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Marcus Booker's Biography

Marcus Booker is an avid sports fan turned betting enthusiast. Growing up he spent every free moment playing or watching basketball, football, or baseball and dreamed of one day being a pro athlete himself. When a knee injury disqualified him from playing basketball in college Marcus started placing a few bets and quickly found a new passion for line-shopping, placing bets, and making serious money betting on sports.

After he had gained some experience Marcus began freelance writing. Working for understaffed websites, he was quickly thrown into researching and writing betting previews for a variety of sports. He gladly accepted this challenge and found what is now his bread and butter; betting on fight sports.

Marcus quit freelance writing and for 3 years made his living working at a sportsbook. There he learned how sportsbooks make their money and how lines are set. This only fed his interest in sports betting and made him wonder if he could make a full-time living betting on sports.

4 year later Marcus now finds himself as a member of the writing staff at LegitGamblingSites and is eager to share his sports betting knowledge, tips, and tricks with users to get them placing bets and winning big money!

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Marcus Booker's Articles

Is There a Way to Beat Slot Machines?

Slot machines are the easiest games to play in the casino. You just need to select the “spin” button and wait for the results. Given how easy slots are to play, you’d likely be thrilled if you could make consistent profits from them. All you need to do is make spins and rack up profits! […]

4 Tips for Betting Totals in NFL Games

The NFL is the centerpiece of all things handicapping when it comes to the United States of America. Though other sports receive plenty of action, the NFL has managed to get the attention of sports bettors who don’t really care to bet on anything else, and that’s what sets it apart. When you find yourself […]

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Tips for Betting MLB Season Win Totals

The MLB season is a marathon. With 162 games (not including spring training or the playoffs), it can seem like it goes on forever. Spanning seven full months on the calendar, it almost does. For those who struggle with betting on baseball on a game-to-game basis, the futures option of betting on each team’s win […]

5 Reasons to Change Your NFL Betting Strategy in the Preseason

Sometimes, it’s necessary to change your NFL betting strategy in the preseason. While there are several reasons not to, there are still a few good reasons to jump ship on your strategy during the NFL preseason. Today’s post will cover a few reasons why you need to change your betting strategy during the NFL preseason. […]

5 Observations About the National League for Sports Bettors

The next several weeks of the 2021 MLB season will be quite telling and crucial for several teams around the league. They will also be important for those of you who gamble on America’s Pastime. With only a few more months of regular-season action remaining before the playoffs begin, now is the time for bettors […]

3 Reasons the Sports Gambling Industry Is Only Going to Keep Growing

Few industries have seen the explosion in growth like sports gambling has experienced over the past five years. What was once an underground operation conducted by some shady organizations is now front and center on some of the biggest sports TV networks. How did we get here? It’s hard to pin down exactly one event […]

5 Observations About the American League for Sports Gamblers

Another year, another three-month long sprint to the finish line in a jam-packed American League. Like the rest of the league, no one team has emerged as the odds-on favorite. But there are a few contenders that sports gamblers could make a legitimate case for. Both the East and West still seem to be up […]

Sports Gambling Then and Now: 8 Facts All Sports Bettors You Should Know

Sports betting has undergone a massive transformation over the past decade. Prior to legalization rolling out state by state (currently legal in 25 states), the world of sports gambling existed in a unique legal gray area. The future is looking like widespread legalization and regulation is inevitable. When that day comes where it’s legal on […]

Are The New England Patriots a Good Futures Bet for the Super Bowl?

The New England Patriots face 33/1 odds to win Super Bowl LVI as of July 2021. However, they look far better on paper than the borderline expansion team talent they dealt with in 2020. This has allowed the Patriots to perhaps become a good Super Bowl bet again. But how much should you consider betting […]

3 Reasons Why Local Sports Bettors Are Leaving Las Vegas

The sports betting industry is bigger and better than ever before. Having successfully broken the stranglehold held by Nevada a few years back, fully legal and regulated sportsbooks are now operational in more than half of U.S. states. But while expansion is undoubtedly a boon for individual bettors and bookmakers, how as this rapid evolution […]

4 of the Most Overlooked Golf Bets

Golf on the TV might serve as the perfect backdrop for a Sunday afternoon siesta, but that all changes if you’ve got money spread out all over the field. If you’re able to select even a couple of the players who are in the running come Saturday, the excitement level is taken to a place […]

Tips for Betting on the NBA Finals

The NBA Finals is one of the most exciting two weeks (give or take) on the sports calendar. All season the best athletes on the planet – yes, I said it – battle it out for a chance to grow their all-important legacy. The players have survived a grueling season and playoffs and are ready […]