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Is the Three-Reel Slot Still Relevant in Today’s Online Casinos?

Slot Machine With Three Reels

When was the last time you looked at the slots at an online casino?

You might have noticed that the majority of them are five-reel slots. These include games with many lines and various ways to win. Some of these games come with no lines while others let you win with right-to-left combinations. Don’t forget about the incredible progressive jackpots many offer.

When looking around, you may notice that there aren’t many three-reel slots. The earliest slot machines featured three reels and simple layouts, but they have declined in popularity over the years.

People seem to prefer five-reel slots. They have more ways to win and more interesting features. But that does not mean the three-reel slot is no longer relevant in today’s online casinos. You might find that modern three-reel games are more advanced than ever before.

A General History

The three-reel slot is also called the classic slot in some places. The game is akin to what you would have found in casinos of the past. Three-reel slots have been around since the late-nineteenth century.

Reels have been designed to include various symbols. Some of those casino slot machines can handle more than twenty symbols on a single reel, with some duplicate symbols appearing. These slots offer ten thousand combinations that can occur on a single spin.

While there are many ways to win on three-reel slots, five-reel slots have proven to be more enticing to many people. They’re easier to program, not to mention there are even more ways to win. Such a development has caused the classic variant to go out of style.

A Cheaper Option

On the surface, a three-reel slot looks like something you might have found at a casino in the mid-twentieth century. It might not have as many symbols or lines, and it certainly isn’t as flashy as modern machines. But as it turns out, it is an attractive game option for multiple reasons.

The cost factor is the first point to note. People appreciate three-reel slots because they don’t cost as much to play. Modern five-reel slots often require you to spend at least 50 cents per spin. Because there are so many paylines, it can be impossible to win big without spending more money.


A three-reel slot often uses one line. Therefore, you could spend significantly less on each spin. In fact, some machines only cost a penny per spin.

Three-reel slots are great for people who want to play something without spending too much.

Going Back to Basics

Another part of what makes a three-reel spin worthwhile is that it provides players with a simple approach. Some people, especially novices, may have trouble with five-reel slots because the rules can be confusing. Some people might struggle to figure out what certain symbols mean. It can also be difficult to determine what symbols you need for a payout. A three-reel layout is a simple game to play in comparison. You can more easily see when you’re a winner.

You might not see as many symbols on a three-reel slot as what you’d get elsewhere, but you can expect to find a few staples like the Bar and 7 symbols.

The values on these will vary by game, but you can always read the instructions at your machine to see what works.

Players often want games that aren’t overly complicated. Three-reel slots provide the thrill of a slot machine without being too elaborate.

Don’t Forget the RTP

The return to player or RTP percentages of three-reel slots is essential to note. For the most part, RTP percentages are pretty good on slots. You might find some machines with RTP values of 97 percent or greater.

A game with a higher RTP total will be more worthwhile, as it pays more money back to the player. When looking for a game to play, considering the RTP of each slot can help you choose.

Big Payouts

People assume that three-reel slots aren’t going to pay out as much as five-reel slots. But many three-reel slots provide attractive high-value jackpots. These include ones where people can win 10,000 times the value of a coin on a spin.

Some of these games include progressive jackpots. Such jackpots will keep rising until someone wins that total, and then will reset at zero


Whether you choose a three-reel or a five-reel slot, it’s important to remember that, while the possibility is always there, your chances of hitting the jackpot will always be slim.

But for many slot players, the thrill and excitement of the game is almost as satisfying as winning big.

Wrapping Up

Three-reel slots might seem outdated when you compare them to modern video slots. But that doesn’t mean those games aren’t worthwhile.

You’ll enjoy the thrill of a three-reel game, as it offers many ways to win. You’ll find that today’s three-reel slots are more advanced than ever before, and they have many features that you might not expect to find. . It’s no surprise that these older slot games aren’t as popular as they once were. But you’ll still find a lot of fun when taking a look at these three-reel slots at your favorite online casino.