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The 6 Step Guide to Gambling for Busy People

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Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean that you can’t spend a little time gambling. But you have to be careful to not lose too much money.

If you want to win when you gamble it takes a lot of prep time. But you can still use the 6 steps in this article to improve your odds, even if you don’t have time to work on your game.

Instead of taking the time to figure out how to win, you have to focus on limiting your losses and picking the right gambling activities, which you can do in just a few minutes.

1 – The Busy Gambler Budget

The most important step if you’re a busy gambler is to set a bankroll, or budget. While most gamblers need to use a long term bankroll, as a busy gambler, your most important limit is your loss budget or loss limit.

When you’re busy you can’t spend enough time learning the best strategies to win. Instead, you need to do everything you can to control your losses. You can win sometimes as a busy gambler, but the odds of winning overall are slim.


Setting a budget is easy. Simply decide what the maximum amount that you’re willing to lose is and set this amount as your budget. You can create a new budget for every gambling outing.

If the maximum amount you’re willing to lose is $300 and you decide to play video poker, you put $300 in the machine. You stop playing when you reach your time limit, which is covered in the third section of this article, or when you run out of money on the machine.

Depending on your time limit, this gives you the best chance to maximize your playing time and win every once in a while.

2 – Live Casinos, Mobile Casinos, and Online Casinos

The fastest way to gamble is to use an online casino or a mobile casino. But some gamblers prefer to play in land based casinos, or can’t gamble for real money in online or mobile casinos for 1 reason or another. Here are some quick tips for each of these 3 options.

If you decide to gamble in a land based casino, try to find out where the games you want to play are located before you arrive. This can save you time. Look on the web site for the casino or call ahead and ask.

Online Gambler

The other thing you should do when you gamble in a land based casino is take a few minutes to join the player’s club. This way you earn rewards when you do get a chance to gamble.

If you decide to play in an online or mobile casino, the steps are basically the same. Do some research about each casino you’re considering to make sure they take good care of their players and run honest games. Most of the available casinos meet both of these requirements.

Then you need to take a close look at the terms of the bonuses these casinos offer. Some bonuses have good terms, but most have poor terms. You’re often better off not taking an online or mobile casino bonus.

3 – Budgeting Your Gambling Time

If you’re busy you probably already have a good idea of how much time you have available for gambling. But even if this is the case, you still need to set a strict time budget for gambling.


The good news is that this is easy to do, and it’s easy to keep track of your gambling time. Almost everyone carries a phone of some sort, and phones give you the ability to set an alarm.

If you set aside 3 hours for gambling, simply set an alarm for 3 hours when you start playing. Unless you run out of money before your 3 hours are up, stop playing immediately when your alarm goes off. When you run out of money in your session budget before your alarm goes off, you stop playing then.

When you use a strict budget for your gambling session and use a strict time limit, you have complete control over the maximum amount of time and money you’re going to spend. As you learn which games give you the best chance to win and learn the best strategies for these games, your budget will last longer and you can play longer if you have more time.

4 – Video Poker – The Best Option

Video poker is the best option for many busy gamblers. You can get a high return when you play video poker if you know the best machines to play and know the best strategy for the particular machine. In fact, a video poker machine often offers the highest return in the casino.

The only downsides to video poker games for busy gamblers are that you have to use the correct strategy and find the best pay tables in order to get the highest returns. But there are ways that can save you time in both of these areas.

Video Poker Screens

Video poker strategy can be used by finding a strategy chart for the exact game that you’re playing. If you don’t know which games are available where you plan to gamble, you can get a set of strategy charts that cover the popular variations.

Figuring out the best pay tables for each machine takes a little more time, because you have ti send time researching how well each pay table does in the rate of return area. But once you learn what pay tables to look for you don’t have to waste time learning it again.

5 – Baccarat Is the Easiest Option

While I stand by the information in the last section that video poker is the best option overall, the truth is that baccarat might be the best gambling option for the people who are the busiest. You can learn the strategy for baccarat that gives you the best return in a couple seconds, and the long term return you get is better than almost every other gambling option.

You don’t have to look elsewhere to learn the right strategy for baccarat. All you have to do is bet the banker hand. Make this wager on every hand and you’re using the best available strategy.


The strategy and return for baccarat is the same if you play in a land based casino, online, or in a mobile casino. The casino even takes care of determining the commission on winning banker wagers, so all you have to do is make bets.

If you’re extremely limited on time and want to play a casino game, baccarat is your best option. But if you’re not stuck on playing a casino game, the option covered in the next section might be better.

6 – Consider the Lottery When You Have No Time

Lottery tickets aren’t the best way to gamble for most people. The long term returns for lottery games are simply terrible. But lottery games can be perfect for people that want to gamble but are too busy to play more traditional gambling games, like casino games.

The 2 best things about lottery tickets for busy gamblers are that you can pick up a ticket when you get gas or stop in a convenience store, so you don’t waste time, and you can play for a small amount of money.

Lottery Scratch Offs

It can take an hour or more of extra time to play in a land based casino. And even if you play in an online or mobile casino it’s easy to spend an hour or more playing. But picking up a lottery ticket literally only takes a couple minutes while you’re doing something else that you’re going to do anyway.

Lottery tickets are also the perfect way to limit your losses. You can buy lottery tickets every day of the week and invest less than $20 for the entire week. When you buy tickets to the big national lottery games you even have the chance to win millions.


It can cost you a lot of money if you gamble when you don’t have a lot of time to get prepared. But there are a few tricks you can use that can limit your losses, even if you can’t waste much time getting ready.

The first step is to set a solid budget and make smart use of the time you do have. The next step is figuring out if online, mobile, or live casino play fits your needs.

The final step is choosing a game that gives you either the best chance to win or that limits your losses the most that you can play with little preparation.