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Reno Nevada Gambling History

Reno is the other gambling city in Nevada. It’s the perfect place for those who like to gamble in the casino but like the feel of a simpler setting. Reno isn’t as big and flashy as Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean that it’s any less a part of gambling history in the United States. […]

Rashad Evans and 5 UFC Stars That Need to Retire Immediately

As beautiful as the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA) can truly be, it is a sport that will chew you up and spit you out, and there are some fighters still climbing in the cage that are making the sport SAD to watch. The names listed below are just a few of them. 6. […]

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How to Find Value Betting on the Kentucky Derby

The 2017 Kentucky Derby is just weeks away, as we’re getting closer and closer to the final field of 20 horses being set. The Most Exciting 2 Minutes in Sports is currently set to blast off with Classic Empire as the tentative favorite, in what otherwise feels like a fairly wide open field. The first […]

7 Ways How You Can Make a Living in the Gambling World

Everyone needs to figure out how to make a living. Why not see if you can do so in the gambling industry? Thousands of people work in and around the gambling industry. I’ve put together a list of 7 ways to make a living in the gambling industry to help you get started. You’ve probably […]

Frank Mason and 8 NBA Draft Prospects That Could Improve Their Stock in March Madness

Today, all eyes will be on the four #1 seeds in the 2017 NCAA men’s college basketball tournament. The top stars in college basketball will be demanded to perform at a high level. If they do, it will boost their 2017 NBA Draft resume and possibly keep their team’s title hopes alive. If they don’t, […]

Black Friday: The Worst Day in Online Poker History

I can still remember exactly where I was when I got the call. You’d think as dramatic as I’m being that I was referring to a death of an immediate family member or something equally as tragic. Though this was nowhere near as bad, it still stung with a painful ferociousness. I was on vacation […]

Business Advice to Make You a Better Gambler: 5 Tips

The business world holds many lessons that we can use to help us be better gamblers. Businesses are run based on profit and loss statements and if they go too long without making money they either need to find a source of capital or they go out of business. This is much like the way […]

7 Bad Sports Betting Habits

Betting on sports is one of the many things in life that’s easy to do but hard to master. Even the best sports bettors only win less than 60% of the time. So if you want to be a winning sports bettor, or even a break even one, you need to look for any advantage […]

12 Casino Gambling Facts for Beginners

If you’ve never been to a casino before, you have a lot to learn. It’s better to find out most of this stuff before setting foot inside the casinos for the first time, too. Going into such a place and getting involved in such activities can be an expensive proposition. Below I’ve listed (and explained) […]

Tipping Casino Staff – What’s the Right Thing to Do?

I’ve honestly been shocked to find out that some people don’t understand the concept of tipping. If you were to ask your local waiter or waitress their opinion, it’s likely you’d get a variety of answers. A ‘Service job’ is a position of employment where a good percentage of your salary is derived from tips […]

Growth of Native American Gaming Industry

The Native American Gaming Industry has been a story of phenomenal growth over the last 20 years. A Business Insider article displays a helpful chart outlining revenues of $10 billion in 1992, peaking at $37 billion in 2007. If you consider the current decline to around $27 billion/year, it’s more than a respectable growth curve […]

What is a High Roller?

If you answered, Willie Nelson, then we’d be sending you back to Colorado for some better jokes. If you thought it was the 550 ft tall Ferris wheel at Caesar’s in Vegas, you’re getting closer – that’s called the ‘High Roller,’ but that’s not what we’re talking about either. What we’re talking about in this […]