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Category Archives: Soccer

CONCACAF Gold Cup: Handicapping the USMNT in the Q-Finals

It sounds like a Pardon the Interruption topic, and could easily wind up being one over the next couple of weeks. “Tony, would a Gold Cup win for the United States Men’s National Team mean anything in the larger scope of North American soccer?” Actually, Tony Kornheiser would interrupt Michael Wilbon before he finished a […]

USA vs France: Women’s World Cup Quarterfinal Odds and Gambling Preview

Mark McCormack called it “The Flaw.” That moment in sports when the perfect, the wondrous, the easy glory comes to a screeching halt…even in victory. In fairness, the United States Women’s National Team probably expected to hit a speed bump along the way to the final stages of the World Cup. But a Round-of-16 fixture […]

Women’s World Cup: USWNT vs Spain Odds and Round-of-16 Match Previews

These here soccer tournaments sure do run along a ‘mite fast. Whoops – sorry. People tend to revert to their native tongues when stressed-out, and I’m from the Ozarks. The FIFA Women’s World Cup scarcely allows bloggers and handicappers any time to breathe, to say nothing of what it demands of distaff athletes. Yesterday at […]

Women’s World Cup: USWNT vs Sweden Moneyline and Over/Under Predictions

When coaches make unorthodox or unpopular decisions, it’s a rare opportunity to gauge their true worth to an organization. Fans are used to watching skippers make conventional choices all the time, saying things in press conferences like “Every decision we make on behalf of the Indianapolis Colts is a decision on behalf of the Indianapolis […]

Copa América 2019: Futures Odds and Best Underdog Pick

Every so often, my San Diego friends and I take the obligatory 5 or 15 minutes to complain about there being no Major League Soccer club in the Plymouth of the West. San Diego is minutes from the USA-Mexico border. Kids walk around the beach with soccer balls instead of yo-yos and hacky-sacks. My housekeeper […]

Handicapping Man City’s Odds to Win a 2020 Quadruple

When I first heard about the concept of “forecasting” Las Vegas lines, I thought it was almost a kind of paradox. Why would you want to handicap an outcome against your own “odds” when the bookmaker and the betting public are ultimately your opponents anyway? That’s like drawing-up a defense and then preparing your team […]

Women’s World Cup: Opening Match Odds and Predictions for France vs Korea

Sportsbook bosses delegate their human resources in direct relationship to how much money a market is bringing in. Notice that the odds for a match are changing all the time, almost hour-to-hour? That means there’s a whole lot of action…and the bookmakers are trying like heck to balance it. I’m interested to see if there’s […]

USWNT in France: Group Stage Preview and Betting Odds for the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup

There’s one category of accomplishment – other than sheer crowd size and TV numbers – in which FIFA stands alone among the sports federations of the world. What would that be? Oh, I don’t know – pant, pant – maybe the constant stream of high-profile international drama which causes bloggers (at least bloggers in charge […]

Assessing the New Premier League Arrivals in 2019-20

One of the coolest things I ever heard Jerry Springer say (yes, you read that correctly) is that while most TV shows glorify power and success, his TV projects were always meant to illuminate another, less-glamorous side of America and showcase everyday people. That was a great concept – too bad it didn’t last long. […]

UEFA Nations League: England vs Netherlands Moneyline and Prediction

I find that I learn a lot about the Beautiful Game just riding around California listening to Lyft drivers. For instance, I didn’t know what a big deal Mohamed Salah had become – not just in soccer but culturally-speaking – until I heard so many service workers in San Diego speak excitedly about his chances […]

FIFA U20 World Cup: Team USA vs Team Qatar Preview and Vegas Lines

To paraphrase the politician Rick Perry, there are 3 reasons I almost didn’t write this preview, and I forget the 3rd one. The #1 reason was simple prudence. Prior to the Team USA Under-20 squad whipping Nigeria 2-0, it was uncertain whether the young Yanks would even have a place in the tournament beyond a […]

Line-Movement and Betting Trends for the 2018-19 Champions League Final

Sports handicapping lingo can be nifty. We’re even allowed to act as though “London” and “Las Vegas” are conscious beings, luring unwise bettors like sailors to a siren shore. For instance, I might post, “What does Las Vegas think about Tottenham Hotspur?” Obviously, Las Vegas is a city – it can’t “think” anything. Sin City’s […]