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Ronald Black's Biography

Since becoming a writer for back in August 2017, Ronald Black has found himself in the same conversation time and time again.

“Mr. Black, Mr. Black, is it really you? Are you the legendary writer who has called Las Vegas ‘home’ since 1995?”

“I am. Go on, friend…”

“Wow, I’m so nervous. The only thing I’d ask is ‘how?’ How is it possible for one man, one lifelong fan of basketball and football – who even played a little in high school – how is it possibly possible for a single writer to have the intellectual capacity of a rocket scientist, the rugged, stunning good looks of an international soccer star/lumberjack, and foresight that even the Oracle of Delphi would envy?”

“One game at a time, friend. One game at a time.”

Ronald Black fell in love with the concept of NFL roster building through Madden Franchise Modes years before finding an online football sim that introduced him to the fascinating world of football tactics.

These hobbies mixed with decades of sports fandom naturally grew into an interest in sportsbooks and gambling. The combination of analytics, intuition, and sheer luck has driven him ever since, as he tries to capture his enthusiasm in his weekly articles.

Ronald covers a wide range of sports writing for the site, including blogs and static material for our hub pages. His primary focus is the NFL, but he’s also written about baseball, basketball, horse racing, casino games, cricket, hot dog eating contests, and politics.

He’s also written the occasional article about boxing and MMA. Ronald was lucky enough to discover mixed martial arts as a senior in high school in 2001. He has years of experience watching the sport and saw it grow from a niche event into the global phenomenon it is today. Betting on UFC fights is one of Black’s favorite pastimes, and he’s traditionally found success doing so.

Before coming to write for, Black spent ten years working in the technology sector for Microsoft (as a vendor) and Tesla.
While working as a business analyst and technical writer, Ronald enjoyed arguing sports on Reddit, penning long philosophical ramblings, and writing short stories.

His favorite piece of writing is Hunter S. Thompson’s “The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved.”

Through an almost-miraculous series of events, the Texas native became part of the team, where he loves sharing his favorite picks, insight into games, betting strategies, and knowledge regarding how to find safe, reliable, gambling sites so that everyone may appreciate wagering like he does.

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Ronald Black's Articles

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Best Betting Value for 2020 NFL Win Totals

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Predictions for Each NFC Division and the Championship Game in the 2020 NFL

I honestly miss wagering on the NFL a lot, and it’s the right time for some early bets and predictions. The NFL Draft has just finished, while the full schedule for the new season will be announced on May 9. Therefore, I have shown you the latest Super Bowl LV winner odds and my AFC […]