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Category Archives: Basketball

Philadelphia 76ers vs Utah Jazz NBA Betting Odds and Preview

The Philadelphia 76ers continue their road trip as they head to Salt Lake City on 11/6/19 for a showdown with the Utah Jazz. The Sixers continue their four-game road trip to the West on Wednesday when they play the Jazz at the Vivint Smart Home Arena. Philadelphia suffered their first loss of the season in […]

2019 FIBA World Cup: Team USA Update and Groups E Through H Group Winner Odds

State-side fans cringe, online sports bettors rejoice. Gregg Popovich and USA Basketball have problems and issues headed into the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup in about 2 weeks. Not long ago, Team USA lost a practice game to a G-League outfit…if that help to lend any indication of the greybeard coach’s challenge in getting a […]

Vegas Line-Forecasting the 2019 WNBA All-Star Game

If everyone is their own worst critic, then there probably aren’t too many readers who complain about my use of “big words” in sports previews and handicaps. But I make it a point to try to watch it. Not that I’m ashamed of my vocabulary. It’s like that Peter Gabriel tune, “Big Time” – I’ll […]

NBA Futures Odds: How the Russell Westbrook Trade Shook Up the Western Conference Again

“The times, they are a-changin’” in the NBA and superstar players are officially 100% in control. With each subsequent offseason, it appears that the league’s move to stop calling team owners “owners” anymore – going with the alternative “governors” instead – has layers of meaning beyond just addressing uncomfortable racial semantics. The billionaires just write […]

How a Summer of Wheeling and Dealing Has Affected NBA Futures Odds for 2019-20

I’ve got to listen to my gut more often, ladies and gents. Something just told me it was too early to write futures-betting NBA editorials in June of ’19…but I wanted to defend the Golden State Warriors from what I felt was overwrought criticism and foolish pundits declaring a dynasty over and done. As it […]

FIBA World Cup Basketball: Group A Through Group D Roster Analysis and Futures Odds

The 2019 FIBA World Cup is too massive an event for’s sports blog to publish 1 gigantic catch-all preview and call it a day. NBA junkies will quickly catch onto the fact that Group A does not include Team USA and its roster of National Basketball Association studs – nor does Group B, Group […]

NCAA Basketball 2019-20: Previewing the Top Teams and Recruiting Classes in College Hoops

I’ve been writing an awful lot about the “branding” of sports lately. Most of my editorials have focused on how the branding of professional sports can practically enslave fans and gamblers to the point where they don’t think any league but the NFL or NBA is worth speculating on. But the current move to allow […]

Could Kevin Durant’s Long-Term Injury Woes Actually Help Golden State?

Sometimes, I feel like too much of a hype-man. An exaggerator in print. Example – I might describe a prep-school athlete to excited local fans as “100% all talent!” even though on a wider scale it is plain that the student does not possess all of the talent. He or she might not even reach […]

How to Compare NBA Talent With EuroLeague Veterans

There is a uniquely American syndrome in international sports handicapping that I like to call “counting on fingers and toes.” “Well, funny you should ask that Ray, because I’ve got a prediction for you. Japan only has 2 Premier League players, while Qatar has 0 Premier League players in this match, so I expect the […]

Golden State Warriors vs Toronto Raptors: Vegas Lines and Predictions for Game 6

Skin. O’. The. Teeth. The Golden State Warriors were battered, spent, and frustrated by the 2nd half of Game 5 in Toronto. Kawhi Leonard and the Raptors carried a 3-1 series lead into the contest on Monday night. Leonard would post a double-double as Nick Nurse’s squad engineered a late rally. Weakened by yet another […]

2019 NBA Finals: Golden State vs Toronto Series Price, Game 1 Lines and Prop Bets

There have been several big doses of irony in spring and summer sports this year. Try Tiger Woods triumphantly embracing his son 22 years after his late father did the same next to the 18th green at Augusta National. Or how about Manchester City winning the English domestic “treble” yet somehow allowing 2 rival clubs […]

How NBA Handicapping Changes in the Postseason

There are 2 universal truths of NBA basketball betting in the regular season. First that it is fun – it will never stop being fun. And the other truth? It’s that we all know the drill already. The fall, winter and early spring come with predictable narratives in Association hoops from game-by-game and wide-view angles. […]