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Luck be a lady tonight. She sure is a lady, a lady named Sally. Little did Sally know, she would be betting her luck on the next Bachelor winner.

Sally is not one for mainstream reality shows like The Bachelor. She only started watching shows like that so she could drum up conversation at the water cooler. Who really cares who the next rose goes to?

Then she realized she could make money off her weekly pop culture intake. That made the show exponentially more interesting. Why pass up the chance to make some money betting on shows she was already watching?

She dived deeper into all the different entertainment betting options: hot dog eating contests, awards shows, words of the year contenders… the list goes on. She writes about it all.

Some think Sally is in it for the money. That might have been true initially. Now it is less about the money and more about being right. This girl loves when she is right. What female doesn’t? While she relies on her gut and intuition, she is pretty keen on researching each of her bets.

There is something to be said about history repeating itself. You will not catch Sally placing a bet without doing her homework. Her motto is, “You can’t be a winner if you don’t know what you’re up against.”

If you are looking to win some cash, follow Lady Luck. Frank Sinatra did. Look how that turned out for him.

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Sally Le's Articles

Betting on Who’ll Play Prince Charles in Spencer

Even though it has been about 13 years since her death, audiences are still captivated by the story of Princess Diana, a woman who turned down the opportunity to be the next Queen of England to forge her own path. Director Pablo Larrain plans to focus on Di’s life in the movie Spencer, which will […]

Odds and Picks for Celebrity Divorce Betting in 2020

They say breaking up is hard to do. It may be hard, but it is by no means uncommon. The 2017 US Census identified that 23% of couples were divorced. Celebrities get divorced twice as often, with 53% of celebrity marriages ending in divorce. There are a wide variety of reasons for these damaged unions. […]

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Odds and Picks for the 2020 American Country Music Awards

Traditionally held in April, this year’s ACMs have been pushed back to September 16th due to the pandemic. The change in dates does not alter the eligibility period. Thus, the show will award winners based on their work from January 1, 2019-December 31, 2019. Keeping the eligibility period as is may mean some of the […]

Predictions and Picks for WWE Extreme Rules – The Horror Show

The WWE is not letting the current pandemic stand in the way of providing Americans entertainment in the form of powerslams and facebusters. Although they ceased live events for a while, the production company has since moved its shows to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, where hired audience members, in lieu of live […]

Top Betting Picks for Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest 2020

Each Independence Day, Nathan’s Hot Dogs hosts an eating contest. To secure a spot at the championship, pro eaters from around the country participate in local qualifiers. The winner of the main event takes home the coveted Mustard Belt and $10,000. Who will be the lucky winner this year? I take a look at the […]

What Will Win Word of the Year 2020?

Actor/actress of the year. Artist of the year. Song of the year. We are all familiar with pop culture’s multitude of “blank of the year” awards. We celebrate art in many forms, including music, film, and dance. We often forget the art of the English language. Lucky for us, Merriam-Webster celebrates this each year with […]