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How to Improve Your Gambling Skills


Let’s be honest, if you’ve found your way to a website like LegitGamblingSites.com, you’re hoping to either find the best online betting sites or improve your gambling skills so that you win more often. On this page, I’m here to help you with the latter. If you’re new to casino games, you’ll want to pay close attention, as there’s lots of wrong information out there that people learn from movies or word of mouth from their idiot cousin.

The truth is, all table games and slots are based on pure probability equations. Depending on the game, each result has a specific likelihood of occurring, and in many cases, you have limited amounts of control over how things play out. However, many of the games do have optimized strategies that can give you the best chances possible to win money.

You may also want to choose the games you play carefully, especially if you’re a fan of slots and video poker machines. If those are what you like, you should be mindful of the return to player percentages the games are set at, and only play machines with an acceptable payout rate.

No matter what kind of casino activities you prefer, gambling is all about simple math.

In this article, I’ll discuss some of the ways in which you can reduce the house’s odds as much as possible and give yourself the best shot at winning money through playing by the numbers.

But remember, there’s no sure-fire way of beating the house when it comes to table games or slot machines. You can maximize your chances, but the casino will ultimately always retain the statistical advantage. If you want to bet based more on skill, in a game in which you’ll have some control over your destiny, I advise you to study up on poker. Sure, https://www.legitgamblingsites.com/online-poker/texas-holdem/”>Texas hold’em still involves a certain amount of luck and chance, but it’s far more skill-based than other casino games and allows you to play against civilians rather than the house exclusively.

Understand the Rules

This first rule may seem ridiculously obvious, but if you’ve ever spent any extended amounts of time in a casino, you’ll know that that’s not the case. In fact, most people just meander around the casino floor looking for games that catch their eye and sit down to play whenever they feel the mood hit them. I won’t say there’s necessarily anything wrong with this approach, especially not for people who just want to have a little fun without much concern for results.

But if you’re actually hoping to give yourself the best chances of winning, you’ll want to understand the rules of whichever game you’re playing completely. I don’t mean just knowing that the object of blackjack is to get 21.


You need to be familiar with all of the possible factors, including when the dealer must hit or stay, when you can split pairs, when you can double down, how buying insurance works, and everything else that goes along with the game strategy.

You may want to consider checking out the casino section of our site, where you can read some of the guides for blackjack, roulette, slot machines, poker, and all kinds of sports betting. They will help fill in any gaps in your knowledge and ensure you’re approaching the table with full confidence and a thorough understanding of what you’re doing.

Know the Probabilities

If you’re hoping to maximize your potential at the tables, knowing the probabilities at play for any given game is paramount. There’s no way to bet in a scientific way if you don’t already know the odds that you’re up against and which outcomes are most likely to occur. If you’re playing poker, you’ll want to be able to calculate probabilities based on your cards and what’s on the table, but that’s a skill you’ll need to study dedicated poker guides to acquire, as well as gaining lots of experience in the poker rooms.

The games with the most readily available odds are video poker machines. Depending on the version of poker you prefer, you should be able to find breakdowns of all the hands, what they pay out, and when is the best time to chase various winning hands. If you have access to the numbers, playing the game the smartest way possible is easy.


But remember, the odds always favor the house, so just because you’ve broken down the numbers and know what you’re doing, it doesn’t mean you can force good luck and meaningful earnings.

Know and Use Optimum Strategies

This tip is related to knowing the probabilities. Many games have optimal strategies that, when followed, give the player the best chance possible at making a decent return. If you play blackjack with the optimal strategy, for instance, you can reduce the house edge down to 0.5% or so. They’ve still got an advantage, but at least you can minimize it as much as possible.

Once again, video poker machines are where you’ll really want to learn and adhere to the ideal strategies. There are many variations of video poker, each with their own spin on the game, whether it be in the form of wilds or payouts for specific hands. My favorite video poker game is Double Double Bonus Poker, but it wasn’t until I did my research that I learned the proper way to play and which machines to avoid.

Depending on the payout of the full house and the flush, a Double Double Bonus Poker machine either has a worthwhile return rate or isn’t worth your time at all. In the best-case scenario, the full house pays 10 to 1, and the flush is worth 6 to 1.

However, machines with these odds are hard to find

I’ll settle for 9 to 1 and 6 to 1, but when I see devices only offering 8 to 1 for the full house and 5 to 1 for the flush, now I know not to bother because the odds are too stacked against me, regardless of strategy.

If you have a game that you prefer, take the time to research the optimum strategies. There are times when you’ll be shocked by how wrong you were playing certain situations. I know I was playing video poker like a moron in a lot of ways, but I was able to clear those mistakes up just by doing a half hour or so of reading.

Manage Your Bankroll and Staking Responsibly

People flat-out see gambling as a vice, so it may seem like a weird time to discuss financial discipline and responsibility, but here we are. The fact of the matter is, if you’re not smart about how you bet your money, you’re going to run out way sooner than expected, and leave yourself vulnerable to losses that actually impact your day to day life.

The first thing we always advise our sports gambling readers to get in order is their bankroll, but this applies to casino gambling as well.

Before you ever place a single wager, first figure out how much money you can budget for gambling. It needs to be a number that you can lose without it negatively affecting your life in any way. Once you’ve figured out that number, set the money aside away from your other finances. Then determine how long the bankroll needs to last to cover what you’re planning to do.

Next, divide the bankroll into equal pieces, depending on how many days or how many bets you want this money to last for. This way, you won’t burn through your money too quickly, or lose track of how much you’ve spent. Being organized and responsible up front can help you avoid the dangerous pitfalls and problem behaviors associated with gambling. On that same note, be sure that you never give in to the temptation of chasing your losses.

Chasing losses is when a bettor hits a losing streak, and rather than sticking to their plan, they start to try to force their luck to change. Often times, these people will feel “due” for a win since they’ve improbably lost more than they should have. This thought process is called “the gambler’s fallacy.” This common mistake comes from people believing that just because one result has appeared several times in a row, the opposite outcome is more likely to come up next.

For Example

So, if you flipped a coin 10 times, and it landed on heads every time, on the eleventh bet, you might think tails is more likely. This is incorrect; each flip of the coin or spin of the roulette wheel is entirely independent of every other, and the odds of each outcome always remain the same.

When people are on a losing streak, they’ll frequently start increasing their bets to recoup their losses, operating under the assumption that they’re more likely to win the next one since their luck is bound to change.

This thought process is responsible for more gambling-related misery than probably any other. People dig themselves into deep financial holes trying to chase their losses. Losing streaks are like quicksand; the more you fight, the faster you sink. You’re better off staying calm, sticking to the plan you’ve made for your bankroll, and waiting for your fortunes to hopefully reverse.

Utilize Bonus Credits or Money to Experiment

Casino bonuses are most commonly found in online casinos, although some brick-and-mortar locations may offer free slot play or credits for signing up for a player’s club or other loyalty rewards programs. Most online bonuses consist of either free credits just for signing up for an account or free money received by matching a percentage of the amount of your first deposit.

Now, truth be told, most of these bonuses come with so many strings attached that you shouldn’t even really think about them as money.

For all intents and purposes, any entry-level bonus that you receive should be treated as a free opportunity to try new games on which you’d otherwise not risk your money. Use your free cash to try out table games that you’ve been curious about but never tried before or to familiarize yourself with the optimal strategy for a new video poker variation that you’ve never played. The extra money just gives you some wiggle room to figure things out and get comfortable in the casino without blowing through your actual bankroll.

Find Games with a Minimal House Edge

Like I’ve already said a few times, casino games are all about probability and luck. To give yourself the best chance to get lucky, you’ll want to play the games with the highest rate of return to players. Some games start out with better odds for the player than others, so you will want to understand the house edge and why it’s crucial to your gambling success.

Every little percentage point that works in your favor counts. But keep in mind that the payout percentages and house edge are values calculated over the long run. Just because the return to player is 98%, that doesn’t mean that you can count on winning back 98% of the money you wager. Over a short period of time, you may succeed at a much higher rate or a much lower one. With games of chance and probability, there’s a level of variance involved in each hand or spin, and unlikely hot and cold streaks are always a possibility.

Still, all you can do is put yourself in the best possible position available statistically and hope for the best. Over the long run, always playing the most favorable odds will almost certainly be more profitable than blindly winging it. It just may be difficult to appreciate the difference immediately. Avoid any games with a poor payout percentage like the plague. I don’t play slots or poker machines with a house edge that’s greater than 2% when playing with the optimal strategy.

Become the House

If you really want to maximize the profitability of your gambling, forget playing in another person’s casino; start your own!


Thanks to recent decisions by the Supreme Court, the United States appears to be moving in a direction that’s more accepting of gambling. Their recent decision was only dealing with sports gambling, but once the dominos start falling, it’s only a matter of time before everything is on the table. And even if it’s not entirely legal to operate your own casino yet, let’s just think about this.

Do you have any spare room in your home, or maybe some storage space or a warehouse at your disposal? All you need is a few used gaming tables, a decent front that doesn’t draw too much attention, maybe a secret bookcase door or a false wall, and some start-up cash. Then, once you start turning a profit, just take a certain percentage and start contributing to local political campaigns, including the sheriff and judges, a maybe bribe a police officer or two. In fact, if you could become an influential donor to the police force, you should be sitting pretty.

Now, you’re ready to rock! Remember all that talk about probability and having to settle for getting the odds as favorable as possible before relying on luck? Well, when you’re the house, all of those odds are working in your favor! Life is good when you’re in charge. And by the way, now that you’re the one setting the odds, crank all those machines to the highest house advantage you can without people noticing. Sure, legitimate joints have to share their return rates and keep them at a certain percentage, but illegal gambling operations sure don’t!

I guess it just depends on what winning is worth to you. The only surefire way to win money long term is to be the house. There’s a reason Las Vegas is so extravagant and impressive, and it’s not because a lot of the visitors are leaving the city up money. So, on a bet-by-bet basis, this carries the least amount of risk and potential to lose. However, the chances of either being robbed, killed by competing organized crime syndicates, or being sent to prison are drastically higher. It’s a trade-off that really depends on your level of risk-taking and ambition.


The only other definite way to significantly improve your gambling skills is to flat-out cheat. Now, I’m not even going to pretend like this is an easy thing to do. Personally, I’m not brave enough to try it, but if you’re really feeling frisky, why not go nuts and risk landing in the black book? It’s the 21st century; I’m pretty sure they don’t still take you in the back and beat you up or smash your hand with a hammer like the iconic scene in the movie “Casino.” If they do, I profusely apologize ahead of time if you’re insane enough to try to get one over on the casinos.

They employ the highest tech security services, ex-cheats, and watch every single movement on the floor at all times, so if you’re going to scam the joint, you better be amazing at it. If you have a team like Ocean’s 11, your chances of victory go way up, but that’s going to take a hacker, an acrobat, a dealer working on the inside, two really handsome witty guys that banter a lot, and a host of other misfits. Personally, I don’t have anybody in my life I’d trust to drop off my dry cleaning properly, so I can’t help you build your team, but just watch the movies, and you’ll see the blueprint.

The closest you can get to cheating without potentially getting murdered, beaten, or banished is learning how to count cards.

Are you, by chance, a janitor at Harvard that likes apples and occasionally solves complex mathematic formulas in your spare time?

If so, this counting cards stuff is going to be a breeze. I realize the actual card counting team went to MIT, and that’s a completely different movie, but I’m pretty sure good ole Will Hunting could do it if he tried, too.

Anyway, card counting is barely cheating, and it’s kind of BS that casinos don’t allow it. There’s really no compromise with these people; god forbid every single thing isn’t in their favor 100% of the time. Counting cards in blackjack only moves the probability 1%-2%, which is just enough to push the very narrow house advantage into a slight player advantage. However, if you play long enough, that small margin is enough to potentially send you home rich.

The Wrap-Up

Improving your gambling skills has more to do with understanding the math behind every game than actual tactics or strategies. If you choose the games with the lowest house advantage and play the optimal strategy, you’ll put yourself in the best position to possibly win money. It may not hold true during any single trip to the casino, but over the long run, you’ll benefit from playing the best odds more than you would just trusting your gut and hoping for the best.

There will always be a level of luck required to take home any meaningful amounts of cash, so all you can do is position yourself to receive the best odds available and tell yourself that you’re very lucky over and over again. I’m a firm believer in the power of the mind to manifest realities, so use that big brain to manipulate the universe in your favor. If all else fails, there are always the extreme, high-risk options.

Before this goes any further, I should clarify that the previous two sections of this article are meant as satire and that I’d never actually encourage any of our readers to commit a crime

I just want my readers to win money, and those seem like the best ways to do so if you pull them off without completely destroying your life. That’s probably not worth the risk, so again, nothing in this article is actually meant to encourage you to break the law. Please don’t really do it. Hopefully, that disclaimer is enough to protect me legally if any of you are actually maniacal enough to attempt either cheating or running an illegal gambling operation.

In all seriousness, take some time to read our various gambling guides and educate yourself on the different games’ odds and the ideal way to play. Sure, the house will always have the edge, but there are actually plenty of video poker options out there with almost zero house advantage. Playing them not only gives you a decent chance of winning, but you’ll also be safe at home or the casino without being arrested or thrown out. Remember, gambling is just a numbers game; all you can do is put yourself in the best statistical situation and hope Lady Luck has your back.