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Category Archives: Soccer

Betting the Europa League Final Between Arsenal and Chelsea

All roads lead to Rome in European football…figuratively if not literally. For instance, the UEFA Champions League is supposed to bring the best teams together from all of the domestic leagues across Europe. Manchester City threatened to waltz through to the final just as the Sky Blues roared to the 2018-19 Premiership, English Football League […]

MLS Betting Preview and Pick: Sporting KC at Vancouver Whitecaps

The CONCACAF Champions League schedule often interferes with an MLS contender’s ability to field its strongest and healthiest lineups over the early course of the U.S. club season. It’s really nobody’s fault. The spring schedule of the UEFA Champions League elimination stage works well with the schedule of European football, but in North America, to […]

2018-19 FA Cup Final: Gambler’s Preview and Updated Moneylines

Well, wasn’t that easy. Liverpool won on Matchday 38, forcing the celebrated Sky Blues of Manchester City to claim 3 points against Brighton and Hove Albion to secure the 2018-19 Premier League title. But the time Riyad Mahrez scored to make it 3-1 early in the 2nd half, visiting supporters at Falmer Stadium were ready […]

Africa Cup of Nations Preview and Group D Through Group F Futures Lines

In my previous Africa Cup of Nations round-robin preview, I believe I wrote something like, “stay tuned for our preview of the marquee qualifying groups D through F.” Absolutely no disrespect meant to the first 3 groups. After all Egypt is playing in Group A, and Mohamed Salah just finished another decorated Premiership season with […]

Champions League Final: Opening Odds and Injury Update for Liverpool vs Spurs

A great deal will be said and written about Tottenham’s unlikely bid in the Champions League final against Liverpool on June 1st. It’s unreal that Tottenham has qualified without its best player, Harry Kane. Spurs made it past Manchester City in the quarterfinal round through sheer force of will, then was believed to have drawn […]

Early Look at the Africa Cup of Nations: Group A Through Group C

There is a special word we use back in the Midwest, pronounced “’eem,” for which I will now attempt to provide some example usage. “’Eem” goes in place of “him,” but only in certain instances. If you’re listening to one character bawl out another on a sitcom, you might say, “she’s really giving it to […]

Premier League Finale: Man City and Liverpool’s Odds to Prevail on Matchday 38

I just realized that I spent a lot of time last week comparing soccer to other sports. That just won’t do, since soccer is really the thing that all other things should be compared to. The Beautiful Game is foundational. It is the daily bread of aspiring athletes, supporters, pundits, rabid hometown crazies and betting […]

Prop Betting the 2019 FA Cup Final

I’m a little incensed. And no, my apartment doesn’t smell like Patchouli. It’s these darn odds managers and what they’ve done to the player props for huge football events in just 1 short year. Last season, there were tons of good old-fashioned player props on superstars in the World Cup final. Nothing spectacular that would […]

5 English Football Clubs Who Have Given Bookies Nightmares in 2018-19

Bill Parcells once said of the NFL that “every year is a new deal.” It’s really true in all of sports. Pundits and handicappers talk about clubs who have “been on the upswing lately” or whose “encouraging/disappointing/steady 2018” supposedly predicts the same results in 2019. Yet even if a GM or a coach chooses to […]

Euro 2020: Predicting the Marquee Qualifying Groups G Through J

The mainstream media is always ready to defend the big-shots over the upstarts. Look no further than ice hockey, about which Vox recently published a story implying that winning underdogs in pond shinny are almost always a product of pure luck. The magazine compares basketball – a more popular sport overall – favorably in this […]

Liverpool vs Barcelona: Handicapping the 2nd UEFA CL Semifinal Leg at Anfield

There are so many classic sports-gambling scenarios in which the bettor finds herself at cross-purposes with the team she is wagering on. Think of the NFL – perhaps you gambled on a gridiron club to cover a (-14) spread against a woeful underdog. Surely the favorites would prefer to win by more than 14 points. […]

United vs City: Heartbroken Sky Blues Face Rivals at Old Trafford

Farewell, quadruple. It was nice flirting with you. Manchester City may yet complete one of the most momentous seasons that the club has ever experienced in 2018-19. But the Sky Blues no longer have a quadruple, or a clean sweep of the Carabao Cup, FA Cup, UEFA Champions League and English Premier League titles. That […]