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Top 5 Fears Newbies Have About Online Casinos

5. Fear: The Software is Complicated I know what you’re thinking, the internet is intimidating. Every website is different, and each software download looks different and has different options. I’ll never be able to figure it out. It will just be frustrating, and so I shouldn’t even waste my time. I don’t want to feel […]

Branching Out in the Pit

Picture this: it’s Saturday night, and you’re invited to go out and play some tables. What game would you think of first? As I’m a gambler by nature, I’m willing to bet on blackjack. And that’s definitely a solid thought! If not, I’d lay my money on craps or roulette. Although all three are super […]

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Gamblers and Superstitions – They Go Together Like Peanut Butter and Jelly!

Superstitions are a fascinating thing. According to good old Google, a superstition is the belief that an unrelated action, event, or practice can influence a certain outcome or consequence of events without any underlying evidence. I’m a superstitious person by nature, and I’m also entertained by the popular superstitions of others. Certain groups of people […]