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Largest Casinos Around the World

Instead of compiling an overall top ten list of the most significant casinos out there today, I decided to take a different approach. Las Vegas and Macau are two locations that typically receive top billing in this category with multiple entries on the list, but I thought you might enjoy learning about others around the […]

Gambling Skills and Traits That Help in Life and Work

Just reading the title of this blog, you’re either intrigued or think it’s kind of crazy. I admit that I was hesitant about the subject matter at first, but when I sat down and thought about it, it makes sense. I jotted down several of the skills that successful gamblers possess, and without a doubt, […]

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Unusual Slot Machine Themes

Sevens, cherries, bars, diamonds… Get three in a row, and you win a prize! Slot machines may have started with a basic “spin the reels and see what happens” premise, but technology has created new games that are well beyond simplistic. Walk through any casino floor or pull up a betting site on your computer […]

Top 10 VIP Club Benefits

Whether you’re a high roller or a very occasional player, members of gambling sites are usually automatically enrolled into a VIP, rewards or loyalty club. There are very few websites that don’t offer some program that converts betting into a point system. The more that a player wagers, the higher he or she climbs through […]

$758 Million Powerball Winner: Could the Next One Be You?

How many times have you thought to yourself that if you could just win the lottery, everything would be so much better for you? Or, have you just fantasized about what you would do if you came into millions of dollars? You could pay off your bills and your house. Or maybe you’d buy a […]

Can You Really Win on Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets?

Just about everyone is familiar with the concept of the lottery, especially the big drawings that are held daily or every few days anyway. You select some numbers and hope to match them up to the ones that are drawn at random. We’ve heard about the record-breaking jackpots and how office pools made an entire […]

Can the Look of a Website Affect Your Decision to Bet?

I have two words for you. Mr Green In all of the websites I’ve ever pulled up, and not just casinos or sportsbooks, I haven’t seen anything as impressive as the Mr. Green landing page. I build websites for a living, and I am aware of the different elements that need to go into captivating […]

The Ultimate Step by Step Beginner’s Guide to Online Casinos

If you can recall a day you started a brand new job, it was probably a little intimidating. You didn’t know where the coffee machine was kept or what the bathroom protocol was, or even where anyone goes when they take a break. There are just so many unknowns, but you just needed to make […]

The Many Faces of Blackjack

Get as close as you can to 21 without going over and, whatever you do, be sure that your hand beat’s the dealers. That’s the premise of Blackjack and, even if you’ve never played a table game in your life, you can probably sit down at a table or play online, and get by with […]

5 Slots for the Different Types of Movie Fans

Ouch. Just a few short months before the release of the anticipated Spider-Man: Homecoming in July, and licensed software provider, Playtech, had to pull its Marvel™ slots off of the virtual casino floors. In April, its deal with Marvel came to an end at the disappointment of those superhero fans who also love to spin […]

Five Online Sportsbooks with Five Top Betting Services

If you’re an avid sports bettor, you know that if you compare the different bookmakers, they’re not going to be identical, but they are going to come pretty close. One line might be slightly better, but another will make up for it. Not everyone will offer all of the sports you’re looking for, but most […]

Which has Created more Millionaires, The Wheel of Fortune TV Show or the Slot Game?

For more than 40 years, Pat Sajak has been making humorous quips, and Vanna White has modeled the latest in Wheel formal wear while revealing letters to the hangman-style puzzle. I enjoy occasionally watching the show and challenging myself to solve the puzzles faster than the contestants. But, when it comes to the Wheel of […]