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6 Reasons to Gamble at the Cheapest Casino Table Possible

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People who gamble regularly have an ideal wager amount they like to place on each bet. That amount varies depending on who you ask, and it can be as small as a single dollar or as large as several thousands of dollars.

In a perfect world, a gambler’s bet size shouldn’t elicit feelings of discomfort. But some of the fun in gambling comes from the fact that players typically don’t know if they will win or lose.

So, the amount should still be somewhat significant. In other words, if you lose a hand, it won’t be the end of the world but it still stings just a bit.

Gamblers, specifically subpar and mediocre gamblers, sometimes don’t have a clear amount in their head before they start betting. Without a plan in place, they can end up losing more money a lot sooner than they anticipated.

That’s why gamblers who aren’t the most experienced or skilled should always try to gamble for as little money as possible per hand. In more appropriate terms, it’s always smart to find a table with a small minimum bet.

If you still need some convincing, here are six reasons to start gambling at the cheapest table possible.

1. You Can Stretch Your Budget

Let’s get one thing straight: Some gamblers might be wasting their time at $5 blackjack tables. Professional card players, or high-quality players, may be better off at more expensive tables.

However, those who turn their noses up at cheaper tables can sometimes be the ones who should be taking advantage of them. There’s truly no reason to look down on cheap tables or, more importantly, anyone sitting around them.

Shaming someone for their bet or unit size is ridiculous and should never be tolerated. Because of this, no one should feel embarrassed for scouting out an inexpensive table game.


Casinos should be a fun-filled experience. One of the simplest ways to make sure the fun doesn’t come to a grinding halt is by playing affordable table games.

When you decide to start out at a less expensive table, you can increase the amount of time you spend gambling. Even if you don’t perform well, your money will last a lot longer than it would under normal circumstances.

2. There’s Less Pressure

As a gambler’s bet size increases, so does the pressure that comes with each hand.

The pressure you feel while gambling is honestly one of its best features. As odd as it might seem, levels of uncertainty and even moderate stress are what draws people back into the experience.

But at some point, the line between moderate uncertainty and complete discomfort can be crossed. That line usually has a direct correlation to the amount of money a gambler has riding on a bet.

Once you cross that line, gambling can lose its entertainment value. Instead of getting to this point, you should try to take as much pressure off of yourself as possible. Truth be told, while some gamblers thrive under pressure, many perform worse.


The simplest way to make sure the good times keep rolling is by betting less money on each hand. While it might not always be the case, cheaper tables are often less anxiety-inducing.

It’s much easier to relax when you and your tablemates have less riding on each bet.

3. You Can Always Bet More Than the Table Minimum

Just because you’re playing at the cheapest table in the house doesn’t mean you can’t exceed the table minimum. Despite the seemingly obvious nature of this statement, this fact escapes certain gamblers.

Unskilled or inexperienced casino-goers are likely to make a slew of mistakes, some of which are excusable. But playing at tables they can’t afford is almost always inexcusable. Yet it happens all the time.

The best part of playing inexpensive casino games is the flexibility they provide.

Let’s say you want to bet $15 a hand, but the only open tables you can find have a $5 table minimum and a $25 table minimum. The obvious pick is the $5 table, yet some might not even consider it. Instead, they will bump their bet up to $10 per hand, putting themselves into an uncomfortable situation in the process.

Once the losses start piling up, there’s no way to lower your bet as you try to ride out a dry spell.

However, at the $5 table, a gambler could decrease their bet considerably until the losing streak comes to an end. Tables that provide financial flexibility and comfort should not be overlooked.

The gambling might not be as glamorous or high-leverage, but nothing’s less glamorous than losing your bankroll in record time.

4. Other Players Are Usually Easier to Deal With

In my experience, low-limit gambling is not only less tense, but also more easygoing. A primary reason for this is the type of people you’ll typically play alongside at these tables.

Lower table minimums attract a different type of gambler than those tables that are slightly less affordable. Low-limit tables are often full of casual, inexperienced, younger, and less intense gamblers.


This isn’t always the case, mind you. Sometimes, cheaper tables can be uncomfortable and tense depending on who you happen to encounter.

But a majority of the people at these tables are gambling for pure entertainment. That’s not to say that high-limit tables can’t be entertaining, but the players are often more serious and even impersonal.

Less experienced players don’t usually take themselves as seriously as other players, making it easier to settle into gambling at a particular table. It’s usually easier to enjoy a gambler’s company when they have $5 on the line as opposed to $500.

Gamblers who feel at ease usually perform better, making low-limit tables the optimal place to play.

5. More Hands Played = More Opportunity for Improvement

Having the opportunity to gamble at a legitimate casino is a rarity for many people, especially over the last year or so. Only 18 states have casinos, which means a majority of Americans can’t hop in their car on a whim when they feel like playing cards.

So, when those without easy access to a casino get to gamble, you should take advantage of the experience. In other words, you should get in as much responsible gambling as possible.

I added “responsible” there for a good reason. When certain gamblers are finally able to play after a lengthy hiatus, they can easily go overboard with their spending.

Many of you might be familiar with the saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do,” or perhaps the more pertinent, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

Both sayings, particularly the second one, are often used as motivation to live and gamble beyond one’s means when presented the opportunity.

While everyone should aspire to have as much fun as possible, it’s not necessary to spend a sizable amount.


By playing cheaper games, you can put yourself in the best position to gamble as much as possible.

The more you play, the better you get. The better you get the more money you’ll make. The main reason most of us go to the casino is to gamble, so why wouldn’t you try to get in as much gambling as possible?

6. Cheaper Tables Are Often More Entertaining

The final reason you should start playing less expensive games is arguably the most important. It also might be the most subjective, even biased.

Over the years, I’ve learned countless lessons and uncovered several truths about casinos. One of those truths is that there’s an inverse relationship between price per play and entertainment value.

In other words, the less money I bet on each hand, the more fun I have.

Winning money is likely the primary objective of a trip to the casino. But the experience should also be enjoyable, which is a fact that’s often overlooked.

Low-limit gambling is typically more entertaining for all of the reasons listed above.

Gambling outside of your comfort zone isn’t enjoyable for most people. Gamblers who either lack the skill or the means to hang around more expensive tables for a long period are better suited to start small.

Once you hone your skills and increase your bankroll, you can consider graduating to the more expensive games. If you choose to do so, you might catch yourself wishing you were sitting at the $5 table across the casino floor.


Everyone should partake in some low-limit gambling from time to time. Gamblers of all kinds, ranging from the most skilled to least experienced, will likely take something positive away from the experience.

Playing games with lower table minimums enables gamblers to stretch their bankrolls and play for as long as possible. Not only is low-limit gambling better for your bankroll, but it’s also less intense and can put less pressure on gamblers.

Whereas a cold streak at a high-limit table might end a gambler’s night, low-limit tables provide flexibility. You might think you’re more advanced than a $5 table, but you’ll appreciate the low minimum when you can’t seem to win a hand.

Finally, low-limit gambling is often more enjoyable and entertaining than its higher-priced counterparts.