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Do You Know That You Can Bet on the WWE?

WWE Logo - Pro Wrestlers Keith Lee vs Roderick Strong

Yes, you read the title correctly. You can bet and make money on the WWE. You can bet and make money on the WWE through most online sportsbooks.

World Wrestling Entertainment is the largest professional wrestling promotion in the world. As of 2019, it holds an estimated 500 events per year and can be watched on TV by 36 million viewers from 150 countries worldwide.

WWE isn’t sports nor is it just entertainment. It is the combination of both and that is why it is called Sports Entertainment. The main objective of the WWE is to provide entertainment and not competition. So how can betting exist on events whose outcomes are not decided by the actual competitors? Let us enlighten you with that. Read on.

It Is Not Fake

There is plenty of betting money that can be won from professional wrestling matches. But isn’t WWE wrestling fake? It’s not fake. It is scripted. But while the producers know what is most likely going to happen in every professional wrestling match, the script is tightly-guarded that only a handful of them know it.

Who would watch a football game when you already know which team is going to win? Nobody. The same principle holds true in professional wrestling. While the execs already know how a match or tournament is going to end, only a close-knit group has the knowledge. These people are those who are responsible for driving public interest into the WWE and those who are in charge of getting Vince McMahon higher ratings.

WWE NXT Fighters - Professional Wrestling

The script isn’t just the product of the imagination of one or two executives. It is driven by ratings and entertainment. Professional wrestling calls itself sports entertainments and that is what it exactly is. It is a sport because of its physical nature but it is entertainment because more than the competition, it’s aim is to provide the fans with the best entertainment possible.

When we talk about sports, we talk about competition. It’s about two teams or more teams or two or more individuals competing to win a game/s or a tournament. When you have two opposing sides, usually it all boils down to talent, skill, physical attributes, momentum, determination or even will win. That’s what competition is all about. But when it comes to professional wrestling, especially WWE, it’s about which outcome has more entertainment value and which result gives the company higher ratings.

Betting on the WWE

WWE is the biggest professional wrestling company in the world and is followed by millions of fans, both young and not so young. They all know that there is a script but don’t we also closely watch our favorite TV shows despite knowing that it is scripted? Don’t we watch our favorite movies that already have a filmed ending? It’s all about entertainment. And because most of us don’t know who will win, then there is an opportunity to bet on the outcome.

WWE betting requires a different outlook. When we bet on sports, we bet on which team is better or which fighter is better. We compare the teams’ statistics or take a look at each fighter’s historical numbers. We look at where the game or fight is held and in some sports, the weather is a factor. In team sports, we also take a look at the injury reports and which players are available for the game. You throw all of these in the dumpster when you make a WWE bet.

As we have been repeatedly saying, WWE is scripted. But there is a reason behind their madness. Like in TV shows are movies, we get hints on how the story is going to end. Same with the WWE. When you follow their shows closely, you have an idea of the story they are trying to picture out.

Please Note:

When you get hold of their pattern, you actually can predict what the producers want to happen. Because of this nature, sportsbooks set limits for WWE bets. This protects them and the bettors from potential leaks.

So when it comes to WWE betting, you must first be a WWE fan. That is the first criterion. Unlike sports when you can use statistics to make bets, you have to be familiar with the WWE before you can make very good professional wrestling bets. I used to watch the WWE during the days of Hulk Hogan and the Macho Man Randy Savage. It used to be that easy but these days, it’s a little different. But we’ll explain it to you.

Brand Extension

When WWE purchased the WCW and ECW, there was an abundance of talent in the promotion. Because of that, the WWE decided to undergo a brand extension where wrestlers would be linked to a particular brand. In March 2002, the WWE separated its wrestlers into two rosters with each roster appearing for a specific program. Thus, Smackdown and Raw were born.

In 2006, the WWE revived the ECW ( Extreme Championship Wrestling), a promotion it bought in 2003. The ECW became the third brand of the WWE but in 2010, they ended ECW and replaced it with WWE NXT. NXT was supposed to be just a developmental program and a seasonal show in Florida but because of its commercial success, it emerged as the new third brand of the WWE.

Aside from these three global brands, WWE has also come up with NXT UK and 205 Live. NXT UK is a brand that is based in the United Kingdom and which debuted in 2018 at the WWE Network. 205 Live is a brand established solely for WWE cruiserweight or wrestlers weighing 205 pounds or lighter.

You can watch RAW on Mondays via the USA Network. SmackDown is shown on Fridays and it can now be viewed on Fox. NXT is the new show and it is also available via the USA Network on Wednesdays. A WWE Draft was held last month and the wrestlers have been assigned to the different brands. Now that you know who’s where you can start watching the shows and begin following their storylines. When you’re ready, you can head to the top sports betting sites to start making money from WWE.

Not Lucrative But Just As Exciting

WWE betting exists and you can actually make money from WWE bets. However, it’s not as lucrative as sports betting because sportsbooks limit the amount of betting action from a player. The reason behind this is the nature of the WWE which is coined as “Sports Entertainment”. Also, the oddsmakers don’t spend as much time updating the betting lines, unlike in sports. So that’s also a reason why your bets are being limited.

But while betting money is limited, the fun and excitement that you get from betting on the WWE are still unlimited, especially if you are a fan. WWE betting exists and it is primarily for the WWE fan but for the bettor who doesn’t want to risk too much money in bets, this is the venue for you. Most WWE bets are straightforward bets, meaning you will only have to bet on which wrestler wins a match or a tournament.

The Tricky Part, However:

Is making these bets because unlike sports games where you have stats to compare, you have to know the storylines to make WWE bets. This is what makes it fun because you will have to be familiar with the shows and the wrestlers. It’s like watching a TV series every week and looking forward to what happens in the next episode.

Betting isn’t always just about making money or even losing it. That’s just half the experience. The other part of it is the journey. When you make WWE bets, it’s not random bets. It’s making a bet by putting yourself in the shoes of the scriptwriters and executives. Catching their pattern and knowing what they think is just as exciting as winning the actual bet.