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How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Gambling

That’s right everybody, the future is finally here. The strength of artificial intelligence is reaching astronomical levels that you could only dream of as a child.

How will this artificial intelligence affect gambling’s future? Well, the changes that it makes will be quite noticeable for everyone involved in a gambling operation. No casino will be immune to the onslaught of technological advances that are on the horizon. The only question is; who will benefit from them?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence can be defined as the intelligence that a machine or a robot displays. This is not to be confused with the natural intelligence that is found in you and other living beings. I know for sure that it is in you, otherwise, you would not be able to read and comprehend these words.

What is fascinating is that we need a brain to achieve this level of intelligence, but robots and machines just need a bunch of little computer parts and wires. Robots or machines do not have the luxury of a brain because we are not technologically advanced to be able to create an organic one for them to use just yet. We are, however, quite good at making robots that do things, just like a human with a brain would do, and we are only getting better by the day.

This artificial intelligence can be seen through current endeavors such as Google’s Alpha Zero program which teaches itself how to play games such as chess better than any other computer or human has ever played them in the history of the world. It can also be seen in the heads-up poker machines on the Las Vegas strip that play heads-up poker better than the average human.

How Will Casinos Be Affected

You might think that land-based casinos are immune to the effects of artificial intelligence, but you would be incorrect to think such things. Robots project to have a huge impact on future casinos, as models of robot dealers are already being created by inventors all over the world.

Robot Dealers

The number one thing that could change inside of these casinos is that robots could take over as dealers. This would save the casinos tons of money in the long run since they would not have to pay dealers, and the robots would most likely do a better job anyway.

Another perk of having a robot dealer could be that you do not have to tip them. This is one of the major negatives of gambling in a casino since you are not obliged to tip any dealers when you gamble on the internet, but it would even the playing field if robots were dealing.

The only bad part about having a robot dealer is that you will miss out on the whole human interaction aspect of gambling.

However, you do not have to just talk to the dealer; there will most likely be other humans gambling around you that you can talk to as well. That is, of course, if they haven’t taught robots how to gamble by then.

Less Cheating

If you were a lifetime criminal who loves to cheat at gambling, would you pick the casino where Sally is dealing or the casino where the Terminator is dealing? This means that you can say “Hasta la vista, baby” to all of those cheaters when you decide to play in a casino that has artificially intelligent robots running around everywhere.

Increased Security

Not only would there be less cheating in an artificially advanced casino, but there would also be an increase in security. Assuming these robots will be able to deal and interact with humans, they will also be able to detect any sort of shady behavior.

This is essentially the same thing as having security cameras walk around the room and interact with you. There will be nothing that goes on inside of a casino dominated by artificial intelligence that will get past those machines.

Less Human Error

In today’s casino environment there are a ton of humans running the show, which means that there are a ton of human errors happening every minute of every day. This can apply to the pit games, the cashier, the floor person, the pit boss, or anyone else involved.

When you have robots running the show, this will not be an issue at all. The only errors that will occur will be programming errors, which will probably iron themselves out over time. I have to admit it would be interesting to see if they get embarrassed after a misdeal malfunction.

How Will Poker Be Affected?

Land-Based Poker

Once artificial intelligence is advanced enough to walk to a poker table and play poker, it will be interesting to see if casinos allow this to happen or not. I am assuming that poker tables will not fill up very fast at all if people know they are playing against robots.

Then again, that assumption might be completely wrong. People willingly play losing games all day long at every other casino table, so why not sit with some robots at a poker table? It is basically the same thing since you do not have a chance of winning money in the long run.

The problem is that machines are getting very strong when it comes to poker, and there are many countries already creating internet poker robots of their own.

Some of these countries include Germany, Russia, and the Netherlands, to name a few.

If this game-theory optimal technology could be applied to the strategy used by robots at a land-based casino’s poker table, then poker could become non-profitable for any human and the owner of the smartest robots will become rich. That is quite a different landscape from the poker world we know and love at the moment.

Internet Poker

As far as internet poker goes, the effect of artificial intelligence has already begun to take its toll. There have been plenty of online poker forums that have combined their efforts to try and locate poker robots across all of the most popular websites, and there are a shocking number of them.

Unfortunately, I fear that this could become worse with advances in artificial intelligence. Humans are getting smarter very slowly through evolution, while machines are getting smarter at an exponential rate and have already passed us by.

When it comes to poker, this effect could be devastating to the prospects of ever playing internet poker as an occupation. There are currently hundreds of internet poker professionals around the world who would be in a very bad position if robots continued to take over the internet poker scene as they already have been for the last few years.

When Will These Changes Occur?

There is really no question that these changes from artificial intelligence will occur. The real question is WHEN will all of these changes happen?

The truth is that it is impossible to tell how long it will take for artificial intelligence to really make its stamp on the gambling world. It could be tomorrow, or next week, or in 10 years. However, it is more likely that it will happen sooner than later due to the rapid acceleration of technological advances that have been made over the last 50 years.


Even though this article was mostly filled with speculation, there are some important things to take away from it. The bottom line is that artificial intelligence is getting stronger by the day, as can be seen by the fact that it is already stronger than the brains that created it. While this fact is somewhat scary, it is clear that the future is inevitable and the gambling industry needs to prepare for the whirlwind of changes that are waiting on the horizon.