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Five Interesting Bets for the 2020 Stanley Cup

Sidney Crosby Five Interesting Bets 2020 Stanley Cup
The 2020 Stanley Cup future odds are available on all relevant sportsbooks, so the bettors around the country can start with a thorough analysis. The Stanley Cup Qualifiers should begin in the first week of August, and there is still plenty of time to make the right moves and invest your money on some of the 2020 NHL playoffs future bets.

While wagering on the conference winners and the Stanley Cup champion is a common thing for the sports bettors, the vast majority of sportsbooks offer some other future odds that seem pretty intriguing.

I want to show you five interesting markets that will make your 2020 Stanley Cup Qualifiers experience even better. Also, I hope that some of these odds and markets will get you fresh ideas about what will happen at the start of the 2020 NHL playoffs.

Series Correct Score

We will see eight best-of-five series in the qualifiers that will determine the lower four seeds in each conference. The bettors can try to predict the correct score of each series, and the odds are very tempting.

For example, let’s take a closer look at the Eastern Conference clash between the Carolina Hurricanes and New York Rangers. The Canes are -140 favorites to win the series, while the Rangers are listed as +120 dogs to reach the first round.

Betting on the correct score can get you really nice wages. The Hurricanes are set at +550 to sweep the Rangers, and +350 to win in four or five games. On the other side, the Rangers are listed at +750 to sweep the Canes, +450 to win in four, and +400 to win in five games.


In case you have a feeling about some of the matchups in the qualifiers, betting on the correct score seems like a nice opportunity. It gives you a chance to get something off your hockey knowledge, too, while your stake doesn’t need to be big.

Keep in mind that all games will be played in the hub cities, so there is no home advantage. There will be no audience in the stands, too.

  • My Picks: New York Rangers in four (+450), Edmonton Oilers in four (+275), Vancouver Canucks in four (+300)

When Will Series Finish

With this market, the bettors are able to predict in how many games will each of the best-of-5 series will be played. Unlike with the correct score, the bettors don’t need to predict who will win the series. The only thing that matters is the number of games in the series.

The Edmonton Oilers meet the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Qualifiers and are strong -160 favorites to qualify for the next round. You can take the Oilers at +450 to sweep the Blackhawks, but betting on exactly three games in this series will get you +250 odds.

The odds are pretty similar on each series. The highest odds are set on exactly three games in the series (around +250); the lowest are set on exactly four games (around +137), while betting on exactly five games gets you around +150.

I suggest you use this market when the matchup is pretty tight, and you can successfully use it later in the playoffs. The best-of-7 series will start from the official first round of the Stanley Cup, right after the qualifiers, and that will open more opportunities to bet on when will series finish.

  • My Picks: Calgary vs. Winnipeg in five games (+137), Toronto vs. Columbus in four (+137)

Game 1 and Series Double

You can bet on each of 16 teams to win Game 1 and win or lose the series. This combo bet offers tempting odds around +500 on favorites to win the opening clash and lose the series. Also, the underdogs are set around +400 to win Game 1 and lose the series.


I think this is an interesting market, and many bettors will be happy to lay the odds on this one. The opening games will be a complete mystery, considering the fact that all teams haven’t played competitive hockey since early March.

The first-round upsets are a common thing in the Stanley Cup, but this postseason is special, no doubt. The higher seeds cannot count on the home-court advantage which is a huge difference comparing to any other NHL playoffs.

Hereof, the official home teams in Game 1 won’t have any advantage at all. That’s why I’m looking for teams that can upset the odds in the opening contest but still lose the series. However, some favorites will satisfy the odds no matter what, so be careful when selecting your picks.

  • My Picks: Edmonton Oilers to win Game 1 and win series (+120), Carolina Hurricanes to win Game 1 and lose series (+500)

Series Leader After Game 3

This one offers you a possibility to cash in earlier. Well, the series can be over after Game 3, but if you believe in some of the teams, take them to have a lead after the third game of the series. The odds-on favorites are not attractive, but it could save your nerves in eventual Games 4 and 5.

You can look at this like you’re wagering on the best-of-3 series. However, my point is that a few teams should storm the front and win at least two of the first three games. On the other side, you can get nice wages if you bet on underdogs to lead after Game 3.

Considering how unpredictable the NHL postseason is, I’m sure there will be a few surprises in the Stanley Cup Qualifiers. I fancy the Coyotes’ chances against the Predators, while the Hurricanes are firm favorites to eliminate the Rangers even though they’ve lost all four head-to-head duels in the regular season.

  • My Picks: Arizona Coyotes (+100) and New York Rangers (+110)

To Win from Behind or To Never Be Headed and Win

Finally, here’s my favorite secondary market when it comes to the Stanley Cup futures. I’m not sure if it’s smart to use it, but I’m pretty sure it’s huge fun. All you need is to predict who will win the series from behind or never be headed and win the series.

Anyway, you can use this market on any team no matter if they are listed as favorites or underdogs, but you still have to choose the way for them to win. I fancy the New York Rangers over the Carolina Hurricanes. Will the Rangers win from behind or they’ll never be headed and win?

However, I’ve already told you that taking this market guarantees fun, not money.

Although, the odds are very attractive.

The Rangers are +120 dogs to beat the Canes, but they are set at +400 to win from behind and +250 to never be headed and win the series.

You can also notice that Game 1 is crucial, especially in the best-of-5 series. After the Stanley Cup Qualifiers, the best-of-7 series will be even more challenging for the bettors who like to take the team to win from behind or never be headed and win.

  • My Pick: Pittsburgh Penguins to never be headed and win at +110

Head to the top NHL betting sites now to find these and other appealing Stanley Cup bets for 2020.