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Fast Payout Gambling Sites for 2021

Rank VA Gambling Site Sign Up Bonus Get Started
#1 125% up to $2,500 Visit Site
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Online gambling is a thriving global pastime with thousands of gaming operators – lawful and unlawful alike – competing every day to provide their services to you, the player. It can be a real challenge figuring out which site is the best to join; plus, the criteria for what makes a website one of “the best” may differ from person to person.

Well, one factor the team of gaming industry experts at has found is that fast payouts always play an essential role in terms of customer satisfaction. Whether we’re talking about a quick payout online casino or sportsbook, the ability to swiftly withdraw money from a user’s betting account tells us quite a bit about the online gambling site operator.

Even beyond keeping the consumer happy, payout timelines give us a view into the type of organization being run behind the website and helps us to determine legitimacy.

To rapidly process cash-out requests, most fast payout gambling sites employ large customer service teams or specialize in a specific payment type. It also means they avoid certain unethical practices that are found throughout the online gambling industry involving the misuse of payout delays.

We’ll get more into that later in this guide; in the meantime, we should highlight why the websites featured on our list of recommendations above got there.

Qualities of the Gambling Sites We Recommend

While the fast payout gambling sites shared at the top of this page obviously specialize in helping customers cash out their winnings quickly, they also have to excel in numerous other ways. Any betting website found here has been researched and vetted for the following qualities.

Safety, Trustworthiness, and Reliability

As always, the first – and most important – gambling site quality that our team of experts focuses on is that the operator is a running a legitimate, safe, and secure website. If you open an account with a scam betting location, you won’t need to worry about their payout speeds, as they’re never going to send you any money regardless.

Our team digs into a fast payout gambling site’s history, examining customer reviews, their reputation in the industry, and if there are any patterns of bad behavior in the past. The gaming websites we share with you have proven to be ethical and reliable to offer a fair gambling experience, including allowing players to win and cash out.

Mobile Compatibility/Ease of Use

These days, a significant portion of the global population accesses the internet primarily through their mobile device(s). That’s why we consider a fast payout gambling site’s compatibility with these alternative methods in our rankings, rather than just focusing on how they’re presented via computers and laptops.

Many of our recommended operators even offer mobile apps to streamline their services further and increase ease of use. This becomes much more crucial for fast payout sports betting sites, where customers may need to quickly locate and execute a wager before the odds are pulled from the board.

Convenient Banking Methods

We also look for betting websites that provide a variety of banking options to users or are generally advantageous for bettors funding their accounts. In some regions, gamblers may be limited in their choices by local laws and regulations, so having access to alternative ways of depositing and withdrawing money between their banking and the online gambling site is their only way to play.

However, there are times when a gaming website will specialize in a single transaction type – typically, with the ability to process payouts or deposits faster than the average timeline. There’s a place for these providers in our recommendations as well, so it often just depends on what you’re looking for.

Bonus Programs and Loyalty Rewards

We also like to pass along the fast payout gambling sites that offer readers excellent bonuses and loyalty rewards programs. In many cases, you can double your bankroll before ever making a single wager! Most of the deposit bonuses offer to match 100% of the initial transfer, though you should read the conditions, as there are some strings attached.

Loyalty rewards can be quite valuable as well. These gifts come in the form of merchandise, gift certificates, cash back, and a wide range of other prizes and perks given in appreciation of your business. Depending on how much money you gamble on average and the frequency with which you bet, these rewards can grow as large as vacation packages or vehicles.

The Importance of Fast Payout Speeds

As we mentioned previously, there’s more to fast payout speeds than the convenience of being able to use your cash sooner. That’s certainly an enormous part of it, but it also gives us some insight into the type of company being run behind the scenes. Let’s take a look at just how important these timelines are and why we want the gambling sites with the fastest payouts.

Speaks to Site Legitimacy

Most of the serious red flags that alert us to rogue gaming operations involve issues with withdrawal requests. Depending on the type of scam you’re dealing with, they usually go in one of two ways.

If the site exists for pure thievery, you probably won’t get the opportunity to even ask for your money. Either the odds will be rigged against you from the start or any withdrawals will simply be ignored until the website just disappears one day, leaving all of their victims without any avenue to recover their cash.

The other practice, which is far more common, is sometimes even done by betting sites which are licensed in a legal jurisdiction. What they’ll do is use a series of obstacles such as low payout limits, slow processing timelines, and occasionally nonsense accusations to drastically slow any flow of money away from the website.

A common tactic is to accuse the bettor of “being a pro” or cheating in some other absurd way, which is used to either cancel the wager entirely or send the customer into a time-consuming review process. Even if you eventually receive some money, the longer they delay, the longer the cash sits in their accounts, during which time they may earn interest on it, or you may grow bored and start placing more bets rather than cashing out.

It’s also possible for delays to be caused by disorganization and a broken corporate structure.

Much of the financials can be handled automatically or by third-party processors these days, but there’s usually at least one representative between you and the banking transactions. For example, there’s a customer service department that approves the requests before the funds are released from accounting or the third-party payment service.

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Less Temptation

Thinking back to how delayed processing speeds can harm the customer, gambling sites with the fastest payouts also help gamblers to avoid temptation. Even if a betting website doesn’t have harmful intentions or dishonest business practices, slow responses to withdrawals can lead to players growing impatient and throwing away their winnings before ever getting them into a personal bank account.

Once the transaction is in motion, the pull to bet those earnings doesn’t matter, as they’re already out of the site account and on the way to you. But it’s that period between your request and the execution of it where the danger lies. Isn’t it better to have instant or near-instant payouts that minimize the odds of this happening to you?

Well-Staffed Customer Service Departments

As we stated in the “speaks to site legitimacy” sub-section, quick turnaround times on payout requests speak to a well-staffed and/or diligent customer service department. If they’re reliably fast at responding to those transactions, chances are the same effort will be put towards other issues with the site, software, or anything else as well.

Few things in life are more frustrating than when you have a problem and can’t get a human being to hear you out and help solve it. We’ve all been stuck on nightmarish never-ending phone menus or grown angry as important emails have gone ignored by big businesses.

While this may not apply 100% of the time, a gambling site with fast payouts is less likely to put you in the aforementioned upsetting situations, as their competence in paying out bettors usually extends to all customer service issues.

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It’s Your Money!

The title of this sub-section says it all! At the end of the day, moving your funds from the betting site into your personal accounts shouldn’t be a hassle because it’s your money; you earned it.

Imagine if you opened a checking account with a bank that took a week to give you cash. And worse yet, they would charge a fee anytime you paid with your debit card. Nobody would ever do their banking with an institution that withheld their hard-earned money this way.

Now, obviously, there are some differences when it comes to gaming websites. Different laws and requirements may slow down the system somewhat, but ultimately it comes down to one thing: a business should help its customers gain access to their cash as efficiently and effortlessly as possible rather than lording over it and acting as gatekeeper.

Banking Methods and Fast Payouts

Something to keep in mind: payout speeds are frequently determined by the banking method you’re using. While the gambling sites with the fastest payouts can commit resources to speed these timelines up, there’s only so much they can do with some forms of payment.

For example, if you request a paper check or a transfer to certain e-wallets, there will be delays regardless of how quickly the website handles their part of the transaction.

In this section, we’ll give an overview of common deposit/withdrawal methods, including the average lengths of time required to complete the transactions.

Banking Method Estimated Transfer Time
Credit Card 2-3 days
Debit Card 2-3 days
Bitcoin 10-120 minutes
E-Wallet 1-2 days
eCheck 24-48 hours
Check 3-7 days

Credit Card

Credit cards are one of the most popular ways to fund a player’s online gambling account. Not only do they offer increased consumer security and protections, but they’ll also step in on their behalf over disputes. Plus, the transactions are almost always cleared immediately, allowing the player instant access to begin wagering.

The problem is, you can’t withdraw money onto credit cards. They don’t operate like other banking accounts where you can merely drop cash in at any time; you have to make payments. So, while they’re a preferred method of deposit, you’ll need to send payouts elsewhere.

Debit Card

The availability of debit cards for deposits and withdrawals depends on your location. In the United States, for example, this option is unavailable due to federal gambling laws which restrict banking institutions from allowing payments between their account holders and known gaming operations. In other jurisdictions, debit cards are a straightforward and widely-used method of payment.

Often, the payout speeds for this transaction are determined by the customer’s bank. The fastest payout online gambling site may approve the transfer of funds immediately, but the recipient needs time to process and make the cash available. On average, these withdrawals take 2-5 days from the time of a request.


While the Bitcoin market isn’t what it was in the summer and fall of 2017, cryptocurrencies still play a vital role in the online gambling site industry. They allow the player to fund their account without handing over much personal information, are a safe and secure way to move money, and allow for instant transactions.

If you plan on using Bitcoin or another crypto coin, you may want to consider betting sites that specialize in these forms of payment specifically. They’ll have plenty of the currency on hand to transfer cash-outs into your crypto wallet immediately. Now, from there, changing the coins in your wallet into dollars will require some additional steps that may take several days.

However, it isn’t always necessary to exchange your Bitcoins for cash. Cryptocurrency is becoming more acceptable as a payment method online and at land-based vendors, plus leaving them in your wallet could increase your earnings if the coins begin to gain value again – which they eventually should, since the blockchain is a revolutionary technology still in its early stages.


E-wallets give gamblers another way to finance their hobby without getting their personal bank involved. Rather than supplying your account information online, you merely have to link your e-wallet. In the United States, PayPal is the largest such payment processor, although they adhere to federal laws applying to banks and prohibit transferring money to known gambling sites.

Still, there are plenty of others who will gladly act as the go-between and help to move payouts and deposits both. On average, these transactions need 3-5 days to complete. The e-wallets are usually responsible for this delay, not the fast payout gambling sites.


An eCheck is similar to using a debit card, only the funds move directly from your checking account into your bankroll on the betting website. Instead of providing the numbers on your card, you use your bank’s routing and personal checking account numbers. Similarly, this banking method is not allowed for bettors in the United States.

Once you’ve set up the initial payment process, the use of eChecks is one of the quicker and easier ways to deposit and receive payouts. On average, it only takes 1-3 days for the cash to hit a customer’s account after requesting a withdrawal.

Paper Check

If you’re distrusting of online financial transactions or like to keep it old-school, paper checks are always another option. Since these require a physical check to be printed, signed, and then mailed through the post, the entire process is prolonged compared to the others.

Keep in mind that many of these websites are located offshore, which dramatically adds to the time required before you get your hands on a physical check. On average, expect between 2-3 weeks before you’re able to deposit your paper check.

The Wrap-Up

Hopefully, you now appreciate just how significant speedy payout speeds really are. For many players, a negative experience trying to withdraw money can leave a permanent bitter taste in their mouth towards internet-based gaming. That’s why we’ve searched out the online gambling sites with the fastest payout speeds and produced them in an easy-to-share list of recommendations – as found at the top of this page.

We want our readers to experience the best that betting websites have to offer, and we believe that can be found in our recommendations. These fast payout gambling sites have proven themselves legitimate and now lead the industry in processing timelines. It’s your cash, after all. Shouldn’t you be allowed to access it as soon as possible?