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Category Archives: Hockey

Stanley Cup Futures Betting: Potential NHL Playoff Sleepers in 2019

I’ve been publishing a lot of material on overseas hockey on the blog, and there’s probably a few fans who read and think is “hating on the NHL.” By no means do I intend to downplay the importance of the National Hockey League when it comes to pond shinny. The NHL is the greatest […]

NLA Futures: Gambling on the Hottest Upstart Hockey League in Europe

What was it a Jamaican bobsledder said in Cool Runnings, “Forget the Swiss?” That would be a bad idea for hockey handicappers…whether or not their profits are tied to the NHL. There are sports in which North American pros are the class of the entire world. These include basketball, softball, women’s ice hockey, and of […]

Improve Your International Hockey Betting by Handicapping the NHL This Spring

I’m quitting the NHL. Who gives a crap. The games aren’t best on best. I went to see the Buffalo Sabres, and they didn’t have every Hall of Fame candidate who’s ever been with the franchise suited up and on the ice in his prime. The opponents were even more disappointing. It was the Washington […]

2019 World Junior Championships: Futures Odds and Over/Under Betting on Holiday Hockey

By hook or crook the NHL just keeps on rolling. Its national fan base isn’t as rabid as those of college football or basketball, but local supporters in each market are crazed beyond belief. The league doesn’t do as good of a job hoarding the best players in the world as the NBA or the […]

NHL Season Preview 2018-19: Stanley Cup Futures Betting

The Vegas Golden Knights were the coolest story in sports in the spring of 2018, thanks not only to their surprising play on the ice but novel fanfare such as ritually-honoring opponents before playoff games. But don’t utter the words “Golden Knights” and “cool” in the same breath if you’re talking to anyone in the […]

Stanley Cup Finals: Vegas Golden Knights vs Washington Capitals Series Prediction

You would be hard-pressed to find an event – news, sports, or gambling – that will embarrass mainstream pundits as badly as the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals. Yes, I’m aware that some recent elections didn’t go as planned. An elderly Babe Ruth called a crucial home run in 1932 despite barely being able to walk. […]

Stanley Cup Playoffs: Conference Finals Betting Preview

The National Hockey League’s quest to turn the Stanley Cup chase into a war of attrition has never felt so successful. After a preseason, an 82-game regular season, and a dozen brutal playoff games that saw Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin hobbled and Zach Aston-Reese knocked out with one of the dirtiest hits ever, the […]

2018 Ice Hockey World Championship Betting Preview

The official mascot of the 2018 Ice Hockey World Championship in Denmark is a duck-inspired by H.C. Andersen’s “The Ugly Duckling.” Unfortunately, the event has long been treated like an ugly duckling by American hockey fans. “It’s a nothing tournament played by nobodies,” Twitter users will say. “All the best players are still playing in […]

Stanley Cup Betting Tips

At the conclusion of the National Hockey League’s regular season, eight teams from each conference embark on a four-round journey for Lord Stanley’s Cup. It’s a particularly wild time of year, with every participating franchise having a legitimate chance to get hot and win it all. For the lucky players that do, their name is […]

NHL Futures: Stanley Cup Winning Team Prediction

“Teddy Nolan,” yelled Don Cherry, “was wearin’ a blue suit, black tie, shined shoes, his skin was beautiful. Top hat, chewin’ juicy fruit gum and smokin’ mint cigarettes! I didn’t know whether to shake his hand or kiss him!” And so it was that “Grapes” lauded yet another ice hockey mastermind on Coach’s Corner. It […]

How Fighting in Hockey Can Impact Betting

Once upon a time, NHL fights were a component of betting systems or at least a constant factor to be considered by all serious shinny handicappers. When the Soviet Red Army traveled state-side to take on the Philadelphia Flyers in the 1970s, some gamblers felt that the Russians were too fast and too skillful for […]

Las Vegas Enters the Professional Sports Scene

As recently as a few years ago, if professional sports leagues had to post their relationship status with the city of Las Vegas on Facebook, it would have read, “It’s complicated.” Pro sports and Vegas have long had this powerful and undeniable connection to each other, but it was one that was only spoken of […]