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Zcash Gambling Sites


Welcome to our complete guide to Zcash gambling sites. We’re going to show you the best sites to gamble with Zcash, the pros and cons of using this crypto to gamble online, and tell you a little more about Zcash too.

We understand that some of you might already know about Zcash and have already made a decision to use it for gambling online. If that’s you, navigate straight to the table below and pick one of our approved sites.

On the other hand, if you’re still learning about gambling with cryptos and would like to learn more about this particular one, stick around and read what’s written below. You’ll find a wealth of information that can help you make a decision about whether or not gambling with Zcash is for you.

  • CoinBet24
  • Bookmaker
  • 1xBet
  • Fortune Jack
  • 1xSlot
  • Bitstarz
  • mBit
  • Zecvideocasino

Why Are These the Best Zcash Gambling Sites?

You’d have to be a fool to just take someone at their word on the web, wouldn’t you? That’s why we’re so keen to explain to our valued readers why we recommend the sites we do. We want to build the most transparent gambling site on the internet, and in keeping with that spirit, these are the reasons we feel the above are the top Zcash gambling sites on the web.

They Offer Casino Games, Sports Betting, and More

Some of the sites on our recommended list are what we call “specialist sites” which focus on serving one type of gambler – e.g., casino players or sports bettors. However, the majority of them offer multiple services. You’ll find some sites that have casinos, sportsbooks, poker rooms, and even crypto dice games.

Whatever a site offers, we make sure it’s of world-class standard. Sportsbooks will offer fair lines and allow you to bet on a wide range of sports. Casinos will offer slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, and more with verified payouts. Poker sites will offer hold’em, Omaha, and other variants with buy-ins to suit all bankrolls and will run on the best poker networks.

Our experts have been around since the early days of online gambling, so we know a thing or two about it. That’s why we sincerely recommend checking out our gambling site reviews before making a decision about which site to play at. Go ahead and check some of them out – you might just learn something.

Payouts Are Fast, and Fees Are Low

We’ll get into the average Zcash transaction time later, but for now, let’s just say it’s a fast cryptocurrency. It’s not the absolute fastest, but it certainly makes mincemeat out of any service the banks can offer. The fees are also next to nothing.

Given that these are two of the main advantages of Zcash casinos, it becomes extra important to recommend cryptocurrency gambling sites that pay out quickly and don’t charge an arm and a leg in withdrawal fees. If they did, it would cancel out two of the main benefits of using Zcash to gamble online.

The sites we recommend have a maximum pending period of 48 hours, and even that’s on the slow side. The best Zcash gambling sites transfer your winnings to you on the same day you win.

Once the cashier clears them, they’ll travel across the Zcash network and land in your wallet in minutes.

They Treat You Like a VIP

Have you ever experienced an online gambling site where the support staff made you feel like an inconvenience or gave you the runaround? We have, and it isn’t a nice feeling.

Customer service is one of our most important ranking factors. If a casino or sportsbook takes ages to reply, doesn’t give direct answers, or is generally unhelpful, we send it to the bottom of our list.

If the support staff is helpful and friendly, and if you can reach them 24/7 via a variety of methods like live chat, email, and telephone helpline, the site will climb our casino table and end up near the top, all other things being equal.

What Is Zcash and How Does It Compare to Other Cryptocurrencies?

Gambling online with cryptocurrencies is a growing trend, so you might rightly wonder why Zcash is the right one to use. After all, there are thousands of cryptos now, so why Zcash? In this section, we’ll explain a little bit more about Zcash and explain a little about the technology underpinning it.

A Brief Summary of Zcash

Zcash is short for zero coin. It was created by scientists from several prestigious universities, including Johns Hopkins, MIT, the Israel Institute of Technology, and Tel Aviv University.

Zcash is what’s known as a “fork” of Bitcoin, meaning it’s built on the same original codebase. Its developers decided that they didn’t agree with some things about Bitcoin and decided to take the code and tweak it to create a privacy-focused cryptocurrency. The Zcash network was born on October 28th, 2016. Its lead developer is the famous American computer security specialist Zooko Wilcox.

Zcash is widely considered one of the best coins for those concerned with privacy. In fact, it’s so good that it’s the favorite coin of Edward Snowden. We think it’s safe to say he probably knows a thing or two about privacy and cryptography.

“Zcash for me is the most interesting right now because the privacy properties of it are truly unique, but we see more and more projects that are trying to emulate this, and I think this is a positive thing.” – Edward Snowden

Zcash uses advanced technology known as zk-SNARKs. We don’t need to get into too much detail about that here, but what you should know is that it makes transactions completely private and untraceable. Whereas the Bitcoin network records the wallet address of both the sender and receiver, as well as the amount sent, Zcash simply records that an unknown amount was sent from anonymous person one to anonymous person two.

That said, users always have the option of switching to “public” transactions if required by law or for business purposes.

For a real-time look at Zcash’s performance over the past six months, check out the graph below.

The Advantages of Zcash for Gamblers

Hopefully, by now you have a good idea of what Zcash is and why it’s such a popular cryptocurrency. Let’s now focus on what specific advantages it offers online gamblers.
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  • Privacy – This is probably the most obvious advantage of Zcash. If you want your gambling to be truly anonymous in a way that even Bitcoin can’t offer, Zcash is worth considering. Your transactions will be totally untraceable.
  • Speed – Zcash’s block time is 2.5 minutes. The network can handle 8x the number of transactions the Bitcoin network can, so it doesn’t jam. However, do keep in mind that when sending private transactions, it takes longer due to the need for your computer to encrypt the data before sending.
  • Liquidity – There are plenty of Zcash buyers, and it’s usually in the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap. This means you’ll be able to cash it out since there will almost always be people willing to buy it at any price point. There are hundreds of millions of dollars in the Zcash ecosystem.
  • Legitimacy – Zcash isn’t some fly by night crypto operation. It has an active development team run by world-class professionals. This is the real deal as far as cryptocurrencies are concerned. The network is super secure, and your funds will be safe on it.

The Disadvantages of Zcash for Gamblers

Zcash isn’t perfect. It isn’t a miracle currency. Like most things in life, it has some drawbacks. Let’s look at those now.
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  • Clarity – There are no specific laws prohibiting privacy coins, but that’s because there aren’t really any clear crypto laws, period. Governments could come out and ban privacy coins in an instant. If they do, you can expect the value of Zcash to tank. Storing your winnings in Zcash for long periods of time isn’t a good idea until legal clarification is provided.
  • Options – Many of the best gambling sites accept Zcash. However, you won’t have as many options as you would if you were using Bitcoin or Litecoin. Zcash is still somewhat of a “fringe” cryptocurrency.
  • Usability – Cryptos can be difficult to wrap your head around and use at the best of times. To be able to switch between “public” and “private” mode and know what you’re doing adds another technical hurdle into the mix. Zcash probably isn’t the best crypto for beginners.
  • Volatility – This is a disadvantage of all cryptocurrencies at present, so we don’t want to single Zcash out here. Cryptos can move violently up or down in value against the USD and other fiat currencies. It’s best to cash out or spend your Zcash jackpots as quickly as possible. Then again, if you like gambling, this volatility could be seen as an extra thrill.

Is It Legal to Gamble with Zcash?

There are two parts to this question:

1 – Is it legal to gamble online in your country?
2 – Is it legal to use Zcash?

Since we don’t know where you’re reading from, we can’t say for sure that it’s legal to gamble online in your country. If it is, then you have nothing to worry about. You can check out our online gambling laws page if you’re not sure about this.

However, we can say that no country has outright banned Zcash. Therefore, if it’s legal to gamble online in your country, it’s legal to do so with Zcash. It’s no different than betting with any other currency.

If you use Zcash regularly, it would be wise to keep an ear to the ground for news on cryptocurrency regulations. They’re expected in most countries in the next couple of years, and when they’re released, they may have something to say about the use of untraceable cryptocurrencies like this one.

If you do win a large Zcash jackpot and want to cash it out, it would be a good idea to talk to a qualified accountant first. There are complex tax laws surrounding cryptocurrencies which differ from country to country. To keep things 100% legal, just give a professional a call and see what your options and obligations are.

Can I Use Zcash Gambling Sites on My Mobile?

Yes, it’s perfectly possible to use Zcash gambling sites on all modern iOS and Android phones and tablets.

However, there is one specific issue regarding Zcash which mobile users should be aware of – the limited number of user-friendly wallets.

Zcash developers are working on this, and the reference wallet should be available soon. This is said to be extremely user-friendly and has all of the privacy features of Zcash desktop wallets.

Of course, if you plan to keep your Zcash on a cryptocurrency exchange, spend it straight from your casino wallet, or convert it to BTC to store, this won’t be of much concern to you.

Is Zcash Better Than Bitcoin for Gambling?

Each coin has its advantages and disadvantages. However, in most respects, Zcash offers online gamblers more than BTC.


It’s faster, transactions cost less, and it’s 100% private. However, fewer gambling sites accept it, and it’s harder to get your hands on. That about sums up the BTC vs. Zcash debate from a gambler’s point of view.

How Can I Get Zcash?

If you’ve made your mind up to give Zcash gambling sites a try, the first step is to get some.

The best way to do this is on a cryptocurrency exchange. There are very few exchanges that sell Zcash for fiat currencies. One such exchange is the well-known Gemini exchange run by the Winklevoss twins.

If you don’t have access to a Zcash-USD exchange, you can buy Bitcoin on Coinbase, send it to Binance, and trade BTC for Zcash there.

If you’re really lucky, perhaps you know someone who has Zcash and will sell it to you for cash.