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Why the Cincinnati Bengals Are the Best Super Bowl 53 Value Bet

When we’re betting on moneylines, the natural inclination for most of us is to bet on the team that we think has the greatest chance of winning. After all, sports betting is a lot more enjoyable when you’re cashing the majority of your tickets, and betting on the favorite generally provides you with the best […]

What You Need to Know to Bet on the 2018 NFL Draft

The final whistle of the Super Bowl is the saddest sound of the year for most football fans, but it doesn’t have to be. While the ending of the NFL championship game means we’re not going to get to watch any meaningful games for the next 7 months, there are still plenty of ways to […]

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Why the Super Bowl 53 Winner is Already So Obvious

Even as March Madness gets underway and the start of the NBA playoffs, NHL postseason and MLB regular season approach, the NFL is still generating plenty of headlines. The start of NFL free agency quickly led to an onslaught of marquee signings, and quarterbacks have been switching places quicker than a game of musical chairs. […]

Super Bowl LI and the 10 Greatest Comebacks in Sports History

You don’t get to your league’s championship game, the Olympics, or a major tournament if you give up as soon as things aren’t going your way. Though we generally expect major sporting events to be competitive (that’s the case once again in this year’s Super Bowl as the New England Patriots dynasty is just a […]

4 Reasons Why the NFL Combine Is a Huge Waste of Time

It’s been nearly a month since Tom Brady’s desperation heave fell to the turf in the Philadelphia end zone, clinching Super Bowl 52 for the Eagles. When you’re coming off 5 months of gridiron action every week (if we can include the Pro Bowl), football withdrawal can quickly set in. Fortunately for pigskin lovers, the […]

Las Vegas Enters the Professional Sports Scene

As recently as a few years ago, if professional sports leagues had to post their relationship status with the city of Las Vegas on Facebook, it would have read, “It’s complicated.” Pro sports and Vegas have long had this powerful and undeniable connection to each other, but it was one that was only spoken of […]

Why You Should Bet Online for Super Bowl 52 (Instead of Using Shady Back-Alley Bookmakers)

If there’s a must-bet event on the sports calendar, it’s the Super Bowl. Every year, millions of people collectively wager billions of dollars on the big game, regardless of whether they’re football fans or not. Don’t know what a first down is? You can bet on the coin toss. Not sure who the quarterbacks are […]

How Much Can You Earn as a Pro Poker Player on the Internet?

How Much Money Can You Make as a Professional Online Poker Player? Playing poker online professionally sounds like a great way to make a living. After all, who wouldn’t want to get paid to play cards. Most people reading this page like poker and play for fun anyway. Wouldn’t it be great if they could […]

Is the NBA Rigged?

The NBA is huge. The money involved in advertising the NBA is massive. Player’s salaries are higher than any other sport and on the rise. If time and history have taught us anything, it’s that money and power can corrupt the most benevolent souls. Where there is money and opportunity, there will be corruption. By […]

Will The New England Patriots Go 19-0 In 2017?

Doesn’t it feel like every year we hear about members of the 1972 Miami Dolphins gathering together and toasting each other with champagne after the last remaining undefeated team in the NFL tastes defeat? That’s because it does happen every year. Those Dolphins from 35 years ago remain the only NFL team to go through […]

NBA Playoff Betting: Is the League as Predictable as it Seems?

Cleveland against Golden State for the NBA championship. Sound familiar? It should. The teams have clashed in the past two NBA Finals, with Golden State claiming the first meeting 4-2 in 2015 before LeBron and the Cavs stormed back from a 3-1 series deficit to win last year’s final in seven games. Let’s be honest. […]

The 5 Most Important Horse Racing Tracks and Betting Venues in Florida

Horse racing has long been a favorite pastime for many. Watching the horses go around the track is exciting, but placing your bets on which one is going to make it to the finish line first can also provide a rush. With a couple of the tracks known for horse racing, there’s a rich history […]