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Trevor Brown's Biography

Trevor Brown is a professional writer who’s been writing on since early 2018.

However, his career as a writer goes back much further than that. He’s been writing full-time about online gambling since early 2015 and was a freelance writer for several years before that. In fact, Trevor can’t remember a time when he wasn’t writing in some capacity.

He decided to drop all other projects and focus on writing for because of the team’s commitment to telling the truth to readers and always keeping it real. Of course, the fact that they pay him better also helped with the decision. Hey, a writer’s gotta make it in the world, too!

Trevor has a special interest in cryptocurrencies, and he currently spends so much time researching, trading, and talking about them that his wife is beginning to wonder just how much he really has put into this Bitcoin thing. He’s written much of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related stuff on the site, including the Provably Fair Gambling page, the Gambling on the Dark Web post, the Cryptocurrency Spread Betting guide, and lots of other crypto-related posts.

He also loves video slots and plays them often. If there’s a new branded slot on the horizon, he knows about it before anyone. He’s even won a couple of sizable jackpots in his day, but alas, never the Mega Moolah progressive.

When it comes to sports, Trevor is a combat sports guy. He loves boxing and MMA, and he’s a martial arts practitioner himself. In between casino reviews, Trevor daydreams that he, too, can become an Irish combat-sports superstar. So far, he hasn’t got the call from the UFC, but he has kicked the butts of several rogue casinos right here on the site, and he plans to keep doing so as long as they insist on trying to rip off innocent players.

He is currently located in Belfast, Ireland, where he returned to focus on his career as a writer after close to a decade of traveling and teaching English and freelance writing in Asia.

Let Trevor be your guide to online casinos, the latest games, and how the latest tech trends like blockchain technology will shake things up in the world of online gambling.

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Trevor Brown's Articles

Why Baccarat Isn’t as Complicated as You Think

Play a game of word association with anyone you know, and I guarantee you that very few of them will think of baccarat when you mention the concept of “card games.” That’s a shame, because while blackjack and poker are no doubt fun, baccarat is almost always a player favorite once it’s given a chance, […]

Does the Martingale System Really Work for Roulette?

Today, we’re going to take a look at the Martingale roulette strategy. This is a simple strategy which doesn’t require charts full of numbers and complex equations. It’s suitable for total roulette beginners as well as pros who have been playing roulette online for years. Roulette is one of my absolute favorite casino games, and […]

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What Is Bitcoin Satoshi Vision?

If you follow Bitcoin and use it to gamble online, you’re probably already aware that there are multiple versions of it. Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, and even Bitcoin Private have made names for themselves over the last few years. While some of them aren’t useful, there are lots of Bitcoin casinos which accept the […]

Will Theresa May Survive As British Prime Minister in 2019?

Few figures in British political history have been through the political turmoil Theresa May has endured since the Brexit referendum in 2016. Britain shocked the world when it voted to leave the EU, having previously been one of its chief architects, and since then things have been rocky in the United Kingdom, to say the […]

The Five Most Devastating Injuries in MMA

There’s no doubt that MMA is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. It’s been described as “human cockfighting” by the late American senator John McCain, and as “High-level problem solving with dire physical consequences” by UFC commentator and comedian Joe Rogan. Both of those descriptions are correct to some extent, and the […]

Breaking Down the Five Most Popular Roulette Bets

When I first started playing roulette, I had a lot of questions, such as: What are the most popular roulette bets? What are the odds of the most popular roulette bets? What is the best bet in roulette? What’s the best online casino for roulette? If you’re seeking answers to those questions, you’re in luck. […]

What Are Casino dApps?

The online casino scene is always evolving, and I have seen it go through two revolutions so far in my time as a player — the live games revolution and the mobile revolution. In the last two years or so, I’ve come to realize that we are on the cusp of another online casino revolution […]

The Secrets to Surviving a Long Poker Session

“I don’t gamble, if you will concede that poker is a game of skill” – Robert A. Heinlein, Glory Road I’m sure you’ve been there many times before — the blinds are getting bigger, the caffeine is wearing off, and you’re starting to get weary, but the bubble is still a million miles away, or […]

How to Pick a Cryptocurrency Exchange

Picking a safe cryptocurrency exchange is a lot like picking a safe gambling site, except that the specifics and details are a little different. Over the years, I’ve signed up at and used dozens of both types of site, and I’ve learned lots about how to separate the rip-offs and second-rate sites from the world-class […]

Is Monero the Ultimate Privacy Coin for Gamblers?

I’ve been obsessed with cryptocurrencies and their impact on the online gambling industry – and in fact the rest of the world – for a good couple of years now. As I’ve learned more, I’ve come to understand that one of the driving forces behind the entire concept of cryptocurrencies is privacy. Crypto folks tend […]

What Is Bitcoin Cash? How Is It Different From Bitcoin?

If you’ve read any of my crypto gambling sites reviews, you’ll already know that both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are hugely popular cryptocurrencies with online gamblers. The reasons for that are another topic for another post, but they can be summarized as follows – they’re fast and extremely cheap to transact in. You can send […]

How to Pick Cryptocurrencies to Invest in and Trade

If you’re interested in profiting from the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets or if you think they’re going to play an important role in the future and want to invest for the long run, I’ve written this piece just for you. I’ve been trading cryptocurrencies since before the 2017 mania struck and Bitcoin reached new […]