagers and had 2 dollars left. Kentucky and UCONN were 8 and 9 seeds. Prior to the sweet sixteen I got an e-mail accusing me of cheating, taking advantage of a line that was " a mistake" they adjusted the line to 100 to 1. Instead of winning 2k I won 200! Another horror story, had 2 baseball season total winners both over by 8 and 10 games. Ruling was no action because each only played 161 games. Ever book in the world requires only 160 for action. That was it for me, So player be aware, they'll cheat you
Lance commented: 27 Nov 2017
I lost about $15,000 at heritage and they were always happy to call and have me reup. During September, I caught fire and won $5,000 back. I requested a payout and they said ok they would review. After two days, they sent the payout. So far so good. I logged into my account and they disabled it for me to call in. When I called in they said they were lowering my limits to $100 limit on all games. Ridiculous. I would stay away from them. Go to bookmaker or 5 dimes or even bovada.
Kellie commented: 26 Oct 2017
Heritage will lower your limits to $50 or $100 per wager or kick you out if they deem you to be a consistent winner.
LONNIE commented: 17 Oct 2017
I've been with Heritage for a while now and they are an excellent sportsbook. I love some of there promotions such as a "get out of your bet at halftime" which is exactly as it sounds you can make a straight bet and if you don't like the way its going you can cancel it at halftime. Its only offered on a few games but how can you go wrong with a deal like that. I just wish I could find a place that offered reduced juice on halftime wagers. I miss those from when Pinnacle allowed US players.
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