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Timothy Dawson's Biography

Timothy Dawson is a former high school English teacher, internet marketing consultant, travel agent, and restaurant manager, but he’s always been interested in casino gambling and poker. Having spent 20 years and over 10,000 hours gambling, he’s convinced that he has more expertise to offer than most.

His favorite topic to write about is how the math behind gambling works, especially in casino games and poker. He knows about sports betting, too, but he’s only recently started learning more about that subject. He plans to continue to write about sports betting as he learns more about it.

He visited his first casino in Las Vegas (The Sands) in 1996 and has been gambling ever since. He likes to say that he spent most of his life’s fortune on gambling and chasing women – the rest, he wasted.

He’s been writing about his gambling experiences almost as long he’s been gambling. He published his first blog post in 1999, which – as hard as it is to believe – is almost 20 years ago.

His favorite casino game is blackjack, and he avoids slots on general principle. He will admit to having a soft spot for The Big Lebowski slots, though. He considers it a guilty pleasure.

When he feels like showing off, Timothy takes a date to the Winstar in Oklahoma and teaches her the Martingale system at the roulette table. He eventually explains to her that it doesn’t work in the long run, but that always comes later.

Dawson’s interests outside of work include classic movies, science fiction novels, and Shakespeare. He’s also a fan of old music – much older music. He was enjoying a cigar with his buddy Patrick at the local cigar bar one time when Patrick called him out on it.

Here’s how that conversation went:

Timothy: “Hey, man – they’re playing Dean Martin on the stereo.”

Patrick: “You gotta do me a favor. If we’re ever down here with some women, don’t say things like that.”

Timothy: “Why not?”

Patrick: “You might not have noticed, but I’m not that comfortable getting older. You seem to be relaxing into it just fine.”

Patrick’s right. Timothy Dawson is definitely relaxing into the autumn of his years just fine. In fact, someone pointed out recently that his hair has definitely turned gray. That might bother some people, but the Bible says that grey hair is a “crown of glory.”

He lives in a quiet suburb of Dallas, Texas, with three dogs, two daughters, and a much-younger girlfriend.

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