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Trevor Brown's Biography

Trevor Brown is a professional writer who’s been writing on since early 2018.

However, his career as a writer goes back much further than that. He’s been writing full-time about online gambling since early 2015 and was a freelance writer for several years before that. In fact, Trevor can’t remember a time when he wasn’t writing in some capacity.

He decided to drop all other projects and focus on writing for because of the team’s commitment to telling the truth to readers and always keeping it real. Of course, the fact that they pay him better also helped with the decision. Hey, a writer’s gotta make it in the world, too!

Trevor has a special interest in cryptocurrencies, and he currently spends so much time researching, trading, and talking about them that his wife is beginning to wonder just how much he really has put into this Bitcoin thing. He’s written much of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency-related stuff on the site, including the Provably Fair Gambling page, the Gambling on the Dark Web post, the Cryptocurrency Spread Betting guide, and lots of other crypto-related posts.

He also loves video slots and plays them often. If there’s a new branded slot on the horizon, he knows about it before anyone. He’s even won a couple of sizable jackpots in his day, but alas, never the Mega Moolah progressive.

When it comes to sports, Trevor is a combat sports guy. He loves boxing and MMA, and he’s a martial arts practitioner himself. In between casino reviews, Trevor daydreams that he, too, can become an Irish combat-sports superstar. So far, he hasn’t got the call from the UFC, but he has kicked the butts of several rogue casinos right here on the site, and he plans to keep doing so as long as they insist on trying to rip off innocent players.

He is currently located in Belfast, Ireland, where he returned to focus on his career as a writer after close to a decade of traveling and teaching English and freelance writing in Asia.

Let Trevor be your guide to online casinos, the latest games, and how the latest tech trends like blockchain technology will shake things up in the world of online gambling.

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Trevor Brown's Articles

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several years, you’ve probably heard of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and how they have the potential to upend and revolutionize several important industries. From payments and data storage to casino games and peer-to-peer sports betting, innovative crypto companies are building on blockchains and shaking up the […]