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How Does a Sports Betting No Deposit Bonus Work?

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Online sportsbooks offer various bonuses to attract new bettors. No deposit bonuses are among the deals that are available throughout the industry.

A sports betting no deposit bonus provides the chance to win free money. After all, you don’t even need to fund your account to qualify for these offers.

If you don’t know much about sports betting no deposit bonuses, though, you may have some questions on how they work. The following guide explains more about these deals along with how you can take advantage of them.

Basics of a No Deposit Bonus

Most bonuses found at online sportsbooks require you to make a deposit. After all, online gambling sites want a chance to make some money off of you if they’re going to offer bonus cash.

A no deposit deal, on the other hand, differs in this regard. It merely requires you to complete registration in order to qualify.

Assuming you’ve ever signed up at a betting site before, then you should have no problem with this process. You simply choose the “Sign Up” button, fill in the relevant information, and submit the info.

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Of course, many mobile sportsbooks require a bonus code. Therefore, you’ll need to find a no deposit bonus code that’s applicable to sports bets and enter it during registration.

No deposit bonuses aren’t quite as prevalent as deposit bonuses in the online betting world. Therefore, you’ll need to put some effort into locating these deals.

This search can definitely be worthwhile, though, when considering that you have an opportunity to win free money. You can use Google or another search engine to locate these deals.

What Types of Sports Betting No Deposit Bonuses Are Available?

The mobile betting world only features two different types of no deposit offers. Here’s a closer look at the available deals.

Free Bet

A free bet is essentially a wager that’s on the house. If you win the bet, then you’ll collect your winnings and move on. Assuming you lose, however, you’ll have an opportunity to earn the losses back.

Here’s an example of a no deposit free wager:

  • You complete registration and receive a free $10 bet.
  • You place the wager and lose.
  • Rollover is 10x.
  • 10 X 10 = $100 must be wagered
  • You’ll receive the $10 back after betting a total of $100.

Of course, other terms and conditions must be satisfied, too. But this example provides some idea of how no deposit free bets work.


Although much less common than no deposit free bets, cash no deposit bonuses do exist in some capacity. With this deal, the bookmaker gives you a specific amount of cash upfront.

You can use this money anywhere you want, splitting it into multiple bets or placing one larger wager. The main stipulation is that you risk enough to meet the sportsbook’s minimum wager.

Here’s an example on how a cash no deposit bonus works:

  • You sign up for an account and receive $20.
  • The betting site features a $10 minimum wager.
  • You split your bonus into two wagers that are worth $10 apiece.

Pros of Betting No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses offer some notable advantages over regular betting bonuses. You can take advantage of the following benefits when going for these deals.

Chance to Win Free Money

Online betting sites don’t normally like giving out free money with no strings attached. After all, they stand to lose something when you’re not risking anything.

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Nevertheless, some sportsbooks provide you with this opportunity. They usually offer a free bet if they’re going to do this. However, you may occasionally find a betting site that offers cash instead.

In either case, you’re not putting up any money to win in these situations. You just need to take the time to complete the registration process.

Sample New Online Sportsbooks

You should get into the habit of reviewing mobile sportsbooks before signing up and depositing at them. No deposit bonuses offer even more incentive to go through this process.

You can get the free funds and start looking around the casino to see what markets and bet types they offer. Furthermore, you’ll also get a feel for how fair their odds are when compared to the industry.

Again, this is a good thing to do this regardless. However, you have extra motivation to thoroughly examine a sportsbook when you’ve got money on the line.

Easy to Get Started With

They only cost when registering at sportsbooks is the small amount of time required to finish registration. You kick off this process by selecting the Join Now or Signup button on the homepage.

This action will bring up the page where you sign up. The form will feature a number of blank fields that you fill in. Once finished, you submit the form for review.

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You should receive instant approval after submitting the account information. The only time this isn’t the case is when you’re not of legal betting age or from a country that’s restricted by the betting site.

Cons of Betting No Deposit Deals

You’ll find that online sports betting no deposit bonuses are mostly full of positives. However, you should also consider the following downsides before thinking that these bonuses are the greatest deals ever.

High Rollover

You’ll have to work to earn any winnings from no deposit free bets or cash. Again, mobile betting sites don’t want you walking away with free money so easily.

Therefore, they instate terms and conditions that must be met. When looking specifically at no deposit bonuses, rollover (or “playthrough”) can be especially brutal. It determines how much you’ll need to wager before cashing out winnings from a no deposit bonus.

Playthrough typically runs between 5x and 12x with betting bonuses. Given that you’re dealing with free money here, though, you might have to meet rollover worth 15x or higher.

Here’s a comparison between deposit and no deposit offers to show how these differences will impact you:

Deposit Bonus

  • You receive a $20 free bet.
  • You lose the wager.
  • Rollover is 8x.
  • 20 x 8 = 160
  • You’ll need to wager $160 before getting the $20 back.

No Deposit Bonus

  • You receive a $20 free wager.
  • You lose the bet.
  • Rollover is 15x.
  • 20 x 15 = 300
  • You’ll need to wager $300 before getting the $20 back.

Not Very Large

Some deposit bonuses throughout the betting industry are absolutely huge. You can find deals that are worth $500 or more.

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You’re definitely not going to get this with a no deposit deal, though. Instead, you’ll be dealing with small free bets or cash amounts.

For example, you might receive a free bet worth $20. Alternatively, a betting site may give you $20 in cash. In either scenario, you’re not going to get rich through such deals.

Rarely Available

Mobile sportsbooks online would much rather have you place a deposit before qualifying for a bonus. This way, they at least have an opportunity to make some money off you.

With that said, online sportsbook no deposit bonuses are pretty rare throughout the industry. You may spend a great deal of time looking for these offers.

Of course, the effort is worth it when considering that you have a chance to win free money. Then again, you might not feel like spending so much time hunting for a small bonus.

Will You Be Able to Get a Sports Betting No Deposit Bonus?

Again, the biggest battle regarding no deposit funds at online sportsbooks is actually finding these deals. The amount of time you spend looking for these offers largely depends upon what type of market you live in.

Assuming you live in a regulated betting market like New Jersey or Indiana, then you have a better chance at finding deposit bonuses. For whatever reason, regulated betting sites are more willing to offer these deals.

Your chances of collecting one of these deals decrease in an unregulated market, such as Ohio or California. The offshore sportsbooks that serve such states aren’t as generous with no deposit offers.

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Perhaps the reason is that they’ve been in the game longer and are dealing with markets that aren’t quite so new. Therefore, they don’t feel the need to give out free money to get customers.

In any case, your location will play a big part in whether or not you get a no deposit bonus. Ideally, you’ll live in a regulated market where one or more sportsbooks offer these deals.


Online sportsbook no deposit bonuses present an excellent chance to win free money right off the bat. They typically provide a free bet, although they occasionally offer cash instead.

In either case, you can use these deals to make some money even before depositing. You might even turn your initial winnings into $100 or more by going on a hot streak.

The biggest hurdle behind these deals is actually finding them. Your search may turn up empty if you’re living in an unregulated market.

Hopefully, though, you are able to find a betting no deposit bonus or two. If so, you’ll get off to a great start at the sportsbook that’s offering this deal.