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A Guide to Gambling in Algeria

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The People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria is a North African country located in the Maghreb region of the continent. The nation is home to roughly 40 million residents scattered across 48 provinces and occupying a total area of 919,595 square miles, making Algeria the tenth-largest country in the world and the largest in Africa.

Gambling in Algeria is prohibited, except for a few specific instances when revenues from state-sanctioned lotteries and sports betting are used to fund social welfare and public projects. The nation is almost entirely Muslim — primarily of the Sunni faith, basing their legal system on Sharia law, which forbids betting.

Fortunately, offshore operators have historically been available to players without much risk of being caught or punished.

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The website domains listed above operate out of licensed and regulated jurisdictions. Since there aren’t any legal Algeria gambling sites, these international operators who accept customers from everywhere are the best options. While these providers may be “offshore” for residents of Algeria, their local regulatory authorities ensure a fair, honest, and legitimate experience for users of any country.

Why These Are the Top Online Gambling Sites in Algeria

Variety of Banking Methods

For players accessing foreign gambling sites in Algeria, having multiple banking options is a must. There are no local operators, and offshore providers do not accept the Algerian Dinar as payment. Plus, the country’s banking institutions may block transactions occurring between their account holders and known online gambling websites.

Our readers located in regions such as Algeria will need access to a wide variety of banking methods, primarily third-party payment processors such as Neteller, Skrill, and some credit cards — namely Visa and Mastercard. Cryptocurrencies may also offer a straightforward method for exchanging currency and making a deposit without visibility to Algerian authorities.

Fast Payouts

There are strong correlations between average payout speeds and legitimacy/quality of the top Algerian gambling sites. One of the classic tell-tale signs that a gaming operator is slipping into unethical practices is that their withdrawal timelines will gradually start to lengthen.

Scammers will ignore requests and delay payouts in hopes that you’ll grow bored and spend it in their casino instead of waiting. Others become a hassle, making you chase down your money until they get around to cashing you out.

The top gambling sites — like those listed above — hire a full customer service department that will process your withdrawal requests promptly, and they have adequately-funded accounts in several payment types, allowing them to complete your transfer quickly.

Positive History and Reputation

Our experts spend countless hours vetting online gambling sites and the corporations or owners behind them. The comprehensive review process includes researching their backgrounds and ensuring there are no sketchy connections to questionable operators or websites that have been blacklisted or involved in scams in the past.

Further steps include analyzing customer reviews and public complaints as well as other domains’ blacklists. We make an effort to cover all bases so that we know any of the Algerian gambling sites recommended to our readers will have a positive reputation and a history of satisfied players.

Friendly to Winners

Another significant variable involved in determining and calculating our online gambling site recommendations is how they treat winners. Our team makes an effort to avoid providers who show a pattern of canceling wagers and locking user accounts that have been too successful.

They’ll accuse the player of being a professional and use that rationale to decline their payout. The house already has the odds on their side; we want to play with online casinos and sportsbooks that handle their losses as well as their wins.

Ease of Use

High-quality, professional design is another meaningful factor included when finding the best Algeria gambling sites. Navigating the pages should be straightforward and the different varieties of games and wagers easy to find.

Many of the online casinos these days have a beautiful visual element that seriously ramps up the fun with exciting themes and thrilling bonus games, blending the experience of slots with playing video games.

Is Gambling in Algeria Legal?

**Disclaimer: The following legal overview is for informational purposes only. The regulatory situation in Algeria and the government’s enforcement of the laws may change at any time. Actions that have gone unmonitored to date could potentially be punished in the future. **

No; gambling is banned in Algeria in accordance with Sharia law. There are only a few select gambling activities that are legal, all of which are used to fund public services and beneficial causes. With a 40% tax on all winnings, the handful of allowed ways to bet are closer to charity than they are gambling.

The Quran
Sharia Law

Article 222 of the Algerian Family Code of 1984 dictates that Sharia law will be the nation’s legal foundation upon which the rest of the system is built. The government has the standard series of written penal codes, constitution, and a modern, sophisticated justice system but maintains strict adherence to the teachings of the Quran.

Considering the North African nation’s population is approximately 98% Muslim — the Sunni being the dominant local branch — we won’t be getting any closer to a regulated, legal Algerian gambling industry anytime soon.

Laptop gambling icon
Online Gambling

Included in the country’s many restrictions is a ban on online gambling. There are no licensed Algerian gambling sites, nor are there any web-based gaming services hosted within the North African nation’s borders.

Government officials weren’t satisfied with merely restricting services inside of Algeria, however. Throughout the last decade, they’ve been censoring websites believed to contribute to moral degeneracy. Online gambling sites are included in that category, and Algerian ISPs make an effort to block offshore domains.

While using foreign gambling sites in Algeria is illegal, the laws are written in a way that only focuses on the provider, not the individual player.

The punishments for offering casino games are applied to executives, employees, affiliates, and anyone involved with the running of a casino or gambling site in Algeria. Being convicted carries a prison sentence of between three and twelve months and a fine ranging from 500 to 20,000 Algerian Dinar. In US dollars, that only amounts to between $4.18 and $167.38, respectively.

For you, there are no such fines or sentences defined in the penal code. Similar to what we see in other regions with gambling prohibitions — such as China and Russia — residents of Algeria that wish to access blocked domains frequently do so using VPNs.

However, you should still be cautious. While Algerian gambling laws don’t specify any punishments for individual bettors, that doesn’t mean authorities can’t use other statutes in their massive legal code to bring charges. There are numerous laws with relatively loose definitions that could be used to justify arresting gamblers. Thus far, the government has shown no interest in doing so.

lottery ticket

The national lottery is one of the only legal forms of gambling in Algeria. It’s run by Pari Sportif Algérien (PSA), the single licensed operator. PSA enjoys a monopoly of the lottery market, as it’s the only provider found to comply with regulatory and religious requirements.

There are two legal lottery games: Loto Mohtaref and Loto Erriadhi. Both are played on scratch tickets and involve picking either 7/35 or 6/49 odds respectively. If all of your numbers match, you win the jackpot — although your winnings will be taxed at 40%, which is withheld from the payout.

There are no authorized online platforms for the national lottery.

horse jumper
Horse Racing

Horse racing is another legal betting activity. Races are organized by Société des Courses Hippiques et du Pari Mutuel, and wagers must be made live at the racetrack. Horse race gambling in Algeria is a vital part of the people’s history. Nine tracks are in operation within the country, offering odds on both traditional horse races as well as a sport called “trotting.”

Types of Sports Betting Logos
Sports Betting

Limited forms of sports betting are allowed in Algeria and are provided by Pari Sportif Algérien (PSA), the same group regulating the lotteries. Citizens can purchase some very basic sports wagers at designated land-based lottery shops.

How Algerian Gambling Is Regulated

As we detailed previously, gambling in Algeria is ultimately regulated by Sharia law. The specific piece of legislation that puts the nation’s Islamic values at the center of its legal system is called the Algerian Family Code — Article 222, which was enacted in 1984. In accordance with the Quran, all games of chance are considered unlawful.

There are no regulatory authorities in the country that specifically monitor and license the local gaming industry. The relevant laws and codes are merely part of the penal code and enforced by Algeria’s law enforcement agencies.

The Penal Code – Part VI Articles 165-169

In addition to the Algerian Family Code, which regulates gambling — and all things — through Sharia law, gaming is addressed in the country’s penal code, specifically in Part VI, Articles 165 through 169. This is where the law defines specific illegal behaviors, in addition to the punishments and fines levied on guilty parties.

All of the language in the articles targets providers of Algerian gambling sites or land-based betting shops. The individual bettor is never addressed. The sentencing thresholds apply to anyone employed by or taking part in illegal gaming operations, threatening a 3- to 12-month prison sentence in addition to a fine between 500 – 20,000 Algerian Dinar.


There is no concrete licensing regime for Algeria gambling sites or land-based operations. The government has permitted a few select organizations to host a handful of skill-based forms of betting for the purposes of raising charitable funds, but there isn’t an official application process, nor is there a road to legalization for other groups.


An essential piece of Algeria’s gambling regulations is the tax rate. All winnings earned through betting are subject to a 40% tax, and losses are not deductible. The prizes are each taxed individually, no matter the value.

When you’re using an offshore Algerian gambling site, you may want to keep the tax requirements in mind. While your dues won’t be withheld or reported to the local government, if the authorities ever did take an interest in your online betting habits, you could potentially be charged with tax evasion.

This is an improbable scenario, but it’s worth remembering. If you’re an exceptionally stand-up citizen, you could even send the government 40% of any payouts received from your favorite Algerian gambling sites to avoid breaking additional laws beyond accessing the domain.

Potential Regulatory Changes

It should be noted that the North African country’s lawmakers are considering addressing some of the loopholes enjoyed by gamblers. There have been discussions regarding the legality of using VPNs as well as proposed legislation criminalizing evading government filters to access banned Algeria gambling sites.

If either of these measures is signed into law, we’d advise you to stop gambling online. The punishments will probably be characteristically strict with required prison time and steep fines. Be mindful of any local announcements concerning a change in Algeria’s gaming regulations.

Algeria’s History with Gambling

Algeria’s first horse racing tracks are established in the African territory, while still under the colonial rule of the French.

A decree is signed legalizing lotteries in Algeria for the first time.

The Algerian Handball Championship is established and becomes one of the country’s favorite sports. Handball is one of the sporting events residents may bet on through Pari Sportif Algérien (PSA).

Betting on races organized abroad is outlawed, dealing a heavy blow to Algeria’s horse race betting industry.

The Algerian Family Code is passed, making Sharia law the basis for the country’s regulatory framework. This piece of legislation is responsible for banning gambling since the Quran forbids betting.

Ministerial decree no 98-257 sets into law the regulatory requirements for internet service providers to begin blocking access to immoral or offensive material if need be.

The Algerian lottery is reintroduced with a 40% tax on winnings, used to fund social welfare causes.

Internet censorship is enacted in Algeria, initially in response to an opposition political movement. These rules are now used to block all websites believed to threaten public decency and morality.

The decree requiring ISPs to block specific domains is repealed, but censorship of gambling domains as well as material that threatens public order and morality persists.

13 million Algerians have access to the internet, representing 25% of the total population. As this number continues to grow, so too will citizens’ engagement with gambling activities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is gambling legal in Algeria?

No; since 1984, the country has followed Sharia law, which prohibits Muslims from gambling. The government allows for a couple of lotteries, some minor sports betting, and horse racing — with all of the profits going towards funding public projects.

Is it legal for residents of Algeria to use offshore gambling sites?

While the sites are blocked by Algeria’s internet service providers, the current laws do not expressly prohibit using a VPN to circumvent the filters, nor do they assign any criminal behavior to individual bettors. However, there have been discussions about outlawing the use of VPNs and evading government censors alike.

Are gambling winnings taxed in Algeria?

Yes, at an extraordinarily high 40% rate. The colossal cuts taken from all gambling winnings are the reason these betting activities are even permitted. They limit the size of the prizes received by citizens, since Muslims are forbidden to seek riches from gambling, and are used to finance charitable works and other beneficial public projects.

What are the legal risks of playing at an offshore gambling site in Algeria?

At the moment, there are no clearly defined legal risks for players visiting foreign gambling sites in Algeria. The language in the penal code concerns gaming operators exclusively.

However, since betting is illegal under Sharia law, the government could still punish individual bettors arbitrarily if they so choose. Other statutes concerning tax evasion, morality, and public order could potentially be interpreted to punish a single player if the authorities wanted to crack down.

Historically, there has been zero indication that they would want to do that, however. There are no public cases of any bettors being punished for merely using an offshore gambling site.