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Category Archives: Basketball

NBA Conference Finals: Golden State vs Portland Series Price and Game 1 Odds

Loyal blog readers probably think we’re fans of college basketball more than NBA hoops. The truth is that there is no such bias at – the NCAA is just a little bit more friendly when it comes to the schedule. We’re more of a weekly handicapping journal. Leagues that run 7-game playoff series tilts […]

Did a Marvelous 2018-19 Season Put College Basketball Back on Top?

It’s time to stop acting as though the level of play – graded on a scale of 1-through-10 from average Pee Wee level to LeBron James – is the #1 factor in whether a sports league is popular or not. Look at the gridiron. The Alliance of American Football (and most certainly Vince McMahon’s XFL) […]

Warriors at Clippers: Game 3 Betting Lines and Predictions

The National Basketball Association is living proof that “parity” among a majority of teams is not a necessary ingredient for fans to enjoy a sport. Lack of parity in the NBA actually makes the games more interesting. If you input 5 or 10 NHL match-ups into a computer and ask it to produce random final […]

An Introduction to Statistical Modeling for Basketball Handicappers

Successful sports bettors can use models to help them make good betting decisions. A well-designed model lets you plug in information to help you predict the outcomes of games and helps you find lines that offer value. Models come in all shapes and sizes, and the most common ones use statistics. This page is designed […]

Will Team USA Dominate the FIBA World Cup Again in 2019?

It was about 15 years ago when USA Basketball was put on notice that Americans were no longer invincible in the Summer Olympics. In fact, it was insane just how fragile the house of cards turned out to be. One ill-advised comment from head coach Larry Brown might have sank the entire ship before it […]

Preview and Predictions for the 2019 NCAA Tournament Final Four

Surprises and new trends in sports have a way of sneaking up on everyone. For instance, it’s a surprise that a small-ball team won NBA title after NBA title in the modern era after so many pundits said it was impossible. Are the Golden State Warriors really a small-ball club after recruiting powerful men like […]

NIT Tournament: Final Four Betting Odds and Match-Up Analysis

Americans believe in 2nd chances. But the 2nd chance given to NCAA hoops programs who wind up in the NIT Tournament is not always a blessing. Teams that were once predicted to rise to great heights in the Sweet Sixteen or the Elite Eight must win at least a couple times in the National Invitational […]

Sweet Sixteen Preview: High-Payout Sleeper Bets to Reach Minneapolis

We remember Villanova’s 2018 title run with awe, respect, and appreciation. But most of America didn’t fall in love with the Wildcats. They fell in love with Loyola-Chicago, a “Cinderella” that nearly went all the way in a once-in-a-lifetime shot at glory. Fans are growing concerned at the lack of Cinderella candidates who have emerged […]

NCAA Tournament: Which Sweet Sixteen Favorite’s Futures Line is the Golden Ticket?

To celebrate the conclusion of the Robert Mueller investigation, the White House has put out a parody March Madness bracket called “Mueller Madness.” Like most gimmicks thought up by ham-handed PR staffs with agendas, it’s not exactly an original idea. The NCAA Tournament formula is ripped-off all year ‘round as promotional fodder for radio and […]

NBA Point-Scoring Trends: Which Side of the O/U Pays Off More Often?

The 2019 NBA All-Star Game was a marvelous celebration of basketball skills and marksmanship. The teams even appeared to try hard – but only on offense, of course. Moneyline bettors bit up and down their fingernails as various superstars entered and left the contest. With defenders ducking-out of all contact, the only hope for your […]

Cinderella at the Big Dance: Top 5 Futures Bets on Sleepers to Reach the Final Four

I talk to a lot of sports media members on a weekly basis (imagine that) and I find it amusing that the circus of March Madness prediction-ology is threatening to replace the thrill of the actual games. “This is the best day of the year,” I heard one say as Selection Sunday ceremonies began. No, […]

March Madness Futures: Post-Selection Sunday Line Movement and Picks

Someone close to me – who happens to have played a mean game of basketball in his youth – once said he knew what his epitaph should read. “What’s that?” I asked. “3 time-outs and a field goal kicker,” he chuckled. Okay, so maybe sporting interests can change over a lifetime. But your sports-epitaph doesn’t […]