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How Do Esports Skills Transfer to the Real World?


Professional esports gamers are some of the most skilled athletes (yes, they’re athletes) in the world. From lightning-quick reflexes to some incredible hand-eye coordination, they possess all the traits needed to dominate the competition and bring home the trophy.

While these skills will certainly help them on the pro tour, how will they help in the real world? Let’s take a look at some practical uses for the skills that these gamers possess.

Work Ethic + Determination

One thing that traveling on the pro tour and honing your skills will give you is an incredible work ethic and determination. Practicing day in and day out with hardly a rest, along with constantly traveling and the effect it has on your life in general, the pros have to possess incredible persistence.

Ten-hour practice runs are not unheard of, and if you really want to be the best and compete at the highest levels, you have to be willing to put in the work necessary to get there. This work can certainly be tedious, and it might not even result in a win, but if you even want a slight chance at success, it’s what you’ll have to do to get it.

If you’re like me or just about anyone else in the world, you probably don’t have the greatest work ethic. No one loves to work, let alone doing the same task for hours every day. We tend to procrastinate, occupying ourselves with some other menial tasks or watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

This laziness is counterproductive, and while it’s not always enjoyable to put in the effort needed, doing so can be quite fulfilling. After all, if we lived in a society where everyone tried their hardest to advance, without any laziness, greed, or procrastination, it would be a much better society.

Alas, that utopia simply isn’t a possibility, but if we all possessed the same work ethic that professional gamers do or at least half of that, we would get a lot more accomplished. It’s easier said than done, but the pros abide by the rule in order to consistently beat the best at their level.

Hard work certainly isn’t fun, but it is rewarding. Even if you’re not a professional esports gamer, dedicating yourself with a passion to a certain task helps you learn the importance of hard work, and it’s certainly evidenced in the success and ability of the professional gamers.

Mental Toughness & Physical Skills

When that amount of pressure is on your back, and you have thousands of fans cheering your name, it’s pretty hard not to crumble or choke. Playing esports or really any sport at the highest level is not necessarily about how talented you are, but about how well you can perform under pressure.

On the pro circuit, just about every gamer is on the same level; the ones who stand out above the rest are not those who know the most tricks. The competitors who, even with the spotlight fully on their heads and the pressure of their teammates and millions of fans, can execute their game plan to perfection, are the ones who stand out.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be at the highest levels of gaming that this holds true. Any sort of gaming, especially when you are at a high level or playing with teammates puts you under extreme pressure. When a simple mistake can cost you (and your team) the game, most minds would not be on how to win but rather on how to not mess up.

This is the wrong attitude. Playing video games requires utmost focus and concentration. Half a second too late or a missed keyboard click can cause irreparable damage, and you’ll likely receive some unpleasant messages from your teammates if it ends up losing you the match.

Another added bonus of playing esports is the physical skill it grants you. You must have incredibly quick reflexes in order to dodge attacks along with great multitasking skills to pay attention to all of the things that go on while you’re actually playing.

Mental strength is incredibly important in sports, regardless of whether you’re a professional or just the average athlete, and in order to excel, you have to be able to handle the pressure. Top level players have learned how to cope with it, and that’s just one of the reasons why they are so much better than the rest.

While these aren’t necessarily the most useful skills in the real world, they can definitely come in handy, especially when you’re playing Whack A Mole. If you’re not interested in playing Whack A Mole, then you’ll just be able to boast about your incredible reflexes.

Along with physical skills like your enhanced reflexes and hand-eye coordination, esports also challenges you mentally. While the concepts of video games are often relatively simple, the in-game mechanics are incredibly complex, and you have to possess a great knowledge of the game in order to truly understand what’s going on.

You’ve got to identify your opponent’s weaknesses, analyze the situation, and make a decision accordingly as to how you want to execute your game-plan. Esports isn’t only a physical sport; if you lack in strategy and tactics, then you won’t get very far.

Esports presents you with a variety of skills that can be used in real life. Whether it be quicker reflexes or a better mental game, playing esports competitively offers you a wide array of benefits to choose from outside of being able to play the game itself. How you choose to use these benefits is up to you.

Skills Pay the Bills

If you are good enough to end up on the pro tour, you’ll be able to make a decent amount of money from your gaming skills. Prize money for the smaller games and events isn’t that much, often ranging in the thousands to tens of thousands of dollars, but the real money comes from joining a pro esports team.

Team salaries average in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, even in the millions if you’re one of the best in the world at your respective game, and with careful financial budgeting and an intelligent plan, you’ll be able to live off your earnings for the rest of your life, provided that you spend more than a couple of the years on the tour.

If you’re exceptionally good at what you do, most of your earnings will be from sponsorships rather than a salary or prize money. As with all top athletes, the majority of their income is provided by brands that are looking for you to promote their product.

In esports, sponsorships are a relatively new addition, and they are experiencing rapid growth. More and more brands are becoming interested in the field of esports, and they are willing to pay tens of millions of dollars to get their products featured with the major events and the major players.

With esports continuing to rise with no signs of slowing anytime soon, there will only be more revenue coming in, which spells more and more money for players. This will mean an increase in popularity for the sport in general and a larger number of people who wish to pursue esports as a career.

Even if you’re not good enough to make it to the pro tour, there are plenty of opportunities to make some money with your skills. You can compete in local competitions, and there are hundreds of online tournaments that take place every day.

While these competitions certainly don’t boast the same prize money that the ones on the pro circuit do, they are a lot of fun, offer a decent prize at a couple hundred of dollars, and you’ll have a much better chance at winning them, seeing that there aren’t very many pro players who actually enter these sorts of events.

While most people choose to pursue esports because they love to play video games, it can also be quite rewarding financially. You can make anywhere from a couple thousand dollars to millions depending on how good you are. Who knows? You might be able to make a living by playing video games; isn’t that everybody’s dream?

Esports isn’t for everyone, and besides the obvious benefits of getting better at video games, there’s a lot of other things it helps you with. From a good work ethic to a better mental game to flat out being able to brag to your friends, esports can open up a world of advantages.

The better you are, the more you’ll be able to take advantage of them, so keep on training, and you might find some of these benefits to be useful someday.